80 Republicans Sign Supreme Court Brief in Support of Marriage Equality

More than 80 Republicans have signed a brief which will be submitted to the Supreme Court in support of Marriage Equality

Our 44th President said just the right inaugural things

President Barack Obama and a number of other speakers and entertainers brightened up an inauguration that struck just the right tone.

The Tea Party’s Intolerable Acts Are a Parting Shot from George III

The Tea Party's actions in Wisconsin and Michigan show them to owe their inspiration not to the Patriots of 1776 but to King George III

GOP: Refusing to do What We Want You to Do is a Violation of the Constitution

The Republican Party seems to think if Obama doesn't do what they want him to do, he is violating the Constitution

Critics on Both Sides Distort Obama’s White Male Cabinet Problem

Should we worry about Obama's white male cabinet appointments? How about we wait and see what his cabinet looks like before we complain

Michele Bachmann Refuses to Pay Employees Unless They Promise to Hide Illegal Activities

Americans should be asking themselves this weekend why Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is refusing to pay five of her staffers for the work they did helping her try to win the presidential nomination.

President Obama is More Popular Now than During His First Term

The GOP finds itself in trouble as Obama's popularity soars and their own plummets, and Obama's second term only promises more of the same

Michigan Shows Us How Republicans Plan to Get Revenge for 2012 Loss

if you want to get an idea of what is written in the post Election 2012 Koch Brothers Playbook (aka 'How YOU Can Still Strangle Blue States in the Crib'), then you need look no further than Michigan.

The GOP Needs to Shed its God Problem Before it’s Too Late

The Republican Party needs to shed its God problem before its unhealthy obsession destroys America

Opposition to Chuck Hagel is a No-Win Scenario for the GOP

There is no conceivable outcome in which GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel ends happily for Republicans

Conservative Cluelessness Seen Aboard Political Cruise

Mirroring their counterparts nationwide, conservatives on a post-election political cruise reveal they still don't understand their faults.

A Desperate Grover Norquist Claims Fiscal Cliff Deal Not Violation of Pledge

Grover Norquist tried to defend his pet congressmen and women while simultaneously branding President Obama as an enemy of liberty

The Republicans Have Quit on America; It’s Time for Americans to Quit on Them

Republicans have quit on America. They're putting forth no effort, and most importantly at all, they haven't even bothered to show up for the past two years.

Things to Like About 2012

We had some rough times in 2012 but there are things to like about the year just past. Here are a few of them.

The Top Ten Smartest Democratic Quotes of 2012

If the Republicans fell all over themselves in 2012 to sound stupid, the Democrats were happy to help them along, as this list demonstrates

The Top Ten Dumbest Republican Quotes of 2012

It was not easy to pare down to ten a list from literally hundreds of dumb Republican quote candidates, but out of patriotism and love of country I have decided to take on the challenge.

Tea Party Fantasies of Sending Obama to Prison for Benghazi

Tea Partiers indulge in wild fantasies of sending President Obama to prison since they haven't managed to impeach him for Benghazi

Historical or hysterical? What to make of Tim Scott replacing whack-job DeMint

South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley has made history in appointing a black Republican, but was the move historical or hysterical?

The Romneys Take Their Ball and Go Home, Claiming Mitt Never Wanted to be President

The new meme to come out of the Romney family is that Mitt never wanted to be President anyway, so fug you America!

If this is war in Michigan, then we had better win

Republicans are using Michigan as a grand experiment to see if they can get away with setting fire to democracy in plain sight. They want to see if revenge bears fruit in winter.