Rupert Murdoch Continues to Claim that Fox News is Fair and Balanced


In a softy of an interview today Fox News host Neil Cavuto sat down with his boss News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch. Cavuto asked his boss about allegations that Fox News isn’t fair and balanced. Murdoch said people love us because we are fair and balanced. My question is why do you love or hate Fox News.

Here is the video from Think Progress:


Cavuto asked Murdock about fair and balanced, and the boss maintained his favorite lie, “If we weren’t fair and balanced, we wouldn’t have the number one network in news — by a very wide margin. People believe we’re fair and balanced, and they love us.” However, if FNC is so fair and balanced why are all of their hosts sympathetic to the Republican cause? Fox News does not feature a single liberal host. This doesn’t seem either fair or balanced.

It has been proven over and over again that FNC is the mouthpiece of the GOP, and in my mind there is nothing wrong with that. MSNBC is the home of the Democrats and there is nothing wrong with that either.

I contend that FNC’s dominance of the ratings is not an indication of their balance, but it is a reflection of their business model. While CNN and MSNBC split non conservative viewership, Fox News has the market cornered on conservative news and commentary. It is a brilliant business model.

I think Murdoch loves the fair and balanced claim because it drives the people who hate FNC crazy. Personally, I don’t love or hate Fox News or MSNBC.
Because I am a liberal, MSNBC suits my tastes, but I satisfy my jones for a newscast with BBC America or PBS. In my opinion, both FNC and MSNBC are entertainment networks that talk about politics. I am capable of getting just as tired of Olbermann’s bluster as I am of O’Reilly’s.

One of the things I have noticed since I started writing about cable news and politics is that viewers tend to project and extrapolate their beliefs about the state of our country based on which cable news network is doing well in the ratings. The cable news networks play a huge role in American politics, and people do feel strongly about them, so my question is why do love or hate Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN?

3 Replies to “Rupert Murdoch Continues to Claim that Fox News is Fair and Balanced”

  1. fox news is horrible – nothing fair and balanced about it – i refuse to watch fox news because they do such a bad job of it – all they do is make democrats look bad and republicans look good and this is bad bad bad for our great country – i like pbs.

  2. Rupert Murdoch needs to be reminded about the Hitler Diaries. The man knows nothing about the news he only cares about the money he can generate from sensationalism.

  3. NOTHING! i watch only fox news. and I’m so smart even my friends claim they are smart yet they are just stupid! because they dont watch fox! I like FOX news! because they are the only news channel that are fox! FOX news should have a new slogan, called WE ARE THE SMART NEWS NETWORK. ALL OTHERS ARE STUPID! that is MORE politically correcter than any other news network in the world! another good slogan might be “DRINK A 30 PACK AND WATCH FOX NEWS. ALL OTHER NETWORKS ARE STUPID. because its TRUE! I drank a 30 pack of beer and i watched fox, and it blew my mind how truthful they was! they ARE fair and balanced. As long as you are a gun-slinging beer-drinkin republikin like me, from texas, fox news is always FAIR AND BALANCED to our traind of thought. I LOVE fox news! they put out all the ladies that are nice to look at and they are the o0nly news network in the world who tells the truth. TRUST ME, THEY know what they talkin about. The fact that i’m posting this should PROVE to you that FOX NEWS is nuttin but the truth from the lord jesus christ himself. Praise the lord that FOX news exists, if they did not, then we would all be lied to, and satan would rape us up our sphinctors. Praise the lord for FOX news! America owes its freedumbs to FOX news! because if fox news did not exists, then there would not ever have been a first ammendment that said we have freedoms to speak! and god bless america and fox news and our troops who are bombing innocent civilians in aff-gan-a-stan and I-rack for our freedoms to speak! its great to have presidents who are powerhungry and bloodthirsty and all about freedom and stuff like that. as long as this particular part of america has freedom and liberty from those terrorist muslim people who dont believe the same way i do, i say kill them all so i can have freedumbs! god bless ONLY the united states of america , even though it was taken over by the rape and murder and the bloodshed of the NATIVE PEOPLES who inhabited here in this same region in soveriegn nations whom christians saw fit to sacrifice for their own greedy gain. SURELY GOD would bless this country founded in the blood- all the lives who were lost because the christians felt they were below them, and that their god was better than theirs and that their god had commanded them to pillage and plunder the citizens of a soveriegn nation! i love how this nation was founded on bloodshed and supposedly bounded together by freedom yet FNC constantly tried to vie for the republican party and its too bad they feel like an oppressed minority now. where are the suicide bombers when you really need them? HEY ‘SUICIDERS” HEAD OVER TO FOX NEWS but i dont advocate that type of hatred, but fox news seems to advocate violence against anybody who opposes them. wow i love fox news because i’m a stupid mindless right-wing republican and i’m sooooo an advocate for fox news. because they are the only truthful network in the world!
    wait i’m kidding. FUCK FOX NEWS

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