Krauthammer: Palin is Not a Serious Candidate for the Presidency

Conservative columnist, and Fox News contributor, Charles Krauthammer was on the network today dismissing Sarah Palin as a serious candidate for the presidency in 2012. He said, “She is not a serious candidate for the presidency.” The Vanity Fair story has opened up the GOP’s mixed feelings towards Palin even on Fox News.

Here is the video:

Krauthammer said, “She has star power without any doubt. She has an extremely devoted following, but she is not a serious candidate for the presidency. She had to go home and study and spend a lot of time on issues in which she was not adept last year, and she hasn’t. She has to stop speaking in clichés and platitudes. It won’t work. It could work for eight weeks if you are the number two candidate, as she was last year, but even so she got singed a lot in that campaign. You can not sustain a campaign of platitudes and clichés over a year and a half if you are a candidate for the presidency.”

Although I disagree with his political views, Krauthammer is on the money when it comes to Palin’s post campaign approach. Palin seems to think that she can fight with talk show hosts and charm her way to the presidency. Sarah Palin is so divisive that she needs to reinvent her campaign approach. A majority of Americans believe that she is not qualified to be president. If she is going to be a serious candidate, she needs to address these concerns.

The Republican Party is so completely devoid of talent that Palin could very well win the 2012 nomination, but currently she does not appear to have a base in the Republican Party. Romney is popular with the fiscal conservatives. Huckabee’s base is with evangelicals, but I think that this is the group that Palin is targeting.

I do believe it is a little soon to write Palin off, but it will be interesting to see how her shtick plays in a long Republican primary. I think she is going to discover that being front and center in a national yearlong campaign is not the same as running for governor in Alaska, or being dropped into the McCain campaign for 8 weeks. Even if Palin would win the nomination, all she will have earned is the chance to be demolished by the Obama machine in November.

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  1. So Sarah wrongly believes she can charm her way to the Presidency? Why can’t she, since the Bozo in that office now did just that! With FAR fewer legitimate qualifications than she, a done-nothing liberal rabble-rouser schmoozed the media first and half the nation next !!

  2. Seriously, just look. Isn’t his lack of intelligence awe-inspiring? It’s hard to have a back and forth with people who are unwilling to accept reality. Obama is just a rabble rouser now? He hasn’t done anything? He speaks with substance and is getting things done. Republicans ought to try that out, particularly Palin. Even Ultra-Conservative Krauthammer said she can’t get by with just platitudes and cliches.

  3. Why can’t she, because she lacks Obama’s charm, perhaps? Very few people like her, and those people are mostly idiots. We have had plenty of great presidents with very little political experience. Now, knowing how corrupt and generally debased politics is, why would you want someone already entrenched into it? That is simply inane.

  4. If Palin were going to be the OBAMA of 2012 all that McCain should have had her do is give a Keynote speech at the convention – then have her SHUT up until 2010… no one would have questioned her lack of depth… and she could sneak back into America’s attic (AK) and do her home-work…Nice serve Johnny. but the return seems to have caught you be surprise. Soon to be Ex-Governor Palin, here’s a maxim [pardon the pun] for life: Better to bite your tongue and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove ALL doubt.” [Exhibit A: most recent former President]

  5. Neocons or idiot liberals? Which group has done more to destroy this country? I am guessing that it is a tie.

    True conservatives DO like Palin. Looney, left wing, amoral, socialists on the left, don’t like her. It is that simple. She is a threat to them. Why do you think the media attacks her so often? They make up BS about her and the non-thinking lemmings on the left parrot whatever made up drivel that is fed to them.

  6. qualifications? running her mouth incessantly about things she knows nothing about? where did she graduate from? what are her academic qualifications? what did she do pre-public life? beauty pageants? she is not going to wink and flirt her way to the white house. you palinites need to get over it and move to wassila with her and todd.

  7. Why are we still interested in what she says? She has shown she is a hypocrite, First she parades her children on stage, professing she doesn’t know how her daughter could have a baby, when she had her husband living in the same house? and how wonderful he was until she did/nt get elected. Now he a no good you know what and now her daughter is making money by professing to be celibrant? Its a little too late for that. She talks about the money being spent ? is this gettin too close for comfort for Palin or shes quitting because she knows she won’t be elected next year.

  8. Although I don’t consider myself so,I guess I would fit the so-called “liberal” label according to the nut jobs that have taken over and made the word conservative so distasteful.

    And speaking as a “liberal” I have no fear of her. I find her idiotic with all the winkin’ and the “you betcha” ing!. And the reason I don’t like her is the same reason I don’t like anyone who acts like she does. But I really hope she is the nominee in 2012. I will admit it would be scary to have a President Palin. But I don’t think for a minute that a majority of the American people are that ignorant.

    I was a Hillary supporter and would like to see the right woman as President someday.That said, it would be obscene for someone with Gov. Palin’s astounding lack of knowledge to be the first woman to hold the office. It would be a joke and a slap in the face to the many intelligent, impressive women out there.

    Some of her family’s antics play out like a stereotype of the type of trailer park dwellers seen on Cops. The Palins are very common in many ways.

    Not that there is anything wrong with being average. Most of the people I know fit squarely in that category, including myself.

    But, to be President, one should be exceptional and exceptionally bright. And that is not Sarah Palin. Nor was it our last President. Hoping the current one turns out better. Time will tell

  9. yea to bad she quit. I would have loved to see her get her ass handed to her by Obama in the debates, oh well rest in peace Palins political career.

  10. You must have a very low threshold for considering someone a great president.

    We have not had many genuinely great presidents, period, much less many who lacked experience including but not limited to political experience. Palin lacks any significant depth academically, the woman is comparatively ignorant when contrasted with many others in the political arena; AND she lacks any other substantive experience that could extrapolate or translate into being a good elected administrative figure.

    Her appeal is narrowly limited to those who support her purely for her positions in the culture wars. They will support anyone, regardless of ability, who comes out in favor of their notions of what is important – anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-environment, anti-regulation. Not a lot of PRO anything, including PROfessional experience on the part of Palin.

    Folksiness isn’t all that charming. Charm will help sell a position, an idea, a concept, but it is no replacement for substance.

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