Breitbart Justifies Racist Tea Party Attacks by Blaming Black Congressmen

While trying to claim that the reports of the Tea Party’s racism are a giant Democratic conspiracy, Andrew Breitbart offered up a racist explanation for why Tea Partiers attacked the Black Congressional Caucus. Breitbart said, “The very act of the Black Congressional Caucus walking through the Tea Party people while holding all those videos was an act of provocation.” Those black congressmen should have known their place, eh Andy?

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:


While explaining the vast left wing conspiracy to portray the Tea Party as racist to Sean Hannity, Breitbart first tried to tell Hannity that the racial slurs and spitting on members of the Black Congressional Caucus did not occur but at the same time he defended the attack, “Their accusing us of what they’re doing, that’s classic Alinsky. The very act of the Black Congressional Caucus walking through the Tea Party people while holding all those videos was an act of provocation.”


Breitbart claimed that the Democrats are playing the race card, “Basically, telling black people that the white people are trying to take their health care from you. This is a racial, racist, racially divisive strategy that they are playing, and it’s very dangerous in the United States.

Here is Breitbart on the same show claiming that the attack on the Black Congressional Congress never happened:


If the attack never happened, then why is Breitbart saying that Black Congressional Congress provoked it? If it never happened, then there would have been nothing provoked. Breitbart managed to contradict himself on the same show. He is trying to justify an attack that he also claims never happened. His justification is simply that the African American congressmen walked through the crowd. They didn’t confront the crowd, engage the crowd, or insult the crowd. They walked through it in order to enter the building.

In Breitbart’s mind if these black men would have known what is good for them, they would have stayed away from the white people, because blacks need not apply to the Tea Party. Breitbart is desperately and irrationally trying to spin away the racism of the Tea Party because Republicans are seeing their dreams of big November election victory go up in smoke. The entire Tea Party is not racist, but they have pandered to and attracted the racist right wing fringe, and now they are reaping what they have sown.

The idea that the party which is headed by the nation’s first African American president is racist is insane. This reasoning is designed to justify the right wing racism aimed at Obama. Breitbart is saying to the Fox News audience, you aren’t racist. It is those Democrats who are, when in fact Breitbart allegation that the Democrats are playing the race card is a back door way of playing the race card in order to mobilize white Republicans against Obama and the Democrats. Nice try Breitbart, but just like Jim Crow, the GOP’s dreams of a big November election night are dead.

5 Replies to “Breitbart Justifies Racist Tea Party Attacks by Blaming Black Congressmen”

  1. Black Congressmen are to blame for provoking acts of racism from Tea Partiers that never ever happened.

    George W. Bush should definitely be credited with righting the nasty Obama recession.

    What part of “logic” don’t you liberals understand? These things make perfect sense!

  2. The majority of Tea Buggers are racist pigs. What the hell breitbart talking about? You mean that now blacks can’t walk around white people?? Are you kidding me?? These people are nothing but white, redneck, cross burning trash. I have seen all of the videos, and these black congressional members did NOTHING to provoke the treatment they got. Fact is the member of congress who got spit on is a better man than I am, cause that piece of trash that spit, would have been wearing his ugly face on the backside of his head!!!

  3. Of course. After all, walking to work is such a “provocative” act. It’s pure coincidence that the teabaggers set up their protest in front of the Capital, where the congressmen had to walk. If the congressmen were ‘smart’ they would have used the secret tunnels to hide from the protesters.

    *All of the above is sheer sarcasm*

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