America By Fraud: Sarah Palin Buys Her Way On To NYT Bestseller List

Sarah Palin Buys Her Way to Popularity
Sarah Palin Buys Her Way to Popularity

Money may not be able to buy Sarah Palin popularity, but it has bought her the illusion of popularity. As they did with her first book “Going Rogue,” Palin’s own PAC and right wing outlets like Newsmax have been buying Palin’s latest book “America By Heart” in order to push her up the bestseller list. Palin’s #2 New York Times bestseller ranking is a fraud.

Earlier today Palin celebrated her #2 NYT bestseller ranking via Twitter of course:

The only problem is that Sarah Palin really shouldn’t be thanking the American people. You see, as she did with “Going Rogue” Sarah Palin has had a little help in reaching near the top of the bestseller list. As Politico pointed out today, Palin has managed to boost her own sells by having SarahPAC purchase $64,000 worth of her books. Oh but the Grifter in Chief was not satisfied with taking donations from her supporters and buying books, no the true genius was the twist that Palin has been trying to sell signed copies of the books back to her followers for $100 a pop.

Palin bought books with donor money, jacked up the value of the books four fold, and then sold them back to the same people who paid for the books in the first place. $64,000 in books may not seem like much, but when you consider that she paid the wholesale not the retail price for each copy it adds up quickly. If we estimate that SarahPAC paid $ 5 per book, Palin padded her sales with an additional 13,600 books.

Newsmax is once again offering Palin’s book for free, which means that they once again have falsely inflated her sales, as they did with “Going Rogue”, by purchasing a ton of her books. This doesn’t even include of all of the conservative think tanks and book clubs that have bought copies. Of course, gaming the bestseller list is nothing new, but an attempt to game the bestseller list in order to propagate the myth of power and popularity is a uniquely Palin creation.

Others on the right learned from Palin after “Going Rogue.” Mitt Romney crafted a bestseller for himself this year by declining speaking fees, and instead requiring institutions to buy thousands of copies of his book. Notice that this is basically a right wing phenomenon. The two top selling Democratic authors, Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter have never required anyone to buy their books. Carter and Obama have sold millions of books and they have never had to game the system to do it.

A more accurate measure of how Sarah Palin’s America By Heart is really selling is the 24 hour bestseller list. This is a list of what “Real Americans” are buying at Amazon, and Sarah Palin isn’t doing so well. America By Heart is currently 20th on the Amazon list. On the ground, the lack of excitement is visible in the decreased attendance for Palin’s book tour. Compared to the attendance on the previous, book tour, the tour for “America By Heart” is a nonevent.

Sarah Palin’s # 2 bestseller ranking is a legitimate as Bristol Palin’s vote totals on Dancing with the Stars. This is yet another fraud being perpetrated by The Great Pretender in an attempt to fool the American people into believing that she should be viewed on par with Barack Obama. Palin may be able to buy herself on to the bestseller list, but America has not and never will buy Palin as anything more than what she is. Palin who has been labeled a, “boorish drunkard bawling obscenities at a funeral,” is only on the national stage because she hit the desperate for the White House John McCain lottery in 2008. You can’t call a never-was a has-been, and Sarah Palin is best described as a delusion of what will never be.

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  1. I checked NYT best seller list for Dec. 5, 2010 and Palin is not even in the top 35. #2 is UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand. I think someone screwed up here and nobody checked including Palin . I saw the line from Politico about her being 2nd but that doesn’t correlate with the NYT list. BTW, Bush is still #1. UGH

    I’d find it laughable for her to jump to #2 next week based on her own purchase because I don’t think those books get included in the rating.

    Link to NYT Non-fiction hardcover:

  2. We checked it too — but we have to assume Politico got some insider scoop on next week. This sure isn’t this week or last week.

  3. Wonder what it says for Sarah when she is behind this one
    “Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?: Fabulous Recipes & Easy Tips”

    Is it legal to use Donor money to buy your own books and sell them back at an inflated price?

    Sounds to me like she had this all planned out. Obviously she must know her stock is going down. This may well be a flying cans moment

  4. My parents brought me up to turn away from all things phony. Money for nothing, enriched white bread, and honors won by cheating. Today is no different. Mrs. Palin’s insubstantiality, her counterfeit Christianity, her incessant lying, her insincere patriotism, and her oblivious hypocrisy qualify her as a grade A phony in my book.

    That the “pistol’s” mother finds a way to turn #23 (on Amazon yesterday) into #2 doesn’t surprise me in the least. With her, it is all about appearances…

  5. That would be one heck of a jump from below 35 to #2. I don’t think she’s sold that many. Even Amazon has her at #20. I guess we’ll have to wait and see but that’s baloney her tweeting she’s #2. Gah, she’s fraud regardless.

  6. Dontcha know, GOD told her she would be #2 NEXT week, sillies!! Us liberal elites/progressive pigs are not privy to such important information. How dare we questions her!

  7. That’s not the official 12/5 the list is updated every Friday, so the new one is out tomorrow.

  8. So it seems. When she first tweeted I didn’t find anything anywhere. So, she may have done that knowing the new numbers– just to stir up some outrage in order to COVER for the fraud of buying her own books pushing her to the top. And that is so Palin it makes perfect sense.

  9. Truly despicable to gin up the numbers by buying your own. Plus the fact that Palin never wrote that tome. Does anyone really believe she made it through 1 sentence of Democracy in America by de Tocqueville? I doubt she knows who he was.

    Also, too, you betcha, the writers on this blog alone put her ghostwriter to shame. Wink }; >

    A #2 spot on NYT maybe next week? Pfft I’ll just chalk it up to one more thing in her life she never earned honestly.

  10. In the opening of this “book,” Palin jettisons all critical thinking about the Iraq war in the context of saying that the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington represents what America is “really about.” On one level, that kind of thing can’t be taken seriously. For that reason, serious-minded venues do not stoop to reviewing the “book.” However, given Palin’s influence, it would be helpful for “her” text to be subject to rigorous examination. While Esquire magazine did not run an in-depth review of “America by Heart,” they did note that from the book it is evident Palin as a politician is possessed of a great deal of “rat-like cunning.”

  11. I’m going to have to coin a new word for this: “Palinthetic” (as in Palin+Pathetic).

  12. I found this article from 1995 talking about the two authors of The Discipline of Market Leaders, buying up books at select bookstores to increase their ratings on the NYT best seller list. It worked and it was acknowledged that it worked.
    All of the bookstores that are hosting her book tour, have bought books to be stock piled for those book signings. Figure that at over 500 (minimum) per book signing. I think one place in Iowa, which was her largest signing that I’ve heard of, was over 1,000. Those books are all “solds” once people buy them to get a signature. No outside books allowed to be brought in.
    Those type of numbers, combined with her PAC’s buy, combined regular book buyers normal buy, will push her up fairly quickly from obscurity to the top of a list.
    However, the real interesting number is the figures are going to be nowhere near what her previous book was because less people are showing up for book signings and those stores, will either be screwed or they will end up stock piling the book, offering it at huge discounts later, or have to return to publisher.
    The numbers can reasonably be expected to drop with each subsequent book based upon the lack of material available to her and that those who were at first just curious have now made up their minds due to an over saturation and have no need to indulge themselves in trivial material.

  13. Darn! I really hate that I can’t edit a comment for clarity when I look at it and realize that a rephrasing has resulted in making no sense. *sigh*
    Above comment it should say “real interesting number is the figures at the end of the tour”
    sorry :)

  14. Hate the woman … and while you’re hating – know that she’s laughing at you all the way to bank and millions of people who have never heard of you – and never will – will be reading her book.

  15. again you fail to understand basic definitions. KARMA will be when Palin loses in 2012 and her entire trainwreck of a precarious personality disorder comes apart on camera 24/7 like Britney. KARMA will be when we watch her shave her head screaming about Letterman and Obama and Dancing with the Stars. KARMA will be when you discover that all of the money you sent to her was used to build a tanning bed for her in her 5th house. KARMA will be when you learn to comprehend things and suddenly realize what a jackass you’ve been all of these years but no one will speak to you.Maybe then you can hook up with your mistress of the flaccid penis. After all, you’re her biggest fan and that will mean a lot to her when she’s old and all she has left is her memories.

  16. If gets REAL cold in AK… if she ever goes back there. She could stockpile cases of those in that big empty Castle of hers and use them for firewood all Winter..?
    I’m thinking the fumes from burning them might be as ‘ toxic ‘ as the words on the pages.
    ** Or She could always make her AIP/Militia friends buy a few copies each too.

  17. Word For The Day: Palingenesis.

    palingenisis pal-in-JEN-uh-sis , noun;

    1. Rebirth; regeneration.

    2. In biology, embryonic development that reproduces the ancestral features of the species.

    3. Baptism in the Christian faith.

    4. The doctrine of transmigration of souls.
    It’s time for a real leader to restore and rebuild America in the image our founders had. For America to once again become that Shining City on a Hill. It’s time to reproduce the ancestral features of our nation.

    It’s time for a Palingenesis.

    It’s time for Sarah Palin.

  18. hahha. LIve it up dude. Hey, you ought to join that Palin Posse dude who dresses up in his homemade Sarah Team jumpsuit and stalks her from city to city. I mean, what else do you have to do other than troll?

  19. Code and dog whistles for all the white fundies to rise up against everyone that disagrees with their religious ideology.
    Do you ever think for yourself? Or are you just late with your RW Talking Points? Are they actually in ink? Or maybe crayon?

  20. Yes – agree however she isn’t spending MY money to buy a book she’s never even read – she’s bilking her moronic pee swimmers. Frankly I don’t care if she is #1 for 65 weeks. I still won’t buy it, I won’t read it and it will never be relevant.

  21. Does that include all the books she bought for herself because we won’t? I mean – she’s spending her own money to look popular?

    How lame is that anyway? And you fall for it?

  22. No need to Explain.. “In biology, embryonic development that reproduces ” . Bristol has BEEN there, DONE THAT. She’s a chip of the OLD block/Mother.

    Please give us another word for ” faked pregnancy “… also too. We”ll wait…

    What is a name for Illegal house remodeler/vandalizer = Willow?

  23. QUite the grfiting, no? Bilk them for cash she mostly spends on herself (2% goes to candidates) then use their money to buy books so she looks popular and then sell those books back to the same morons.

    Glenn Beck, where are you sweetie? This trailer park circus act is one clown down.

  24. I’m sure you’re right. This is all you have; stirring up people with your claims of Palin love, which you know will get you reviled just about everywhere these days. Still, someone has to do it.

  25. You’re supposed to get all upset so she can then claim that we all hate her and all of her fraud and grift will be clouded over by her phony outrage about this week last week. I’ve never seen such a hot mess.

  26. However, everyone knows…. ” Beauty fades.. stupid is forever ”

    I’ll bet she laughs just like her good friend Jeremy Morlock… agreed?
    ” Birds of a feather, flock together ”

    And they invite those same people over to their House and have their kids hang out with them.. because they think alike. ( When is THAT trial? )

  27. I saw this on CNN:
    “Whats the difference between a pit bull and Sarah Palin?
    A pit bull has frontal lobes.”

  28. Notice my palinbot family/friends on FB who haven’t unfriended me haven’t posted about their new Palin books yet. I remember when an old friend posted how excited she was about her husband standing in line all day to buy her two signed copies of Going Rogue which to her showed how much he loved her. I replied how excited I was that I had just received my copy of Going Rouge and couldn’t wait to re-read all my favorite articles. She hasn’t acknowledged me since and somehow, I haven’t missed her.

  29. Here’s the explanation of the dates used on the NYT list dated December 5 taken from text that follows the list. The important point is that it reflects sales up to November 21.

    About the Best Sellers

    These lists are an expanded version of those appearing in the December 5, 2010 print edition of the Book Review.

    Rankings reflect sales, for the week ending November 21, 2010, at many thousands of venues where a wide range of general interest books are sold nationwide. These include hundreds of independent book retailers (statistically weighed to represent all such outlets); national, regional and local chains; online and multimedia entertainment retailers; university, gift, supermarket, discount department stores and newsstands.

  30. I don’t hate Palin. I hate what she’s doing to the country, and as a Christian I hate the fact that she shares few attributes with the Jesus that I read about in my Bible everyday. Just the fact that you, who call yourself a Christian, fully endorses her by commenting on her riches as something “great” means that you’re a CINO, someone who distorts the teachings of Jesus to suit his/her own purposes. If you had read the OT, you would know that Jesus admonished Christians to store their treasures in heaven and to place little value on the accumulation of earthly riches. I will be praying for you and all of the other CINOs that God will open your eyes to the way that He wants us to live.

  31. What an excellent, informative, well-researched article! Would you please consider publishing this at Daily Kos? I do not understand why no one has done a real expose of the Conservative book racket.
    This entire Conservative book system is a total scam, but no one has actually exposed it yet. Why? Is it because the New York Times doesn’t want to admit how totally fraudulent its famous Bookseller Lists are? Because it doesn’t want to be embarrassed when it’s revealed how childishly easy it is to bamboozle it?

    Or is it because it doesn’t want to reveal its own complicity, taking ad revenue for books that it knows are completely fictitious, from purported authorship, to actual content, to final bestseller status?

    Wht a depressingly corrupt system it is.

  32. Don’t forget that Newmax has bought a lot to give away free with paid subscriptions to its magazine, the same as it did on her previous book.

  33. I don’t hate the woman and it doesn’t bother me in the least that she makes millions. She will be laughing all the way to bank about the fools who gave her money for nothing.

  34. Groovally Excellent.

    I notice that some call the Snowbilly Grifter’s followers “Palinistas”. I prefer to call that cabal, “Snowbilly Grifter and her Pathetic Pack of Palinites”.

    Doncha just luv makin’ up noo werds?

  35. I don’t see how NYT knows what will be on the list a week ahead of time. Her sales have been dismal and except for her mass purchase of her own book, this book is only being purchased by her rapidly shrinking fan club. Most people know what a pathetic person Queen Sarah is. Too bad Queen Sarah doesn’t get it.

  36. FYI The medical term for a false pregnancy is pseudocyeisis. It is a physiologic condition in which many of the same hormones (progesterone and prolactin most predominantly) and physical signs (abdominal swelling, breast enlargement, pigment changes) occur in the absence of a developing embryo or fetus. It is a biological phenomenon seen naturally in some species of female mammals which collectively raise their young. These females can “allolactate” that is produce milk in the absence of parturition and thus can serve as perfect foster mothers for the female (usually an alpha female) that actually gives birth. Sexually mature female canids (dogs, wolves) which go into heat but are not impregnated not uncommonly experience pseudocyeisis, as do female Meerkats. In humans, pseudocyiesis can result from an endocrine or ovarian tumor, medication side effect or a psychotic obsession to become pregnant. It’s important to distinguish between pseudocyesis or false pregnancy and a fake pregnancy in which a woman intentionally adopts the physical findings of pregnancy for secondary gain, such as attention-getting or, more sinister, in preparation for a planned infant abduction. A false pregnancy is a neuropsychiatric and endocrinological condition where as a fake pregnancy is just that: fake. While a particularly empathetic male partner of a pregnant or parturient female can experience some of the physical and hormonal changes associated with childbearing, I’m not aware of any men who have experienced pseudocyeisis or successfully faked a pregnancy, thus these conditions are almost exclusively found in females

    I leave it up to all of you preeminent Palintologists to interpret Ms. Sarah’s shenanigans in light of this information. As for me, beyond enjoying musing over the parallels, I have absolutely no inclination to waste my time analysing her behavior.

  37. Jason,

    If I’m reading your article correctly and believe I am, this one time purchase of books by Palin, Newsmax, and other smaller conservative groups was enough to propel her onto the list for 12/12 and it is based on sales for the week ending 12/5. However, when looking at where she is today, #32 on Amazon, #2 on B&N for stores for wk ending 11/30-considering at least a couple of her signings were at their stores, that would account for the push to the top, but without massive purchases, her book won’t be able to stay there. This is a blip on the screen compared to the sales of GR. It’s not being talked about on the news, nor are the signing events being covered as they were last year-Thank God for small favors!

    Unless Palin has someone else buying them up in bulk, her book shouldn’t be able to stay anywhere near #2 on the NYT list. Last year with GR, it was at the top on all lists, the bulk purchases certainly helped but they were not what propelled it to the top. The crazy fascination with what makes her tick was revealed in GR and this sequel is nothing like what it was alleged to be. In fact, it appears to be just more of GR-Sarah’s Revenge List Part Two.

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