Late Night Snack: Adorable Baby Meerkats – Video

Late Night Snack: Adorable Baby Meerkats - Video
Late Night Snack: Adorable Baby Meerkats - Video

New Year’s Eve Late Night Snack: Open Thread

Late Night Snack: Adorable Baby Meerkats Explore African Wilderness for First Time – Video

A very Happy New Year’s Eve to all of our readers from the writers and editors at PoliticusUSA. Thank you for making 2010 a wonderful year; full of insightful comments, thoughtful debate & discussion, much laughter and ever-inspiring support.

Here’s to 2011:-) May yours be full of joy, peace and prosperity.

14 Replies to “Late Night Snack: Adorable Baby Meerkats – Video”

  1. These guys are SO adorable. I love watching them stand up and check out the world for the first time! :-)

  2. EEEeeeeeeek!!!!!
    I never thought I’d see the day, Sarah pushing baby meerkats as late night snacks…, INDEED!!! Finger food no doubt!!

    For SHAME, Sarah!!

  3. @Duncan

    Happy New Year. The Late Night Snack is my title for the late night open threads. Nobody is actually suggesting that you eat the adorable critters in the videos. :) Please dear readers, do not go out and eat baby pandas, polar bears or meerkats. We may have to add that as a disclaimer to the open thread. :)

  4. I happen to be a vegetarian, Duncan so no worries there. I agree though, it does read oddly. Please do not try to eat any of the videos, tempting as it may be.

  5. Hi Dani,

    They are so cute….the cameraman’s integration into their lives was fascinating as well. Happy New Year! I hope it’s a great one for you and yours.

  6. Aaaawwwwwhhhh, so cute! This is so restful to the eyes and ears, especially after having to keep an eye on the Pander Bear, Sarah Palin, pandering to the RWNJs.

    Happy New Year to everyone at Politicususa!

  7. Please…., no disclaimers; there are enough of those in the world involving the most common sense things like “Do Not Put Gun In Mouth And Pull Trigger”; people really do need a chance to use/develop their sense of ‘common sense’ lest they get completely out of practice from being overly moddle coddled by the nanny state. Besides, it might help to clean the gene pool a bit.


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