What The Media Won’t Tell You: GOP Voter Fraud Is Running Rampant

The media has been ignoring the real story on election fraud. Republicans all across the country from Mitt Romney to state party officials have engaged in voter fraud.

Here is a definition of voter fraud from Project Vote, “Voter fraud is the “intentional corruption of the electoral process by the voter.” This definition covers knowingly and willingly giving false information to establish voter eligibility, and knowingly and willingly voting illegally or participating in a conspiracy to encourage illegal voting by others. All other forms of corruption of the electoral process and corruption committed by elected or election officials, candidates, party organizations, advocacy groups or campaign workers fall under the wider definition of election fraud.”

Republicans have tried all sorts of tricks, including James O’Keefe’s most recent harebrained scheme to prove voter fraud, but it turns out that many Republicans including the frontrunner for the party’s presidential nomination, Mitt Romney have engaged in voter fraud.

Listen to the Politicus Radio discussion of Republican voter fraud:

While living in California, Mitt Romney claimed that his legal residency was in his son’s basement in Massachusetts in order to cast a ballot for Scott Brown in the state’s 2010 special election for the Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy. Romney has never provided an adequate explanation as to why a man who owns multiple homes would be living in his son’s basement. Mitt Romney has never had to explain it, because the media has never bothered to ask.

Newt Gingrich was not included on the Republican primary ballot in Virginia due to the fact that 9%-10% of the signatures his campaign collected were not legitimate. In Wisconsin a Republican legislative aide who worked for the co-sponsor of the state’s voter ID bill was charged with voter fraud.

The latest and most egregious case of Republican voter fraud occurred in Indiana where the state’s Republican election officer was charged with voter fraud.

Voter fraud is extremely rare. Studies show that fraud occurs an average of 0.00004%-0.0009% of the time, but when voter fraud occurs, it is likely that it is a Republican who will be charged.

If the media ever decides to talk about voter fraud, before they scream ACORN, they should utter three other letters, G-O-P.

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  1. I don’t see the MSM telling Americans that the real party committing voter fraud is the GOP. Not after reading Benen’s article today in which the NYT asks whether it should be the truth vigilante. IMO, it’s a crazy question, and anyone reading the article should question the journalistic ethics of the NYT and others in the MSM. Of course, the NYT question wasn’t a surprise to me because I’ve noticed that all members of the MSM shirk their responsibility to accurately report the news because they fear losing access to certain “news makers.” The WP reported a couple weeks ago that Romney threatens reporters with loss of access if they report anything about him that he doesn’t like. All members of the MSM should now be called media stenographers.

  2. There is a certain understanding in the media that Republicans are the “nicer” party, in the sense that Bertrand Russell meant it. What he meant was that those who enjoy the more prestigious social status always receive the benefit of the doubt in any conflict with those less prestigious. This understanding began during the Reagan era, and has only become more entrenched since. Of course, there is the factor that right-wingers tend to be much more punitive about access, and newsies obligingly swallow fibs so they can continue to get access to Republicans who reward them with more fibs. This isn’t journalism; it’s presstitution. A real journalist goes after the stories the powerful and vindictive don’t want them to hear. Edmund Goldschagg was a journalist; Konrad Heiden was a journalist; Fritz Gerlich was a journalist; William Shirer was a journalist; Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite were journalists. In recent years, we have seen some who started out as journalists degenerate into presstitutes. I wonder what it would take to work the transformation in reverse.

  3. “Presstitution”. Great term. It deserves a blog of its own!

    As for GOP voter fraud–thank God most people don’t get their news from the mainstream press anymore and the truth has multiple avenues it can travel in order to reach daylight.

  4. Just remember Helen Thomas. She could sit in the front row with Clinton, and in the back row with Bush, and she wasn’t allowed to ask a question. All questions were screened.

  5. actuallly most do get thier news there.. that’s the problem.. we are fortunate enough to have the time, and inclination to find the truth, most are not..

  6. The word “presstitute” accurately describes the actions of the media, which is not doing the job it’s being paid for. It’s really a sad commentary that they are bowing to the likes of Willard in order to keep him from looking as bad as we know he does, but the same can be said for others. As for the question of voter fraud, it’s another example of the GOP projecting its own malfeasance onto others.

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