Rep. John Fleming Proves That Republicans Will Literally Believe Anything


Satire is one of the finest forms of comedy, through which something akin to a political stance can be mocked by way of sarcasm, ridicule, or the use of the extreme; however, satire is also often a test for gullibility and intelligence since some people will believe the most ridiculous things ever written.

Louisiana Republican Congressman John Fleming (or, to be fair, a member of his staff) failed his recent gullibility test, calling The Onion’s Planned Parenthood Abortionplex article to be “abortion by the wholesale” on his Facebook page, according to an Atlantic Wire story.

The Onion story is classic over-the-top satire, with the goal of mocking those on the extreme right who actually believe that Planned Parenthood is some sort of abortion factory rather than an organization serving many needs. Planned Parenthood spends 97% of its modest budget on things not related to abortion, specifically testing for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and STIs (sexually transmitted infections), contraception, cancer screening, and other women’s health issues, meaning that it spends roughly 3% on abortions.

In other words, Planned Parenthood devotes much more of its resources to preventing pregnancies than to ending them. The name sort of gives it away–family planning, not family un-planning.

The satirical story in this case, then, would naturally mock those who think that Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory by writing an outlandish story about what an amazing abortion factory it is–an “Abortionplex.”

Here are a few details that seemed to be plausible in Congressman John Fleming’s world, where liberals must run amok:

  • Planned Parenthood’s new motto: No Life Is Sacred.
  • The facility will be able to perform an abortion every one to three seconds.
  • The “Abortionplex” facility is 900,000 square feet, which is approximately one-third the size of the stadium of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The “Abortionplex” has 2,000 rooms to “ensure that women visiting the facility can be quickly fitted into stirrups without pausing to second-guess their decision or consider alternatives, such as adoption.”
  • The state-of-the-art facility will feature an IMAX movie theater as well as multiple fetus incinerators.

It’s hard to know whether an author who has his satire taken as fact should feel insulted or complimented, but I bet that Mark Twain would laughing in his grave at Fleming’s Facebook post. Well, actually, he’d probably be laughing at Facebook in general, but that’s a different story.

Correction: Article has been updated to correct that Planned Parenthood is not a government program.

(Image from The Onion)

14 Replies to “Rep. John Fleming Proves That Republicans Will Literally Believe Anything”

  1. this is the stuff that dreams are made out of. Any person intelligent enough to be in public service and especially in the Congress should have known right off the bat that this was way too far out there. What could’ve happened in this person’s mental maturity phase that blocked the sense of humor gene? someone just took 40 steps off a 35 foot dock.

  2. great article. stupid rethugs.
    one correction. you state that PP is a government program. it is not.

  3. People like him readily believe it because they already think the worst of Planned Parenthood. It’s also a reflection on the immaturity of people like Rep. Fleming that they can’t see past their noses in order to appreciate all the work PP does to help cut down on the demand for abortions in the first place.

  4. the fact that the Onion article placed the complex in Kansas, should have told them do people that stupid get elected?

  5. I think their opposition is because PP doesn’t push abstinence and sex-for-procreation-only.

    Plus they want to punish women who have sex – never mind that PP does more than just things related to sex.

  6. What? What? Are you saying The Onion prints things that are patently untrue?

    How dare they? After all, hijinks like that might offend people. Hmph.

  7. This is just another reason why these people shouldn’t have any say in the issue, because he has demonstrated that he knows nothing about it.

    How many of them have taken a woman to Planned Parenthood for any kind of medical help? How many of them took their girlfriends for an abortion (hint: not many; they let other women take their girlfriends to clean up their mess). Planned Parenthood does not give abortions upon request. It is, after all, a medical procedure that requires tests and a waiting period and preparation. Almost the only “abortions” that are done immediately are those that are medical emergencies, threatening the life of the woman.

    I have a best friend who almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. The excruciating pain she was in would have blown these clowns minds. An ambulance had to take her to the hospital, where she mourned the loss of her baby after they had to perform an emergency “abortion”. If these idiots get their way, she would have died. She went on to have three healthy children. Sometimes abortion is about saving a life, but we know they don’t care about women’s lives.

  8. The main reason people like Fleming, DeMented, Joe Wilson, Phil Gingrey, and other RWNJs get into Congress is because they are masters of obfuscation. Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and the other GOP candidates for POTUS share the same quality. These people have no interest in governing. Their main reason for getting involved in public service is to stoke their own egos and gain the power to foist their beliefs onto the rest of us. I sincerely doubt whether many of Fleming’s constituents will ever hear about this due to the fact that many media outlets in his area provides cover for them ( I know my local TV station/rag provide cover for GA’s RWNJs at the local, state, and federal levels.) For the few constituents who may hear about it, they’ll dismiss it in favor of bashing PP. They tend to protect their own, even when they’re huge embarrassments to them. Case in point, Joe Wilson raised over $1 million by disrespecting the POTUS in a joint session of Congress. Ignorance, disrespect, hypocrisy, and lying are rewarded handsomely by some in this society.

  9. Imagine if this person was president and the Onion posted a story about Russia about to launch its nukes at us?

  10. I see another ‘Borat’ movie in the making–maybe just focused on Fleming and Louisiana. I’m sure there’s plenty of material!

  11. I wish the husbands/boyfriends of women like this would stand up and say something.
    These horrible men who don’t care if a woman dies need to hear from these men.
    I makes me so furious that hypocrite rick santorum, had no problem saving his own wife, but would let any other women die.
    Also, what type of birth control did karen santorum use when she was living in sin with her abortion doctor???

  12. ould think it was real. I told him that maybe they would learn a lesson about checking your sourses.

  13. Well, of course, that article was a pipe dream of everything the anti-choice types want to prove true, so they just ignored that little “Onion” masthead.

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