Have Republicans Morphed From Obama Hate To Hating America?

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You hear it every day. Republicans bash Obama. Republicans bash anything they perceive as pro-Obama, and they bash America, so the question is why do Republicans hate their own country?

The discussion over whether or not the right hates America or is just engaging in un-American behavior was at the center of our most recent edition of Politicus Radio.

The hysteria from the right over Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl ad has renewed focus on the right’s recent behavior towards their country. On the radio show, both Sarah and George expressed their belief that Republicans don’t hate America. When the question was posed as to whether or not the Obama haters were engaged in un-American activity, George said yes, and Sarah said no.

While there is nothing un-American about criticizing the President of the United States or any other elected officials, there is something decidedly unpatriotic about what the right has been doing since Barack Obama won the 2008 election. At various times since Obama became president, Rush Limbaugh has claimed that he wants Obama to fail. Limbaugh has also claimed that the tea party wants Obama to fail, in 2009 he told Sean Hannity that he still wanted the president to fail, and who can forget an absolutely giddy Glenn Beck celebrating when the United States didn’t win the Olympics?

Wanting the president to fail is the same thing as rooting against your own country, and cheering against your own country is at best un-American. As the GOP has continued to drift out of the mainstream, their contempt for the country that allows them the freedom to question the president’s birth certificate has continued to grow.

Do Republicans hate America because they lost the 2008 election? Maybe, or maybe they are terrified of what the presidency of Barack Obama represents. President Obama is the embodiment of the fact that our country is changing. The age of unquestioned rule over our body politics is fading away. As the nation’s demographics move away from an aging white population and more towards younger black and brown people, the coalition that the Republican Party relies on to maintain power is destined to fade away.

The fact is that the Republican version of “their America” is becoming a relic of history makes them angry, so angry that they are easily manipulated by corporate billionaires into protesting against their own interests. In some cases that anger over the changing America that Obama represents has led to hatred. They hate this president, and the country that elected him.

As Clint Eastwood found out on Super Bowl Sunday, you don’t have to be pro-Obama to earn their wrath. All it takes is a positive message about America. Good news and positivity serve to feed their rage, and this anger is what drives many Republicans to hate America.

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  1. You hit it right on the head:CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS. Why do you think Pat Buchanan wrote his book with a Jewish/Korean guy who helped him with his research???

  2. Absolutely, Republicans are angry–and fearful–about the loss of power white men are experiencing in this country. The good news is that this spasm of hatred will eventually pass and the Republicans will have to accomodate to the new order.

  3. Deb I propose that is the cause of the GOP wanting to take birth control away from Women. They know white women are the prime users and they want them to out breed the brown “horde” coming into our country that will out breed us wholly superior white folk someday. This cannot happen because “they” and their offspring will not vote for republicans.

  4. Very plausible…plus women,too, are a threat to the power structure. Better to keep them “barefoot and pregnant” than allow them full access to halls of governance.

  5. While they like the power and wealth and brute strength this country represents, the Dissocialists dislike the ideals its traditions embody. Naomi Klein rather nailed the Friedmanist thought on the subject: when “the little people” can exercise the franchise in any way, they naturally vote for parties and policies that direct some of the benefits the nation’s wealth and power can bring their way: full employment, public infrastructure, a universal safety net, public healthcare, a fine school system for all. This takes away from the total power, wealth, prestige, and privilege that the Randian elites think should be theirs alone. Similarly, for Dominionists, it is not enough for them to be able to preach, practice, and proselytize their religion: no one else must ever be allowed to disagree with them, even secretly. Similarly, an ethnocentric bigot must have his group regarded as the only one worthwhile, and a misogynist, however well-situated he may be, is not content unless women can’t possibly achieve as much. Yet the law of our land, the spirit of our polity, our Constitution, stand against this desire for exclusive privilege. Do they love America for her body? Yes; but they don’t want to be encumbered with her mind, heart, or soul.

  6. I honestly think they are not hating the country, but off on their own power agenda. I think conservatism has swung far to the right and anything to do for the people is a target. I think the Koch owns them, the oil owns them and I think its cold, calculating and preplanned. I think they are on a path and its spread across the different levels of government from at least the GOP governors up.

    They have to be beaten and soundly, especially at the state levels. Put your ✔ on a Dem..

  7. like you Shiva.. i sort of look at like buying their own BS

    i truley think the attitudes of people like Karl Rove have a lot to do with this.. the absolute manifestation of power..Karl when asked about Iraq, perported to reply, facts dont matter, we make our own reality..

    the constant spin, and blatant manufacture, of no issues polarizing their minions, gives little chance for reason to respond.. Rush uses the term “drive by media”.. indeed that is the ultimate projection..one hypothesis i have had for years.. we have been assuming all along that these folks have captured the news media.. when asked to present proof for thier outragous claims, you hear that their presentations are entertainment.. my hypothisis is that this is exactly what it is, opinion presented in a soap opera format..

  8. Also government stats show that 80% of abortions performed in the US, are performed on white women. This stat is why the Repubs are so against abortion.

    They don’t care if Black and Brown women get abortions.

  9. I was glad to see the women of this nation rise up against Komen. We have power, and we have a voice, and we vote. We are also far smarter than the women who think the GOP is acting in their best interests. My sister is among them..absolutely hates Obama, and it’s due to the lies told on Fox and conservative radio. They fail to see what the true agenda of the right is: take away rights from women, denigrate the poor, the elderly, public education by ending unions. They have already succeeded in ending a ton of public sector jobs, which weakens those unions. So our libraries and public services are cut, while the pols keep raking in their cash, enjoying their health benefits, and will never worry about a pension. Greedy white guys who really do hate women, and America.

  10. I think they love “America”, but the America they so revere never existed. American NEVER looked like their vision. The founding fathers weren’t religious, for the most part. The fifties may have been characterized by Leave It To Beaver middle class bliss, but that was certainly not the reality of most people of color in this country. And for every June Cleaver who was happy vacuuming while wearing pumps and pearls, there were millions of other middle class housewives who were downing Valium (“Mother’s Little Helpers”) by the handful just to make it through the day. Ronald Reagan raised taxes something like 16 times.

  11. This is all well and good…and we all agree. But, the real question is, what do they want? If these aged/white/christian only are so intolerant, their “environmental window” is closed down so tightly as to not allow a hint of any refreshing breeze of reality in, then, why are they attempting a rebellion of hate? Rebellion requires “oxygen”, prana for the fire in the belly. Such a joke; they’re living on borrowed time and bad diets, hobbling toward their own extinction.

    Do they want America’s next generations to forgo “the future” and belong to some bizarre cult of white, christian ancestor-worship? Do they have the slightest clue that biting the hand, holding the scales of democracy, that feeds the capitalist machine is never the winning hand? Why use the vehicle of hate when it’s a sin, a perversion of their sky-gods mandate (love thy neighbor)? What do they want?

    I don’t think they know; the only thing they do know is the, “Howard Beale Mantra”; they’ve finally arrived in 1975 and are screaming, ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any longer’…maybe the “Network” will decide that their ratings are bad for business, and, you know, end of the story…zolst ligenin drerd.

  12. The fact of the matter is that we have a dynamic and postive figure in the White House, who deserves a 2nd term in Office. Yes, the demographics are changing, but it would not matter, if it was a conservative or a liberal. Let’s just be thankful that at such critical time’s in our Nation’s history, there has always been a leader that has stepped up and responded, even through incredible odd’s and opposition. That time for us, is now.

  13. I think you are so right, and it makes me furious that women are not standing up to this garbage.
    I am heartened that the response was so strong to the assault on Planned parenthood.
    Are women finally waking up?

  14. CPAC welcomes all our new RentABoys from the NAACPc. We hope their participation will put an end to the fact that angry white guys are angry white guys, have teenie peenie issues, and have to stand on someone neck to feel relevant. Do forget to put them back in storage when this election cycle is over, don’t want ‘them’ getting any ideas now, do we?

  15. Sally, Sorry about your sister. I have a brother in law like that, so politics are never spoken around him. I have found the best way to deal with people like your sister is to ask probing questions like, “if women can no longer get birth control what would happen if your daughter became sexually active at 14 would you be willing to accept that pregnancy”? Or if social security and medicare is cut/voucherized would you be willing to take in our Mother in your home and pay her medical bills” or my favorite one, if one can not get health care from the government anymore how would you feel if you went out in your community and people who couldn’t get treated for TB were infectious and you could be at risk would you be ok with that”? I have tricked a few people that way that I got them thinking beyond their limited fox talking points.

  16. Woman is the ni@@er of the world. – Yoko Ono.

    President Obama – I almost typed Bush – just betrayed women, the Constitution and the future of female children. Paired with the failure to recognize that women are dying in combat no matter what the ‘rules’ say, theocracy is winning.

    I’m still only 3/5ths a citizen.

  17. I submit I have never read a more succinct articulate analysis of any subject matter in my life. Well done!

  18. So you expect society to take care of your family. You’re not even willing to fulfill your familial responsibilities, and yet you expect society to do that for you? Why should you expect strangers to help your parents, if you’re not even willing to do that yourself? Your position is simply based on the idea that it’s selfish for someone else to not help your parents, but it’s perfectly reasonable for you to not do so and expect others to do what you should do.

    I understand if you’re concerned that the costs for healthcare are excessive and that it’s unfair that those who have less are affected more. But don’t call on society to provide their “fair share” when you’re not even willing to chip in your own fair share.

    You have to understand that paying for your parents’ well-being is just like paying child support. It’s not up to society to pay for your children. Likewise, it’s not up to society to pay for your parents. The basic concept is not different – it’s that for those who can’t take care of themselves (the elderly and children), it’s up to those who are responsible to do so – and it is society who is partly responsible, yes, but only as a last resort.

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