Meet the Three ALEC Supporting Corporate Giants Who Dare You to Boycott Them


As the ALEC boycott continues to grow some corporations are not getting the message. Executives from Pfizer, Reynolds American, and Procter & Gamble are daring you to boycott them.

Beneath the good news that Kraft and Pepsi have joined Coca-Cola in deciding to stop supporting ALEC, there are some companies who just don’t get it. According to Reuters, Pfizer, Reynolds American, and Procter & Gamble have all came out in support of ALEC. Tobacco maker Reynolds American said, “ALEC provides a valuable forum for sharing of ideas and fostering better understanding of a broad range of both legislative and business issues.”


Of the three companies who are standing with ALEC, one is a tobacco company and the other is a drug maker. Both of these companies smugly believe that consumers are stuck using their products either due to addiction (Reynolds) or medical need (Pfizer). I would argue that politically inclined Americans who smoke can always change brands, so Reynolds shouldn’t get too comfy.

Pfizer and Proctor & Gamble executives apparently think they are immune to boycott. Pfizer has seen their profits plummet as the patents have or will expire on 42% of their drugs. Pfizer’s profits fell 50% as their patent expired on their top drug Lipitor. The extensive list of Proctor & Gamble brands includes Bounty, Braun, Tide, Head & Shoulders, Vicks, Duracell, Gillette, Iams, Febreeze, Oral-B, and Crest.

The companies that are standing with ALEC are doing so out of arrogance. They don’t believe that a boycott could impact them, but no corporation is completely resistant to boycotts. In order to function and survive, corporations need money. Without money even the biggest corporate giant will eventually fall, and these titans get their nourishment from you and me.

Every time you buy a bottle of Tide, you are supporting Stand Your Ground and voter ID laws. Every night that you grab up your Oral-B toothbrush and brush your teeth with Crest, your money is going to fund the effort to suppress the vote. Dawn may take grease out of your way, but could also make your vote not count on Election Day.

One of the lessons learned about boycotts is that when they are executed properly, they are pretty much unstoppable. There is a reason why Fox News has come running to the urgent defense of ALEC. The right is starting to understand that these boycotts work. One consumer may not be able to make a difference, but thousands of consumers can reshape the marketplace.

The message is that Americans must stop buying the products that fund the theft of your liberties and the hijacking of our representative democracy. They are using your money to take away your rights, and it must stop now.

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  1. i smoke cigars because it helps farmers, i won’t put a cigarette in my mouth
    there are substitutes for drugs
    but i don’t know of a substitute for Dawn

  2. Mr. Clean’s HQ is good ol’ Cincinnati, OH. Yes, Southwest Ohio, John Boener’s stomping ground.

    I am not surprised.

  3. Lets give credit to OWS, they started this simply by standing up,. Its our responsibility to do our best to follow.

    Changing from Bounty towels to another brand cant hurt. All we can do is do our part

    I try not to use any brand name products. Toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoos, coffe’s all come from our local Earthfare stores with none of the garbage in them that the big corps use. For instance no alcohol in my toothpaste. Get into the habit of not using any big name brands. Do our part

    Screw em

  4. I will add the products made by ANY ALEC supporting corporation to the list of Koch Industry products I no longer purchase.

    And when I am shopping, I do mention to people buying the products that fund the propaganda campaigns from the Right that they are funding a war against their own interests, some people actually listen.

    I am only one person, but I spread the message whenever and wherever I can.

  5. I haven’t used any of that mainstream crap for years but, I really appreciate you letting us know which are the ones who are sticking with ALEC and think they are too big too fail.

    Really surprised that Pepsi and Kraft have decided to go with Coke on dropping advertising with ALEC!

    Actually, I have done Bounty in the past but it’s too expensive out here on Kaua’i so I get Costco’s brand by the case.

  6. A very complete list including koch companies needs to be compiled and carried when shopping. If it were from an organization clearly stated perhaps when shown enough to store managers could be quite effective

  7. I have been boycotting Procter & Gamble for years. The best substitute for Dawn is Palmolive, which is a Lever Brothers product.

  8. I was thrilled to hear of Pepsico and Coke today. And now I just read about Kraft. I think we should continue to get the word out to everyone. Someone in the know needs to put out the list of corporate supporters of ALEC so that we can all get it on our FB pages, etc. I may be only one person but I know there are thousands more out there like me. I think we need to get this out nation wide, keep the message going, and be consistent in not financially supporting any company that supports ALEC.

  9. I like Dawn but screw them.No more.There are plenty of detergents out there.We gotta fight these bastards,they’re out to ruin this country.

  10. I’ve been trying to avoid P&G for years because of their ties to the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately, right now Luvs are the only diapers I can find and afford that don’t give my son a horrific rash. It pains me to give that evil corporation any of my money, but I really have no choice at the moment.

  11. I plan to post the list of Corporate ALEC Sponsors on the Dump Duncan Facebook page and ask the more than 1000 members to email the sponsors to protest their involvement with the anti-public school actions of ALEC.

  12. It’s important to write the companies and tell them why you are boycotting. As a Cincinnatian who sees the local real good P and G does, I am inclined to write and tell them how conflicted I am over this and urge them to drop ALEC membership. Just changing brands isn’t enough.

  13. Emily,
    You should try cloth diapers. Today’s versions are excellent and nothing like the cloth diapers our parents used. It is much easier than you think and even though the initial investment might seem pricy, you will save literally thousands of dollars and who knows how many square feet in a landfill.

  14. Oh also, Tide is a detergent and not at all environmentally friendly (although many people love it). I recommend Charlie’s Laundry Soap as an alternative. It is free of nasty chemicals and fragrances, gets clothes amazingly clean, is gentle on clothes and the environment. It is also surprisingly cost effective.
    There are a lot of good, quality, cost-effective alternatives out there.

  15. Cigarettes, Lipitor a deadly poison and the rest can be replaced with clorox and water, vinegar and water and formula 409. Just tell your doctor to shove his drug company incentives and start exercising more, drink red wine(1or2glasses) a day and eat more lean meats, chicken and oatmeal…they should be worried. Real Americans are getting tired of smug arrogant idiots.

  16. Thank you to everyone supporting this ALEC boycott. In Minnesota, the GOP puppets are trying to gift the public employee retirement system to Wall Street. It is in excellent fiscal shape with a 14% employer contribution. This will destroy our retirement system and leave retirees in poverty. I am proud to be a public employee. The thugs that comprise ALEC design initiatives to inflict pain on demographics they have political differences with. Thieves and thugs plain and simple.

  17. Tom Fisher has the right idea-carry a list of Alec products with you when you go shopping, or all the time for that matter-so you support the boycott by simply spending the right way-

  18. Check any store brands you may buy. Often stores have the major companies make their brands and put a label on them. They go out for bids from all manufacturers and take the lowest bid. Other stores (like Costco) have bought their own paper companies, dairies, farms, but many stores still hire out. Usually there is a notation on the package as to the maker and distributor

  19. I’m in too. Coincidentally I just stopped Lipitor and refuse to take any other statins. Thank heavens Pepsi, Coke & Kraft have stopped supporting ALEC. Those would have been tough “give ups” for me, but I was already shopping alternatives. Glad I don’t have to do that.

  20. On one side, good points, on the other, aren’t these in the same welfare system of too big to fail? Their cronies in the government will bail them out like they did with the banks! No wonder they’re so cocky. The way to win America back is the same way it was founded. With guns and bullets!

  21. I think the guns thing sets up back maybe several hundred years. One would hope that we are past the guns thing.

    The way to win America back is with our vote. And to recognize that those representatives who belong to groups like ALEC that we cannot allow that to happen.

  22. I know it’s a pain to check product lists and such, but when consumers boycott, companies feel the pain. Even a 5-10% drop in sales is very significant.

    Another small step consumers may take is writing the networks and production companies of their favorite commercial TV programs, and let them know – politely, of course – how you feel about companies like Pfizer, Reynolds, and P&G advertising on their shows. Ask them if they wish to be associated with homophobia. Shows like Modern Family – one of ABC’s biggest hits and a big source of bread & butter for them – are going to be especially sensitive to such issues.

    Also keep an eagle eye for product placements, and respond accordingly.

  23. The meat doesn’t have to be lean. That’s another piece of bullshit pushed on people.

    Fats/oils aren’t the “bad guy” – CARBOHYDRATES are. As my cousin, who is a MD said to my mom recently: “If any doctor doesn’t support the low carb diets, he or she hasn’t been keeping up with the research!”. I’ve read the research too (at least an overview) and it looks like they covered all the bases. Plus, a low-carb diet is what all our ancestors evolved eating… so it makes sense that it’s the most healthy thing for us.

    I eventually expect that they will find arteriosclerosis to really be a bacterial infection – a researcher at my school found that and by combining an enzyme with a antibacterial agent, was able to get 100% reversal of arteriosclerosis. However, when he announced his findings, the medical establishment laughed him out of the field and he destroyed his work (I suspect he was pressured to do so).

    Dead right on the statins… they’re poison. I’ve known that for over 10 years… learned back then that the “numbers” for cholesterol used to be 300 to be considered high, but that when they invented the statin drugs, the corporation was able to get the number lowered to 200 (heard it first from a friend who had cholesterol numbers in the 500 range, but nearly died from statin poisoning – and then from an old doctor who had personal knowledge of the situation). I’ve been hearing for a few years that they (the drug manufacturers) are pushing for 150. Nice way to sell drugs… make it so that everyone has a “problem” when it’s really artificial.

  24. 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 tsp. fine sea salt, and a few drops of peppermint oil makes a great tooth powder. Who needs to by a tube of toothpast?

  25. We are all kinda stuck. If you boycott these you could end up using products by the Koch brothers….i quit using their stuff a couple of years ago.

  26. Something people may not know, if you do not get your daily requirement of fats, you will turn to other foods like candy and sugar that produce the same exact effect as fats do. Fats produce energy when burned just as candy does. Fats start the fire to burn Carbs, which in turn starts the fire burning for protein. You need all three in appropriate %’s

  27. From the work I’ve done and the reading associated with that work (much of what we do in the lab is analysis of ancient diets… such as doing bone chemistry analysis using stable isotopes), the closest thing I’ve found to the normal diet for much of human pre-history would be something like the South Beach diet or some variant thereof. Very little grains (and while there is some evidence of early harvesting and grinding of wild grains, it was a seasonal treat and the grains were probably most often eaten whole or coarsely ground), a fair amount of tubers and vegetables, and lots of meat.

    An interesting fact is that hunter-gatherer societies were not always close to starvation, and they didn’t have to work all day to survive (contrary to public ideas). There have been several studies done which showed that it would take people about two hours a day to gather enough food to eat in their environment, and the diet would have been rich and varied although seasonal. Oh, and we now have evidence of deliberate fire use that is pretty much undeniable – almost a million years ago (some “possible” fires to 1.5-2 million years old, but it could be argued that some of them were natural and just freak occurrences).

    In fact, the argument now is that it was the cooking of food that allowed hominids to increase their brain size, and the theory (explanation) makes sense.

    Anyway, people have questioned why humans started agriculture as it’s so much more labor intensive and demanding (many hours a day vs roughly 2), along with the demonstrated decrease in health due to bad diet. There is a lot of argument as to why people did so… the only “advantage” could be that they could become more sedentary (as in not moving around a lot), and that it allowed for greater division of labor. It’s a good question.

    (One final tidbit – humans evolved around alcohol, and something like a third of the human liver by weight is dedicated to processing alcohol. This is true for many creatures… after all, when fruits ripen they start fermenting, especially after they drop to the ground.)

    (I hope people find these findings as interesting as I do!)

  28. I’d bet if you looked behind the curtain, you’d find dominionists. Something that has been commented on many times is their vicious cruelty to those they don’t like (along with their cowardice).

    Poisoning a beloved “little one” (aka “pet”) of the people who they oppose (to cause misery and heartbreak) is not above them, and fits their profile perfectly. So is arson, getting people fired, having children taken away under false pretenses, and so on.

    And then they go to church proudly on Sunday and dare sing songs to Jesus and talk about Him…

  29. I hope!, but I’m afraid George may be right. I don’t want it and I fear what may happen, but he may be right.

    With the sort of attempts to deny us Democrats the vote, voting may become useless.

  30. We always buy store brands, but it’s an economic thing. I just wish we could go to a “system” more like I observed in Europe, with much of the foods grown locally and other products likely to be regional (although American mega-corporations had made huge inroads in the supermarkets).

    The price wasn’t that much higher either… we often chose local and paid a few eurocents more, because we knew we were likely to get better quality.

  31. I had this wonderful doctor. When I first became disabled and lost my insurance she went and looked at all the different meds I was taking. And she informed me that all the name brands new and old and just out do not do that much if anything different from meds that have been out for years and years. And here is how this drug stuff goes. You have a big name expensive drug. It is about to go generic or some other company has a new drug that is supposed to be better so sales have dropped. So what they do is just tweak it a little little tiny little bit. For all we know it could be a touch of sugar or starch or tiny tiny little bitty can barley see by the naked eye of something already in it. But because of this oh so little change a change that really does not do anything it. Now these companies really do not want to make a brand new drug. To do that would mean there could be some unseen problem that maybe even kills. And they do not want any old class action on them. So the little nothing tweak now make is different, by not much of nothing but that smig of whatever is enough to make it new, NEW but not really, New Name for docs to push and get kick backs on. And most important, NEW PATENTS. Oh there is the ticket. So ask that doctor whenever you get a new med to take. If is a major brand, NEW major brand. Tell the doc you want something that works just as good and is much cheaper. Pfizer is an easy one to boycott. Also always buy store brands, yeah some big name makes them But, they are not making big buck off it. There is big money made. There brand straight to store, big profits, Store brands they make, well, they are cheaper and the store wants their profit to. So the profit is smaller and it then gets a split with the store corporation So a 50 profit now becomes a dime. So get the store brand.

  32. I find it very interesting. Consider also that man has liverd on the very sugars that we now have to shun as diabetics for a very long time. High protein diet larger brain size? Absolutely

  33. Check out health food stores and vendors selling veggies and fruits along the roadside. I can buy all local foods except for a period of time in the winter

  34. Well years ago on the farm in the outhouse we used a corncob in hard times. No actually that was the day of free catalogs so we used them if needed. But they do tend to slide a lot!

  35. If you’re not sure which brand to switch to when boycotting ALEC, why not try making your own household products? The recipes below are very easy to make, effective, great projects to do with kids, and are so much healthier for your family because they don’t include any nasty chemicals. They are all from an excellent Canadian blog aimed at keeping people healthy and using sustainable sources.

  36. Even if they make the store brand, it will still hurt sales of their higher-margin brand-name products. Maybe you can’t stop buying all of their products (or even know all of the products they make), but you can still hurt their bottom line.

  37. Damn, according to that list almost every corporation is a member. I didn’t realize how long and wide their is into our lives. I definitely will not use Bounty or Crest. Brawny is a Koch product, I believe.

  38. Yo, Republican ALECies, you hear that? On your own free market turf, we’re coming for you.

    WE the people of the United States of America

    are fired up and ready to go

    yes we are

  39. we need a list of sponsors AND a list of those sponsor’s products. Not everyone will take the time to look at the fine print, but will look at a list of items to avoid.

  40. I am from Wisconsin and I have been boycotting just enough to effect all of their pocket books and most of them I don’t buy from them at all that is why a lot of these companies are having a change.Because woman do all the shopping so there will be more to come and ALEC will be gone!!

  41. You could always use a damp washcloth and then rinse immediately in bathtub once done.

    End up cleaner than tp anyway, along with less trees killed.

    Anyone have a Tide laundry detergent replacement suggestion? I need a good replacement that does well on odors. I have cats and roommates that smoke. Tide seems to help remove the scent of cigarettes from laundry.

  42. Most of the roadside vendors in this area are selling produce that they purchased wholesale, and not grown by them or anyone related to them – at least in this county (we could go to the same warehouse, but you have to buy in quantity). Most of them are selling the same products available in the supermarket, but for a slightly higher price. I know two places that are different and that’s it (and one only sells Collards in the winter and Okra in the summer).

    I’d consider going to a farmer’s market, but the closest one also often has big box-quality foods (you know what I mean) being sold alongside of the real gardeners/farmers – and the next closest is a 45 minute drive away (that one I believe has rules against selling wholesale-purchased foods in the Farmer’s Market portion).

  43. You guys do what you want. I may not be able to boycott all the companies that dumped ALEC, but I sure can find out who still is helping ALEC and send as much of my business their way. I may even start sending money to ALEC as well. Liberals and progressive positions stink and I for one will continue to work towards making the world a better place by allowing people to defend themselves and live their lives on their terms instead of having it shoved down our throats by the liberal governments of this world.

  44. Remind me again what law Zimmerman has been indicted for breaking? NOT relating this to the current case, I want you to think: I YOU were attacked somewhere (we don’t KNOW if Zimmerman was or wasn’t, we weren’t there) and defended yourself, resulting in the death of another, why would it be right to automatically be arrested? That’s what this law was written to prevent. MANY people who have defended themselves have subsequently been arrested, lost their home and everything they own, lost spouses and everything dear to them JUST BECAUSE THEY THEY WERE ARRESTED and had to PROVE they were innocent of committing a crime! This is a GOOD law, even if it didn’t (or did) work well in this particular case. I don’t know if Zimmerman was justified or not, and neither do you. Only the media seems to know, in their effort to sell more news. Let the police and courts work this out, not the media. Remember that the police can still arrest Zimmerman at any time if it is decided by investigation, NOT by media, that he is probably guilty of a crime. ALEC is not the problem here, media coverage is the problem. And those who get outraged over a case that they have no actual knowledge of make me outraged. Probably, that’s you!

  45. Its a horrible law and one that simply allows people to kill other people. Murder went up in Florida 300% after this law was passed. ALEC IS the problem for trying to get this ;aw into effect. Self defense is not included when you chase someone down and shoot them

  46. It’s nice to have a list of those companies who are so bellocose about their involvement with ALEC’s attempt to supress social issues…it makes me think their agenda is not only family unfriendly, but mankind unfriendly?

  47. We have already emailed the corporate offices of companies that support ALEC, letting them know that we will never purchase another of their products until they walk away.

  48. Look at the back of the packaging. If it says Georgia Pacific, it is Koch. Buy store brands. Same with Dixie Cups and plates. If you don’t know what is a Koch and what isn’t, just google the company name and Koch. So, georgia pacific koch,
    shows Koch bought them in 2005, and GP mills cause higher cancer rates. Below is link to corporate contributors and congress critters involved with the beloved ALEC:

  49. Making a list of these products in a note in my iPhone, in case I forget while shopping.

    Gotta find another good low-fat cat food for my porkiest cat, if I can’t buy IAMs, but … she’ll deal.

  50. No organization whether liberal progressive, conservative,independent politically based should be allowed to draft/create legislation with all the debates and arguments in place. Then have one of its politician members introduce it in state Congress/Assemblies by passing the Committees and stymieing those that may be opposed. It should be against the law. We did not elect them nor can they be held accountable. It is underhanded and outside of the government.

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