Susan Sarandon Explains Why Women Need White Man’s Di*#s

Gearing up for the Unite Women nationwide march this Saturday, Susan Sarandon explains the many benefits of having a white man’s d*$k (WMD) in this Funny or Die video. NSFW.

The white man’s d*$k is also known as the WMD, which is so perfect given the Republican war on women! Shock and awe girls. That’s how they do it. This contraption will imbue you with citizens rights and also automatically grant you the ability to make your own medical decisions. It’s truly amazing!

Watch here courtesy of Funny or Die:

WMD never fails! “It’s basically a dildo on a belt, but it gives you citizen status.” You betcha! Feel that freedom, ladies.

Just say no to Republicans this fall, and join up to support women’s rights this Saturday, April the 28, for the nationwide march.

Join Susan Sarandon, The Unite Women Organization and head here to find out more about the nationwide march on April 28 and how to get involved in your area.

3 Replies to “Susan Sarandon Explains Why Women Need White Man’s Di*#s”

  1. Unfortunately,the march in West Virginia has been canceled and I cannot find a ride to DC or Columbus,Ohio,but I will be there in spirit!

  2. Finally, the truth rises. Thank you Susan. And yes I am a man. I had a good mother, my father passed away when I was 13. After dad was gone, I took on as much as i could to help her and, my little brother. Women have had it tough for decades, today we don’t have any respect. man or woman, if we don’t have a big amount of money in the sock, we’re trash. I’m behind you, excuse me, I’m behind all of the women out there, and fed up with the stupidity of Republican Oppression.

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