From Fast and Furious to Debunked and Dead: Eric Holder Found in Contempt

Last updated on February 9th, 2013 at 08:17 am

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House Republicans tried to heal their Obamacare wounds by voting Eric Holder in contempt of Congress based on nothing more than an NRA conspiracy theory. America didn’t care last week, and they still don’t care today.

By a final vote of 255-67-1 the House found Eric Holder in contempt. 108 Democrats did not vote, and two Republicans voted no.

From the beginning Fast and Furious has been a strictly right wing media affair, as only the more partisan Obama bashers could find any credibility in a half baked conspiracy theory that the Obama administration traffic guns to Mexican drug dealers in order to take away guns from Americans. The leader of the investigation, Rep. Darrell Issa has not been able to make up his mind about whether this was an Obama administration coverup or not.

Despite the fact that an investigation by Fortune concluded that the whole thing was a load of bull, several cowardly Democrats who are looking to save their jobs announced before the vote that they would be voting to find Eric Holder in contempt. All told, 17 Democrats voted to find Eric Holder in contempt.

In all reality, this vote marked the end of the Republican attempt to attach a scandal to the Obama administration. This scandal never caught on. There is nowhere else to go after the contempt vote. The “scandal” is dead, and Republicans are frustrated because the American people never seemed to notice or care. This whole affair has been such an embarrassment to the Republican Party that John Boehner intentionally buried the vote by scheduling it for the same day that the Supreme Court’s Affordable Healthcare Act ruling was announced. When weepy John Boehner is your voice of reason, you’ve got a lot of problems.

Boehner is hoping that the American people are so distracted by the Obamacare ruling that they don’t notice that the House of Representatives has been hijacked and taken over by conspiracy theorists. For a House that has managed to set a new low for itself on a weekly basis, this was the zenith of their incompetence.

Instead of creating jobs, House Republicans are chasing conspiracy theories. House Democrats and Republicans better hope that the American people weren’t paying attention, because if they were, what they saw was the inmates running the asylum. Everything that is wrong with the Republican led House was on full display today. Republicans kept repeating their lies, such as Obama started Fast and Furious, but the conspiracy theory that the right has been praying for was not to be.

Republicans and some despicable Democrats have cast their votes, but Fast and Furious has morphed into debunked and dead. Those who voted for contempt have won brownie points with the NRA, but they have turned the the House into the roach motel of American politics.

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