Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh Attacks Iraq Vet and Double Amputee Tammy Duckworth’s Patriotism

At a recent town hall, GOP deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh belittled the military service of his Democratic opponent and double amputee Tammy Duckworth.

Here is the video:

Transcript via Think Progress:

WALSH: Understand something about John McCain. His political advisers, day after day, had to take him and almost throw him against a wall and hit him against the head and say, “Senator, you have to let people know you served! You have to talk about what you did!” He didn’t want to do it, wouldn’t do it. Day after day they had to convince him. Finally, he talked a little bit about it, but it was very uncomfortable for him. That’s what’s so noble about our heroes. Now I’m running against a woman who, my God, that’s all she talks about. Our true heroes, it’s the last thing in the world they talk about. That’s why we’re so indebted and in awe of what they’ve done.

Walsh was implying that Duckworth is trying to exploit her service for political gain. Embedded in his remarks was a criticism of her patriotism. She not a real patriot. She doesn’t really love America. Look at the way she talks about her military service.

It is repulsive that a man who has to be publicly shamed into taking care of his own children has the nerve to criticize a woman who literally gave two of her limbs for her country. Much like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, Joe Walsh never served his country, but he is willing to politically smear those who did by demeaning their service.

Walsh was trying to contrast Duckworth with “quiet hero” John McCain, who just so happens to be the same John McCain who tried to get elected president on the basis of his military hero image in 2008. The same guy who wrote a 1999 memoir, and had a movie made based on his book about his experience as a prisoner of war. While McCain doesn’t brag about his service, he has made his story quite well known. McCain has been able to parlay his image as military hero into a media concocted foreign policy expert status, so I wouldn’t exactly call him a quiet hero.

When a Republican serves their country, or in the cases of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney dodges the draft, they are patriots. When a Democrat like John Kerry or Tammy Duckworth serves, their service records are belittled and mocked.

Joe Walsh is trying to do the same thing to Tammy Duckworth that scumbag Saxby Chambliss did to Max Cleland during their infamous Georgia Senate race, but this time it isn’t going to work. Tammy Duckworth is a true patriot who loves her country so much that she spilled her blood for it. In contrast, Joe Walsh doesn’t even love his kids enough to pay child support.

Gone are the days when Republicans could simply wave the flag and act as if they have cornered the market on patriotism. There are many Democrats who served their country well in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are coming home to show these draft dodging war mongers the faces of true heroism.

Rep. Joe Walsh wished every veteran and active duty member of the military a Happy 4th of July by spitting on their service. If you are in the military and live in Walsh’s district, get yourself an absentee ballot and please do us all a favor by voting this Republican eyesore to democracy out of office.

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  1. Didn’t McCain get shot down and captured on his very first mission? Didn’t he rat out other prisoners to get more humane treatment? No wonder he won’t beat his chest about what a ‘hero’ he was. And by the way, Walsh, the word ‘hero’ is thrown around too much. Heroes are people like Tammy, who served well and gave up a lot. Heroes are not everyone who puts on a fact, many heroes are those who refuse to serve a nation that starts wars against people who have done us no harm at all. Heroes tell the truth. You, not so much!

  2. I seem to recall GOP OUTRAGE when Chris Hayes objected to calling all soldiers heroes a while back. To them everyone who served was a ‘hero.’

    Except for a sweet woman who lost both her legs overseas while serving her country.

  3. Joe Walsh is my Congressman right now – thankfully my district has been redrawn and he will not be my Rep after November. Just when I think he cannot sink any lower, he proves that yes, he can. He is absolutely unqualified to be in Congress and isn’t qualified to even shine Tammy Duckworth’s shoes.

    The people of the 8th District in Illinois should elect Ms. Duckworth. She has served her country well and will continue to do so if she is elected. I’m 100% confident, too, that she will not dishonor herself the way Walsh has done to himself.

  4. I cannot believe this is happening again. I should be used to it. Romney avoided the draft while proselytizing a cult and Bush avoided the draft by joining the Rio Grand Golf Club National Guard and then deserting. Who are these republicans and is there no end to their shame

  5. It is the Republican model: Patriots are Republicans, disagree and you’re a traitor.

    Politicians and the media lack the fortitude to say it out loud, and Democrats’ silence makes them culpable for it getting to this point. It is extremely difficult to find any reason to be proud of this country any more. It is sad because we could be better.

  6. um Joe walsh. he sure talks big. just talks big, opportunism why not, Can he actually by proxy claim Mcain’s heroism? sure why not, guys like this fellow, always do, almost sounds like he was in fox hole taking on Adolf himself. I seen them all my life, middlemen I call them. the kind of tool I don’t mind debating or punching them squarely in their lying hole, if he is so tough, why not debate the real hero in the race, besides I think Mccain still have his legs right?, if johnny knew “this” sack of squirrel shitt is invoking his courageous sacrifice for his own political gain he might want to wait his turn at him, I get the feeling the actually lady warhero might want to debate courage, dedication, selfless sacrifice for flag & country & yes….for the sake of mesmerising insightful, but the real accounts from the butchers bill.. how much blood of her own was spilled to keep those stripes bright & red. now tells Joe how much of the crimson its actually yours? go ahead mr Walsh lets count the drops if any.

  7. Indeed.
    Mr. McCain was not a combat pilot, but a bomber pilot. Yes, he got shot down and the minute he landed, he told his captors he would reveal information if they gave him medical treatment.
    They didn’t call him the “Prince” (because of his Father’s and Grandfather’s military history).
    But his captors favorite name for him was “the songbird”.
    That’s why he rarely brings up (publicly) his military service. This information is readily available to those who inquire.
    It’s the same story with George HW Bush. His plane was shot down and rather than remaining with his crew, he ejected safely. His crew was left to die. He received the Medal of Honor, but he didn’t want to accept it because he felt he didn’t deserve it. His Parents MADE him accept. I had no idea that George senior was even in the military, let alone was given the Medal of Honor. The most honorable thing George HW did was admitting he didn’t deserve that honor.

  8. That’s right out of karl rove’s propaganda for LIARS manual. Attack the Dems on their strengths. It worked with all those you mentioned..except, funny thing happened when along came Obama. What was it besides the intelligence and brilliance of the Obama Campaign..that brought down john mccain? Was it palin,bush, or both? Whomever, we know he’s nothing but a bitter ol senator instead of the president.

    We’ll find out if there’s enough suckers who can be brainwashed in that Illinois District.

  9. I thought I remembered that about the re-districting, paws. I hope it works out for you all that you get Tammy Duckworth as your rep.

    These gops should be made to be held responsible for their smearing of our Vets..not, voted into office.

    A note about Max Cleland..

    “President Barack Obama appointed Max Cleland to serve as secretary American Battle Monuments Commission in June 2009.”

  10. I am extremely proud of President Barack Obama these last four years and all those who are fighting everyday to keep people like Joe Walsh and Willard out of the office they seek.

    There’s a lot of greedy negativity in the USA but, I think there’s more positiveness and we can Win. We must.

  11. Dear Lawd,just how LOW can these folks go?It’s frightening enough those running for Office are Vile&Disgusting,but what is TRULY frightening is just how many blind bastar*s follow&support them.When oh when is that Proverbial Bus gonna come by&squash these Nazi Traitors like Walsh,who twist everything into such a distorted Lie&convnice Millions of ignorant,hateful Bigots that THEY are the”true”Americans?They are NOTHING but True Traitors.Walsh&The Entire GOP/TEA deserve nothing less than a 1 way ticket to Gitmo Country Club.Regular Club Fed is ENTIRELY too good for them!On behalf of decent Americans everywhere,we apologize Mrs.Duckworth,you are a REAL Hero who deserves SO much better than this&if you were running in my District,I’d proudly vote for you!

  12. And now the Mittster Romney joins the long list of Repub ~Chickenhawks.~

    Truth be known, the Dems in office have by far served more in the military then the Repubs have. But…shhhh, they don’t want us to know. They are great at starting wars, but serving our country in the military is another story.

    Here we have Mitt Romney who had four deferments and said he wasn’t “interested in serving” at the heighth of the Viet Name war. But now, he as wenow know is the ultimate flip flopper and has said recently…how he wished he had served. Right, Mitt. Easy for you to say now.

  13. we must remember than in our criticism of mr Walsh, someone else benefits from creating these social division I don’t cared much for him, but rather just vote him out of office. and dismantle these miscalculated ideas, eventually that balance becomes evidence of our growth as a mature Nation. and The Walches, & tea brewed company can keep on sipping it from the past; it all ends about the same & we all get whats coming to us. I argue that their life expectancy times, whatever availability to generationally past their fundamentalism makes them in to a non survival brand. to me the danger is their real Masters & their availability to repack and resale to the next generation. thats money power. by the way, if you ever meet a con-man, Ask him. Answers all ways the same. they keep on showing you the cash. I love this American land this American experience & I say its not for sale, not even a gram or that chair in the white cloudy sky.

  14. all these creatures of the past. comical tyrants in better pinstripe, I imagine them like a pack of dinosaurs feasting on fresh kill. while an asteroid the size of Australia hurls towards them. technology. and our ability to record their every single act of arrogant stupidity, cruelty & abuse. all of their wrong doings for all to see.. Any dictators, and or real rich dushbags my advice to you is simple : If your source of power or wealth is build fundamentally from creating mysery upon mysery, the human race will not tolerate any more of this shit & we aim to take it all back.. instinctively collectibly we all do. its already happening & it will not stop.

  15. Yes Sally, the Republican hero John McCain broke under interrogation and revealed the ingress and egress routes our B-52 bombers used to bomb North Vietnam. His renovation cost many men their lives because of that, but he is a HERO. So figure.

  16. Walsh is a truly loathsome excuse for a human being who has no business being even a dogcatcher. I sincerely hope he loses this election, to be replaced by Tammy Duckworth, a woman who stands head and shoulders above this creep in courage and integrity.

  17. Joe walsh is a true good for nothing sob. All he has done is disrespected Tammy Duckworth, he has disrepected all WAR VETERANS, ALL SERVICE MILITARY WHO HAVE PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to THE FLAG OF “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Walsh is coming out of the twilight zone. Also , he is declaring “WAR” on all females, wheather in the military or not. Beware females if you cast a vote for foul mouth Walsh. What, i can’t understand is , why?, not one in that gathering had the guts, nerve or b…s to stop and question his disrespect toward Tammy Duckworth, it does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, a true war hero, who has gone through a lot of pain and suffering during her “TOUR OF DUTY” as a helicopter pilot. I salute,Tammy Duckworth , you will accomplish your goals. By the same token A VOTE FOR TAMMY DUCKWORTH IS A VOTE FOR A “TRUE PATRIOT”

  18. Moongal6 suggested we check out her version of the story about Bush when he was a pilot and shot down. She recalls he left the crew members behind to die. I suggest if you want the truth about this, so to:

    I am not a republican, but I do value the TRUTH. Why put “spin” on a story to defame a hero from the republican side when you are really mad at Joe Walsh? Leave the “spin” to the republicans. That’s their underhanded game. Be known as a truth-teller!

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