Saturday Night Shocker: Behind The Spin the Romney Camp Admits They’re Losing

Last updated on November 5th, 2012 at 08:58 am

Behind their attempted Saturday night media spin was a bit of read between the lines truth. The Romney campaign thinks that they are losing this election.

After a press conference with reporters where David Axelrod and Jim Messina discussed all of the president’s paths to 270 Electoral College votes, the Romney campaign responded with a statement that only the biggest of partisans could believe.

Romney Political Director Rich Beeson had this response to Obama’s numbers and facts, “If the Obama campaign spent half the time trying to get people back to work as they do spinning reporters on why they’re going to win this election, the unemployment rate might not have gone up. That said, it doesn’t matter how many offices you have, staff you hire, or ground game plans you have – you need a candidate who can tell the American people why things will be better, not worse, after four years of their leadership. The choice is clear: Governor Romney is offering Americans a future of more jobs, more take home pay, and less debt. The President can’t do the same.”

On the surface this looks like more of the same spit in the eye of reality stuff that the Romney campaign has putting out for months, but it is always a mistake to read anything literally in politics. Look beyond the talking points at what the Romney campaign is really saying. They are saying that they don’t need field offices, staff, and get out the vote efforts. Beeson even went as far as to claim that Romney didn’t need a plan to win.

What this means is that the Romney campaign knows that they are losing the get out the vote effort. They know they are losing the ground game. They know that they don’t have enough field offices and staffers in swing states, and most importantly, they have no mapped out plan for winning this election.

When a campaign starts talking about how it doesn’t matter that their opponent is beating them it certain areas, that kind of talk is a huge flashing neon sign telling everyone within earshot that they are losing in those areas. The Romney folks know that they are getting clobbered in early voting and the mobilization of supporters.

Beeson’s statement tonight was an attempt to keep the media on board with the myth of Romentium. The Romney folks have to keep spinning this contest as up for grabs, or else the whole house of cards will come crashing down, and Republicans might not show up to vote on election day.

Once again, nothing in politics should be read literally. There are always deeper meanings and motivations in play.

This statement tonight was a beneath the surface admission that the Romney campaign knows they are losing. They know that Obama has momentum. They see the train getting ready to go off the cliff, and their attempted spin suggests that they have no idea how to stop it.

The Obama advantage in early voting and GOTV is real. And by trying to tell the media how much it doesn’t matter, the Romney campaign admitted that they know they are heading into election day behind. Time is running out and all Romney has left is a hope that you don’t show up to vote, and GOP voter suppression machine if you do.

This election is in your hands, and Mitt Romney knows it.

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