What’s In Our Dairy Products: A Look at Growth Hormones and How They Got There

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Today, grocery store shelves are stocked with GM foods. The Monsanto Company is the powerhouse that made that happen. With over a century of hard work, Monsanto is now bullying our nation’s agriculture.  The reason this is happening is because, according to The Organic Consumers Association, there are documented employees of our government that Monsanto can claim they had employed; most of them given FDA positions to monitor the products made by Monsanto and to pass through whatever could assist in producing and selling more product.

For example, Margaret Miller had been employed by Monsanto as a laboratory supervisor where she oversaw research and clinical studies. Just before she left Monsanto for the FDA, she had completed a report on recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH’s). Ironically, her first task in the FDA was to approve or disapprove the report she had written. In essence, Monsanto had approved its own report. This then allowed the growth hormone Somatropin to be used on dairy cows to produce more milk.

Miller didn’t work alone on this. Suzan Sechen had reviewed data at the FDA and also assisted on Monsanto sponsored research. But it was Michael Taylor that tied the laces. Taylor was a legal advisor to the FDA while a partner at a firm that represented clients such as The Monsanto Company. As rBGH milk was being produced Taylor took on the responsibility to decide if the product should be labeled to include ingredients. He had actually prepared documents that stated rBGH rich milk was no different than regular milk prior to the decision. This insured Monsanto could sue anyone trying to deliver GMO free products all while leaving out the lab based ingredients. All in all saying those ingredients aren’t our (the people’s) concern; just buy the milk.

And that we did. Milk production increased by 20% and the farmers could generate enough for the demand. Other things also increased such as udder infections known as mastitis. Production couldn’t seize and interfere with milk manufacturing so cows are then injected with antibiotics. Cows are given antibiotics which increases antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the animal which are then passed on to the American public.

 Yet again, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with what’s in the product we purchase. This farm disagrees with what they’ve been told. Maine based Oakhurst Dairy has put a label on their product stating,

“We proudly display on our products America’s First Farmers’ Pledge: No
Artificial Growth Hormone Used. We believe, and our farmers   agree, that untreated cows are
healthier, happier cows.”

“From the beginning, we listened to our customers when they told us they <
had concerns about artificial growth hormones, or rBST, in milk. Its use is banned in the European Union
in order to protect animal health and welfare. The product is also not approved in Canada. Although the <
FDA has approved it for use in the US, we believe that our Farmers' Pledge is in the best interest of <
customers and cows alike. We've never used artificial growth hormone and we never will!"

Thanks to Taylor, Oakhurst Dairy cannot label this on their product since it’s suggesting that their milk is different from Monsanto driven dairy farms. Although the suit was settled outside of court, Oakhurst agreed to add the word “used” so the FDA could stand by its principle that rBGH’s don’t make a difference in the product.

In my research, It didn’t take very long to stumble upon another difference between raw and rBGH milk. A potent cancer tumor promoter called IGF-1 has been found in high levels of GM milk. IGF-1 has been directly related to cancer risk most commonly in breasts with colon and prostate to follow.

What’s most disturbing is that the information at hand here is simply a glimpse of what The Monsanto Company has done over the past century. All of these corporate giants are solely focused on profit over safety. Extremes such as employees of Monsanto have fought for a non GMO serving cafeteria have been taken. This is hypocrisy in the purest form. How can a company that religiously stands by their insistence that their GMO foods are just the same as all other products allow their corporate cafeterias segregate the food served?

I can’t make sense of a single thought other than it festers down to profit and power. While Monsanto is focused on taking over the world in agricultural biotechnology, people are gaining weight rapidly as cancer also climbs the charts increasingly year after year. If accelerated death to people and animals is the mere side effect to Monsanto’s $937 million profit last year, we should be filled with joy that they’re providing for us.

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