Krystal Klear’s Astonishing Response to the Ryan Budget Explained (Satire)

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:40 pm


TLL trilogy part 2 image 1The Republican Party continues to believe they just have a communication problem. They are desperate after seeing their base shrink to an all-time low.  Since persuading Americans hasn’t worked, they are resorting to more devious methods – mind control of the most credible liberal thinkers in the country.  Lipstick Liberal uncovered the plan and the devastating results!

Their first target was Rachel Maddow, who has since been endorsing Republican ideas.  The Tea Party Republicans couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Now that the gay Liberal is under the Tea Party Republican spell, it’s time to work on the next target: Krystal Klear or as the right wing thinks of her “the pretty Liberal.”  Just think, Liberals who hang on every word made by Rachel Maddow and Krystal Klear will follow their lead – endorsing S.E. Cupp, broadcasting the merits of Ayn Rand.  No one will know or care about the human costs of the Tea Party Republican’s economic policy.  After all, it worked on the Tea Party Republican base, it will work on Liberals as well.

If this succeeds, there’s just one more person who stands in the way of blissful greed at the expense of the masses! Tea Party Republicans can see success is within their reach.



Announcer: Previously on the Lipstick Liberal Show


Captain Telepath: You are their only hope to SAVE them from annihilation.

Soldier Telepath: I understand.


Rachel Maddow: Ask yourself, is repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is NOT damaging our Military?

(Rachel Maddow nods “of course it is”)


Soldier Telepath: Their gay leader will no longer be exposing Right-Wing Conservative half-truths and lies.

Captain Telepath: Excellent, but there is still work to be done.

****Part Two****

MSNBC’s – The Cycle – Krystal Ball’s ‘KRYSTAL CLEAR’

Krystal Ball: I wonder, if the current Republican Party have ever met the real people who are victims of their Atlas Shrugged ideology to protect “producers”, who create wealth, from the “moochers”, who feed off them.

Moochers who are using government safety nets as hammocks. These BLOATED Safety nets that are draining everyone of their will and incentive to contribute to society and lulling able bodied people into dependency and complacency. President Obama’s Policy’s are making THEM become more and more dependent. I mean if you pay these people not to work, they won’t work. And Moochers who continue to put our society at risk of hitting the tipping point!! A TIPPING POINT, where we have more TAKERS than makers. Where would we be without makers? Our rights come from god not government. We can ALL be rich and I built it!!!

I secretly agree with everything S.E. Cupp says.


Soldier Telepath: Their prettiest leader will no longer be showing the human consequences of Tea-Party Economic ideology.

Captain Telepath: Excellent, everything is going as planned. Here is your next infiltration.

(Next infiltration Nancy Pelosi)

To be continued…….

End of Transcript

Will the Tea Party Republicans succeed?  Will America suddenly see the merits of their policies proving once and for all that all we really need is a little mind control?

 Stay tuned!


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