Democrats Are Now Openly Mocking Ted Cruz’s Obamaphobia


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Sen. Robert Menendez responded to Sen. Ted Cruz’s claim that President Obama is the biggest obstacle to immigration reform by saying that Cruz suffers from Obamaphobia.


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Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) responded to Ted Cruz’s claim that the White House is the biggest obstacle to passing immigration reform by diagnosing the Texas Senator with Obamaphobia. Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) said, “I think he has Obamaphobia. The reality is that it is the Gang of Eight that came together, four Democrats and four Republicans, and said that we need a path to citizenship, that it’s a tough path, it’s a long path, but it’s a fair path at the end of the day. We see in Europe when people can’t find a way towards becoming part of a country, the challenges that Europe has faced, we don’t want an underclass in America, and these individuals are going to have to earn their way, go through a criminal background check and pay taxes and learn English and after nearly a decade, they will get their shot. so I think Ted Cruz is fixates on this issue and it’s amazing to me representing a state like Texas he doesn’t understand a pathway to citizenship is really what is desired. by all of those not only who aspire to become part of America but by the american electorate that in poll after poll says they want to fix this broken system and certainly by Latino and immigrant community who overwhelmingly looks at this as a civil rights issue of their time.”

Ted Cruz is beloved by the rank and file Republicans, but he is a joke among his own Senate colleagues. Sen. Cruz doesn’t care about what would be best for the people in his home state. He is trying to win the 2016 Republican nomination by being the anti-Rubio. If Rubio is for immigration reform, Cruz is going to the Hispanic option who is against anything that even resembles a path to citizenship.

Cruz suffers from Obamaphobia, because he is a reflection of the voters that he is courting. He is preaching to the choir. Those who love Ted Cruz are obsessed almost to the point of mental illness with the “evils” of Barack Obama. For this reason, it is Ted Cruz’s egomaniacal political ambitions that are the biggest challenge to immigration reform.

Cruz’s behavior used to be called Obama Derangement Syndrome, but I think Obamaphobia is a better description. People like Cruz have progressed from derangement to a full on phobia of anything that is associated with the President of the United States.

Millions of Americans are suffering from this disorder, and those are the people that Ted Cruz desperately hopes will vote for him if he runs in the the 2016 Republican primary.

It is hard to see Ted Cruz as any kind of a leader when the people who serve with him in the Senate mock him as both a wacko bird and an Obamaphobe. Sen. Ted Cruz has moved from tea party hero to national joke to still potentially a 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

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