Prozac Needing John Boehner Tells Interns You Are Not Here To Change The World


A drunk House Republican intern left their manual at a house party, and now the world learns that John Boehner’s inspires the youth by telling them not to try to change the world.

The internship manual was obtained by Gawker, and really all you need to know about Boehner is how he “inspires” his interns:


Those rules listed above my be the Boehnerest Boehner things ever written. It is easy to see why the Republican Party is so downtrodden and defeatist after reading these supposed rules for success. Who outside of Homer Simpson has ever told young people not to try to change the world?

The Republican Party’s culture of negativity is woven into the fabric of everything that they do. Speaker Eeyore has embraced the dark cloud attitude of entire party. Of course, what else would you expect from a Speaker who wants the House judged not on the laws that they passed but on the laws that they repealed. (Newsflash: Boehner is a failure on both counts.)

We can only imagine some of Boehner’s other advice to his interns that ended up on the cutting room floor. The Speaker of the House told America’s next generation that:

* There is nothing in this world worth fighting for.

** If you think things are bad right now, remember this is as good as it gets.

*** Why bother getting out of bed?

**** Trying just sets you up for disappointment after you fail.

***** Don’t give 100% effort when you can get by with 10%.

****** Seriously, why bother?

We already knew that Boehner couldn’t lead. Now it is clear that the man can’t inspire.

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