Sexist Republicans Endorse Calling Alison Grimes the New ‘Obama Girl’

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:20 am

"obama girl'

In case you thought the GOP was rebranding away from their dedicated war on women, on Tuesday the official twitter account for the National Republican Senatorial Committee tweeted a link to “Grimes Is The New ‘Obama Girl’?”

The “article” about the Kentucky Democratic candidate for the Senate from the Bluegrass Bulletin reads:

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That’s right. Alison Lundergan Grimes is running not only because democrats know that women vs. men has been a winning ticket for them, but because they want to increase their majority in the Senate in order to keep Obamacare and pass gun control legislation.
Grimes is part of the ticket Obama is asking his liberal friends to support in order to accomplish those goals.
Now you know Kentucky. She’s the New “Obama Girl”.

Oh sure, this is some birther blogger fringe dude, so no biggie. It doesn’t represent the GOP.

Oh, wait. The NRSC’s verified account tweeted that article out and the @Team_Mitch Political Director retweeted it:

Obama Girl? Yes, of course they would call this very powerful woman whose popularity and strength they can’t fight an “Obama girl”.

Grimes is the current Secretary of State of Kentucky, and a lawyer.

Grimes doesn’t play these little boy games. She’s all Southern steel magnolia with her gorgeous smile and her sugar coated daggers. In a web ad, she took on Republican incumbent opponent McConnell’s dirty tricks directly, “Your campaign wants to play silly games about where I am and where I stand. Well I’m right here in Kentucky, Senator, where I’ll be holding you accountable for voting to double Medicare premiums on Kentucky seniors, including our retired coal miners, for being against requiring the Department of Defense to buy equipment that’s made in America first, for failing to stand up for women when you voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and the Violence Against Women Act, and for opposing raising the minimum wage over and over again while you became a multimillionaire in public office.”

“Obama girl” is the close relative to the “Obama Cheerleader” smear. According to certain people, all women who support Obama are naturally easily dismissed sexual objects — dumb, useless idiots. The GOP thinks this is the way to our hearts and our votes. We’re so dumb that we won’t notice.

Never mind that Obama’s administration has set historical records supporting women in policy, as Grimes detailed in her web ad. V.P. Joe Biden is no small part of the support for women from this administration but no one ever accuses a woman of being a Biden cheerleader. Ponder that while pretending the smear has no southern strategy to it.

But Grimes is not an Obama supporter. She is a politician running for office. Republicans are desperately trying to tie her to the president since they have nothing else on her than making her the cheerleader for the black guy.

Republicans can’t afford to rebrand because the truth is that they have nothing else. They can try to reduce Alison Grimes to a sex object Obama girl, but it’s not as if Ms. Grimes hasn’t dealt with this sort of immaturity before. It starts in about the 6th grade.

It gets even worse. Joe Sonka, the News editor at LEO Weekly, tipped that this blogger is a birther, tweeting, “@nrsc promoting fringe Birther blogger who refers to @AlisonForKY as a “girl,” w/ this pic. How savvy of them. #kysen”

Indeed, the Bluegrass blogger believes that Obama tricked everyone with a fake Kenyan birth certificate in order to make birthers look bad.

The Republican Party is apparently stuck in 6th grade. What does Mitch McConnell stand for again? We know the national party supports this kind of juvenile silliness, but where is the big man Senator McConnell to call out these nasty tricks. Surely a gentleman objects.

Update #1: The NRSC deleted their tweet, but that’s what screengrabs are for.

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Update #2: The NRSC has apologized.

Post Image from Bluegrass Bulletin.

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