Republicans Plan to Destroy ObamaCare This Thanksgiving By Handing Out Flyers at the Mall

black friday sellout, Via NRSC
black friday sellout, Via NRSC

Be prepared to be inundated with more Republican screeching on Black Friday because Republicans seem to believe that they’ve finally found the Thing That Will Kill ObmaaCare: It’s a flyer. On your car. At the Mall. This Thanksgiving. And also, twitch, they’ll be targeting you on “social media sites”.

Look out, MySpace, here comes the GOP.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is deploying Republican volunteers to litter your car with flyers meant to look like sale adverts, that charge Democrats with letting the country down because they voted for affordable healthcare for everyone.

Republicans will be spending a “significant” amount of money “targeting” specific audiences on Black Friday at “popular shopping and social media sites”, according to ABC News. You will be told that vulnerable Democrats are a “Black Friday Sell Out!!!”, accusing them of deceiving Americans because 5% can’t keep their crap insurance policies.

See the flyers via ABC here. No, seriously, you have to see this hot, stale mess.

ABC explains who the victims — er targets, will be, “The flyer ads, as well as an online ad campaign targeting Internet shoppers, will attack Democratic incumbent senators running for re-election in Louisiana and Alaska, and Democratic candidates running for open Senate seats in Michigan, Iowa and Georgia.”

Republicans seem to believe that they will be targeting women voters by handing out flyers at shopping malls. Yes, the National Republican Senatorial Committee are busy targeting women voters by hitting up shopping malls, since you know, women buy stuff at the mall. That’s what we do, when we’re not stuck in a binder somewhere.

Per The Hill, (T)he NRSC is targeting female voters in particular with their attacks on Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.)… Against Landrieu, the committee is targeting women specifically on popular shopping and social media sites.”

So Republican. Littering Americans’ cars with screaming, hyperbolic nonsense that only applies to 5%, who were getting screwed by their insurance companies and targeting women at shopping malls because that’s how to get them to forget Legitimate Rape Shutting Down Pregnancy. Big tent, babies.

The flyer has a sort of desperate stalker feel to it — the Glenn Beck print screeching, the conservative adoration for cons so long as they are sold with shiny Christmas Candy Canes, the True Believers fighting back against healthcare for everyone…

What next – will Republicans hold a bake sale to throw millions off of ObamaCare in 2014?

So much to be thankful for.

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