Republican State Senator Moronically Compares ACA to Nazis and Terrorists

bob rucho


On Sunday, State Senator Bob Rucho, a Republican out of North Carolina, took to Twitter and decided to make a comparison that is just unbelievable in its idiocy and complete lack of historical awareness and understanding. Below is the tweet:



Yep. Rucho decided that Obamacare has caused more damage than Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and all the terrorist attacks COMBINED. Obviously, when discussing a health care law that has allowed millions of more Americans to get coverage, the best thing to do is make sure you bring up Nazis, right? Heck, why not bring up slavery as well?

Obviously, the tweet spread like wildfire and people let Rucho know how disgusted they were with his statement. I think the responses Rucho received can really be summed up in this little nugget of awesomeness:



Of course, Rucho had to respond back on Twitter after the crap really started hitting the fan. Here was what he had to say:



Well, that certainly clears it up. Or it just shows that Rucho has absolutely no clue and he thought he was being clever by referencing a famous quote. Was there an apology about referencing groups of people and events that caused millions of deaths? No. Not at all. Instead, Rucho thinks he was able to point out that because the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ that it totally justifies his idiotic and insensitive statement.

Then again, this is a man that used the occasion of the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination to tweet this out:



Of course, he would have been. Keep telling yourself that. While you’re at it, keep trying to convince everyone that the Republican Party is for civil rights due to it being the Party of Lincoln. And that MLK would have been a Republican if he was alive today. Just keep believing in your fantasies, Bob.

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