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Richard Burr Faces Censure from North Carolina GOP for His Vote to Convict Trump

The North Carolina Republican Party is set to vote later today to censure Senator Richard Burr for his vote to convict former President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection against Congress. North Carolina’s GOP Chair Michael Whatley said his vote “in a trial that he declared unconstitutional is shocking and disappointing.” Kyshia Lineberger, the Republican National Committee Chairwoman…


North Carolina Will Relax Social Distancing Guidelines for Republican National Convention

The state of North Carolina will relax its restrictions on public gatherings for the Republican National Convention (RNC) scheduled August 21 – 24. The state’s health director and chief medical officer, Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, said the Department of Health and Human Services, wrote in a letter to the RNC that restrictions on gatherings of more…

Joe Biden evokes of Obama while dropping the hammer on Trump

Biden’s Lead over Trump Grows in North Carolina, Suggesting N.C. is in Play for Democrats

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump has grown in North Carolina, a state increasingly in play for Democrats during this year’s general election. According to the latest survey from the left-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), Biden has a 4-point lead over Trump 49 percent to 45 percent, the biggest lead…


Trump Threatens to Find New Site For Republican Convention If N.C. Gov. Can’t Guarantee Full Attendance

President Donald Trump threatened to find a new site for August’s Republican National Convention (RNC) if North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) can’t guarantee “full attendance” as the state slowly reopens amid the coronavirus pandemic. The president attacked Cooper in a series of tweets, saying he is in “Shutdown mood & unable to guarantee that…


Trump’s Unpopularity May Cost Republicans Up To 4 House Seats In North Carolina

A combination of the overturning of the Republican gerrymander and Trump’s unpopularity could flip up to 4 House seats to Democrats in North Carolina. The Princeton Election Consortium found some interesting data in North Carolina: Disapproval of Trump has hit North Carolina particularly hard. In four Congressional districts where polls are available – the 2nd,…


NC GOP Gerrymandering Case May Flip the House

Yesterday a three-judge federal panel ruled that Republican-drawn congressional districts in North Carolina have been gerrymandered in such a way that they violate the United States Constitution. The panel held that the districts were established by the GOP legislature for the purpose of favoring Republicans over Democrats, which is not a valid reason for delineating…


North Carolina Passes $15 State Employee Minimum Wage

North Carolina Republican legislators surprised critics when they passed a $15-per-hour “living wage” for 10,000 state workers. The increase will affect about 10,000 state government and university system employees, such as secretaries, hospital workers, security guards and housekeepers. “North Carolina’s GOP — Republicans — surprise critics by passing a $15 living wage for state workers,…


A Great Time For Gay Marriage? Not So Fast!

There are two issues guaranteed to get the wing-nuts to the polls even if they have to crawl on their bellies over barbed wire in a typhoon. The first is anything to do with not being able to let their kids under ten play with howitzers; the second voting magnet is anything to do with the possibility that Bob and Bruce might marry.


Why Police Treated Cliven Bundy Differently Than Michael Brown Is As Clear As Black and White

Contrast law enforcement’s overwhelmingly violent military response to peaceful, and unarmed, African Americans protesting the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed African American teenager at the hands of a white Ferguson police officer and one can hardly claim law enforcement does not apply a different standard to armed whites as opposed to unarmed African Americans.

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