Woman Says She Was Paid To Take Absentee Ballots in North Carolina

A woman said Monday that a Bladen County, N.C., Republican election official paid her to illegally collect absentee ballots from the November 6 midterm elections.

Absentee ballot witness Ginger Eason told WSOCTV, a local news station in Charlotte, that the official, McCrae Dowless, paid her between $75 and $100 to take completed absentee ballots from the voters. She said she took the ballots and then never mailed them, depriving the individuals of their legal right to vote in the election. read more

Trump’s Unpopularity May Cost Republicans Up To 4 House Seats In North Carolina

A combination of the overturning of the Republican gerrymander and Trump’s unpopularity could flip up to 4 House seats to Democrats in North Carolina.

The Princeton Election Consortium found some interesting data in North Carolina: read more

Hurricanes Have Finally Convinced Republicans That Climate Change is Real

President Donald Trump continued this week to deny the effects of climate change in the face of overwhelming scientific agreement that it is occurring. However, even while Trump and many other Republicans deny man-made climate change, a shift appears to be occurring among Republican voters in North Carolina, a state which has been severely damaged by two hurricanes in two years. read more

Trump Just Realized That Water Moves

Trump had another one of his "moments," when announced that the flood water in North Carolina will be moving to South Carolina.

NC GOP Gerrymandering Case May Flip the House

Yesterday a three-judge federal panel ruled that Republican-drawn congressional districts in North Carolina have been gerrymandered in such a way that they violate the United States Constitution. The panel held that the districts were established by the GOP legislature for the purpose of favoring Republicans over Democrats, which is not a valid reason for delineating congressional districts. read more

North Carolina Passes $15 State Employee Minimum Wage

North Carolina Republican legislators surprised critics when they passed a $15-per-hour “living wage” for 10,000 state workers.

The increase will affect about 10,000 state government and university system employees, such as secretaries, hospital workers, security guards and housekeepers. read more

Opinion: NCAA “Reluctantly” Embraces North Carolina’s LGBT Discrimination

The NCAA said “this new law is far from perfect," but it will reward the discrimination-minded N. C. by reopening the state for consideration in hosting its championship events.

Opinion: Former N.C. Governor McCrory Feels Persecuted For Supporting the Toilet Law

“If you disagree with the politically correct thought police ... you’re a bigot, you’re the worst of evil. It’s almost as if I broke a law."

Under Republican Rule North Carolina Is Not Classified As a Democracy

North Carolina does so poorly on the measures of legal framework and voter registration that it ranks alongside Iran and is not classified as a democracy.

North Carolina GOP Facing Legal Challenges After Failing To Repeal ‘Bathroom Bill’


"The legislature may not be willing to undo their unconstitutional overreach and respect the rights of LGBT people, so we’ll just have to see them in court."

North Carolina GOP Legislature Plans To Subvert the Will of the Voters

It's part of a larger trend that’s occurred over the last eight to 10 years to manipulate state supreme courts to maintain political power.

Long Lines at Polling Places a Result of Republican Voter Suppression Efforts

"Only In States Controlled By Republican Legislatures Has Early Voting Been Reduced"

The New White Voters That Trump Was Counting On Are Supporting Hillary Clinton

New polling shows that newly registered and voters who sat out the 2012 election are breaking strongly for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

North Carolina Republicans Sued For Rigging the Election For Trump

The voter suppression tactic is right out of the GOP [election rigging] playbook to suppress the Black vote in North Carolina.”

Obama Draws Twice As Many People To Same NC Venue As Trump Crowd Size Plummets

A sign that the Trump campaign is dying a slow death on the ground can be seen in the fact that Donald Trump drew a crowd less than half of the size of Obama's at the same venue three days after the President spoke.

Obama Obliterates Every Republican Still Supporting Trump With A Single Sentence

With a single sentence, President Obama explained why every Republican who is still supporting Donald Trump is unfit to serve the public.

In a Microcosm of National Politics, Bigotry May Cost Republicans Dearly in North Carolina

"I wouldn’t vote for anybody that does something like that. The logic, I just can’t figure it out at all. It’s not comprehensible for me. It’s just too stupid.”

Rachel Maddow Breaks Big News As Democrats Lead In North Carolina Early Ballots

Rachel Maddow broke some huge good news for Hillary Clinton, as Democrats have an eight-point lead in the early balloting in North Carolina.

North Carolina Is Tilting Blue As Clinton Leads A Close Race In The Tar Heel State

A new poll of North Carolina shows Hillary Clinton leading a very close race 44%-42% over Donald Trump.