Republicans Say Rainbow Flags Remind them of Nazi Flags – But Actual Nazi Flags Don’t

Despite the admission by some Republicans that the culture war has been fought and lost, others refuse to admit defeat. Rather, they want to hate gays and lesbians even more than they already do. Speaking the other day about the Supreme Court decision to stay out of the marriage equality battle, Mike Huckabee said,

I am utterly exasperated with Republicans and the so-called leadership of the Republicans who have abdicated on this issue.” For Huckabee, not digging deeper for even more hate would “guarantee they’re going to lose every election in the future.

Not only that, but the GOP will “lose guys like me and a whole bunch of still God-fearing, Bible-believing people.”

Sigh. We’ll struggle on without you somehow, Mike.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) responded by proclaiming Huckabee a hero for doing “exactly right and is speaking for millions of Americans who are sick of Republican elitists remaining silent and refusing to fight for the survival of marriage, the principal building block of society and the foundation of civilization.”

And Rep. Rob DeSantis (R-FL) assured Huckabee that Republicans got a whole lotta hate left in them:

Being in Congress and seeing the left wing of the Democratic Party and the elite media in action, they are hostile to conservative cultural values across the board, they are hostile to religious liberty and a lot of our traditions and I think that the Republican Party and conservative voters are really the only force against that.

I understand where [Huckabee’s] coming from but I think there’s a whole bunch of issues in which the left is hostile to where the governor is going to be coming from and really you’ve got to have a strong opposition party to be able to stand up for those values.

But this is nothing compared to anti-gay voices in North Carolina, where, reports TPM, “A pair of North Carolina Republicans reportedly likened flying a two-story rainbow flag over city hall in Asheville, North Carolina, to flying a Nazi flag over the building.”

Boy, they sure hate rainbows in North Carolina, huh?

TPM reports,

The two Republicans, former city councilman Carl Mumpower and former Buncombe County GOP chairman Chad Nesbitt, criticized the move saying the Asheville City Council’s decision to fly the flag (the council voted unanimously to display it) violated North Carolina open meeting laws.

“I am equating their methods with the Nazi movement,” Mumpower said according to the North Carolina newspaper. “They are indifferent to the rule of law and indifferent to the vote of the people. And that’s Adolph Hitler all over again in a different disguise.”

But it’s okay for Republicans to wave the actual Nazi flag around apparently, because we’ve seen that happen without any Republican complaining, like when these yokels joined other right wing nut jobs in marching on Washington in 2009:


I don’t recall hearing any Republicans complaining about these guys, do you?

So apparently, the lesson is, you just can’t fly a flag that looks nothing like the Nazi flag, because that reminds them of the Nazi flag. But you can fly an actual Nazi flag because that’s easy to confuse with the American flag. You know, just as is this flag from another Republican rally in 2013:

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Because nothing says you love America like the flag of a country that tried to destroy America.

It’s funny how granting more rights has become the symbol of tyranny for the party that wants to restrict rights in the name of freedom. If this makes your brain hurt, it should. That isn’t how it works.

But Mike Huckabee and NOM want more of this nonsense, and politicians like DeSantis promise it. You can be sure with demagogues like Bryan Fischer and Tony Perkins backing him up, the chorus won’t fall silent any time soon.

And they will always have David Barton, inventing history as he goes. After all, he just used Grigsby v. Reib, 105 Tex. 597, 602, 153 S.W. 1124, 1126 (1913), which, as Right Wing Watch relates, “notes that marriage is a nothing more than a civil contract that requires ‘neither license nor solemnization of religious or official ceremony’ to be legally binding,” in order to “prove” that “government is not allowed to redefine something that God himself has defined.”

If anything makes Jesus cry, this is the sh*t that makes Jesus cry. There is a commandment against lying through your teeth, and Barton’s hatred of gay people is so strong that he is willing to pimp his own immortal soul.

“I’m gone,” Huckabee warned.

Boy, I’m with you brother. Your party is full of loons. Oh wait, that’s right. You want them to be loonier.

Never mind then.

“I’ll become an independent. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this,” Huckabee proclaimed.

Oh, like Bill O’Reilly is independent? Alright, we’ll run with that. It’s no more of a stretch than claiming membership with the human race at this point.

All I’ve got to say is that we’re tired of it too, and that it’s time for America to unfriend the Republican Party.

40 Replies to “Republicans Say Rainbow Flags Remind them of Nazi Flags – But Actual Nazi Flags Don’t”

  1. I don’t believe it! The GOP are complaining about a colorful flag, but have no problem with the actual Nazi and Confederate flags? Shaking my head. The Republicans are the most miserable group of people I have come across in my life! They whine and complain about EVERYTHING! Nothing makes them happy, they find fault, displeasure with everything and anything. Geeze!

  2. Well, let them find some unlivable land in the middle of the Gobi Desert and form their own community, complete with moat and walls. They can set their own entrance requirements, religion, etc. Maybe they’ll be happy then but somehow I doubt it.

  3. The republicon party is pretty much all the country clubs all around America. One country club near me was about to shut down because of low membership, to bad most rich white people moved on long ago. Well, the golf course decided to open the membership to the general public, in which most of the residents were black. This created a controversy because the old white foks didn’t care to golf with “colored”. The result is that the golf course is still open and anyone can golf there. Case closed.

  4. “…It’s funny how granting more rights has become the symbol of tyranny for the party that wants to restrict rights in the name of freedom. If this makes your brain hurt, it should…”

    And it does.

    It’s OK for radical fundamentalist (in this case a religious cult) living in the back yard of one party to push the country so far in one direction that they all wrap themselves back around and catches their own tails despite their own hypocrisy.

    Just a pack of rabid, feral mutts trying to rule a majority of people who’d just as soon see them destroyed than put up with their constant foaming of the mouth.

  5. Looking at these Republican politicians from the outside, from another country… Well, these people seem mentally ill. So much cognitive dissonance, so much sociopathy. All the Americans I know are normal, decent people who believe in freedom and equality for all. I often wonder how much longer do they have to live with the apparent lunatics running the asylum, why does this breed of hateful person not die off?

  6. These leftovers from the Moral Majority are still far from being a majority. It’s all the noise and the threats they make that are so scary.

    They need to realize that the creators of their beloved Tea Party Charles and David Koch have a gay brother, and without Koch funding Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians no longer stand a chance of winning a bag race, let alone a political race.

    So let that sink in, Huckabee and the rest of you who hate us gays so much. The majority of Americans are still intelligent enough to actual notice that the people of the LGBT community are far more harmless than the hate-spewing, so-called Christians who prove over and over again that they only use the Bible thinking it gives them political power rather than showing them how to act like Christians. Love your neighbor? Shoot. They have no idea what love is. We gays pay your taxes, too, and you gladly accept then while holding the New Testament and threatening our lives over a microphone.

  7. “There is a commandment against lying through your teeth, and Barton’s hatred of gay people is so strong that he is willing to pimp his own immortal soul.”

    If you’ve ever seen the shirts Barton wears, he’s more a self-hating, closeted gay. Well, not really all that closeted, as he costumes himself in attire that would make Liberace’ blush.

  8. Religious values are something people have to live by in their personal life, they are not laws. No one is forcing anyone to live by religious values, just as no one is forcing people to like or approve of gay marriage. You dont have to approve, but you cant stop it.
    Huckabee and his tripe ignore the laws we live under and want you to live under their laws. If they can suppress the equality part of the constitution, they can suppress any part of it. Including voting, speech and all the rest. That’s sharia law, and its what Barton, Huck and all the rest want

  9. Flying the rainbow flag is like flying the Nazi flag, but flying the Confederate flag is A-Okay. I certainly am glad I don’t hail from that part of the country.

  10. Why is that no one complains about the Texas state flag being flown at the same height as Old Glory, yet they complain if I fly my Irish flag of my Rainbow flag next to but below the Stars and Stripes. Not fair I say, not fair at all.

  11. I hope that we send a loud message to the GOP haters that their days are numbered. I know there will always be people like them, but we can vote them out of the positions of power.

    The right has always counted on voter apathy to carry the day for them. We true Americans need to get out and vote like there is no tomorrow. The GOP can no longer be allowed to dictate their minority views to the majority.

    I am thoroughly convinced that there are more than enough progressive-minded people in this country to turn things around if we just turn out and vote. Voting is the only way we have to halt the right-wing scourge in America.

  12. I have not seen anyone begging Huck to stay in the Repub party. He threatens just as Palin threatens. They have really become unhinged over gay rights. Poor fools.

  13. Republicans and their far right religious cronies and partners all look and act like real Nazis. In my opinion.

  14. Huckersterbee and the goober duck dynasty schlubs have become the poster child for the GOP. Of course the always entertaining shreaking Mark Levin who lost relatives in the holocaust wants gays executed. This will leave the power voters who are the millenials and elderly casting a strong democratic vote for years to come. The GOP rails against the 10% (gay) and completely ignores the needs of the remaining 90% of the population.

  15. “Lyin’ for the lord,” even though their book says specifically not to, because.. well.. the ends justify the means. Right? How do they know which end is up after a twisting themselves so much?
    You know what would piss them off..
    just a little bit more..
    Let them choke on their own rabid foam.
    Rub their nose in it like a dog who sh*t on the rug.

  16. These dipshiat lemmings have been around since the Mayflower. And real Americans have been fighting them every since.

  17. The real reason that marriage is suffering is not gays by a long shot. It is because takes three family members working full time just to make ends meet now and that is the fault of the people they vote for, the GOP and DINOS and anybody who gets infected by Washington DC disease.

  18. I think you make a fair point, Keith.
    The financial strains on families are brutal; and the strategies parents adopt to ease these strains cannot help but fray the family bonds.

    Thanks for your comment.

  19. They haven’t accepted that they are gay and need to come out of that closet and join the rest of us in the real world.

  20. I think they should be wrapped up in a rainbow flag whilst locked in a room full of gay married couples singing the national anthem.

  21. folks, if that fake christian Huckabee is upset now, wait till November 4th when republicans are humiliated by a democratic wave election!!! these hateful conservative clowns are about to reap what they have sown the last six years. everybody vote for dems in November. we can shut this rightwing and conservative circus down. lets start in a fews weeks. good riddance to the republican cancer that has infected our democratic processes and to the radical evangelical Christian zealots who are obsessed with taking away our constitutional freedoms.

  22. hey Huckabee, I think I speak for the majority of Americans and real christians when I say ‘know one gives a sh*t what you and your ilk think or say anymore!!!’

  23. Hope Hucksterbee does leave…it’ll siphon votes from the GOP and expedite their demise. These people don’t care about winning elections anyway, they know that the Cruz’, Palin’s and Saintorum’s are unelectable on a national scale. It’s all about cult like control of a poorly informed, hateful and frightened segment. Keep ’em scared, always have the next bogeyman around the corner, and they’ll keep sending money. These people are grifters, con men who secretly laugh at their audiences and all the way to the bank. To paraphrase John Stuart Mill-“Not all conservatives are stupid people, but all stupid people are conservatives.”

  24. See how religion poisons politics? No way the moral majority is going to go away now, they own the GOP now. Barry Goldwater warned the party what would happen when the damned preachers took over the party way back in 1964.

  25. Republicans remind me of little Adolf Hitlers running around…
    Luckily I don’t have to deal with that shit, but I hope that those of you that do can actually do something about it.
    Blessings to you…

  26. lunatics breed lunatics. Both environmental and genetic factor working together in concert. Most forget that the word “mental” is a part of the word environmental.

  27. Yes Mike Huckabee reminds me of something…hmm..OH Yes! I wiped it clean this morning after a bowel movement then a shower.

  28. …”the GOP will lose guys like me and a whole bunch of God Fearing Bible believing people like me”..Don’t worry Mikey there’s a Christian asswipe born every minute.

  29. …that’s pseudoChristian, if ya don’t mind…the hatefilled Reich-wing does NOT seem to follow ANY of the teachings o’ Jesus Christ…but have largely taken Ayn Rand as their own Savior…then there are the Reich-Wing Catholics, like the 5 theocratic/plutocratic bastards on the USSC, who wanna take the US back to the age o’ the Robber Barons…
    {from the “Wizard of Id”, fair damsel, speaking of Robbing Hood} “Well if it isn’t Robbing Hood; master of the long bow and the short stroke!!!” {yes, I’m thinkin’ about Ammosexuals!!!}

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