Kay Hagan goes on NC First Tour While Desperate Thom Tillis Talks to An Empty Chair

Tillis and empty chair

While Kay Hagan spent Tuesday on a NC First tour meeting with diverse groups of voters across the state, a desperate Thom Tillis talked to a chair.

Senator Hagan spent her day meeting with voters.  She met with farmers at Sharp Farms to discuss job creation through the Farm Bill.  The Senator also spent some time listening to Military spouses in Spring Lake.  Hagan spent some time with Seniors.

According to the Times Union Tillis shared his views on issues that were discussed during the 3 debates that Hagan and Tillis agreed to back in July.  During his closing statement, Tillis said expressed his “disappointment” that Senator Hagan wasn’t there.

According to reports, Tillis complained to the chair about the fact that Senator Hagan was not at the “debate” several times even though he knew of Hagan’s decision back in July.

The “debate” was originally promoted as a debate between Tillis “and other candidates.”  However, Hagan was never going to be part of it and the Libertarian candidate, Sean Haugh, didn’t meet the 15% polling threshold that was required to participate in this “debate.”  So it was Tillis, a couple of reporters asking questions and an empty chair.

This is reminiscent of Clint Eastwood’s discussion with an empty chair at the Republican Convention in 2012, and we all know how well that worked out.

Since Senator Hagan out performed Tillis in the three debates that were agreed upon, this was obviously a stunt by a man desperate to close the gender and youth gaps.

While Kay Hagan’s lead is steady but slim, Tillis has the largest gender deficit in the country.  According to the Public Policy Polling Senator Hagan has a 12% advantage over Tillis with women.  Hagan enjoys support from 61% of young voters, while Tillis has a paltry 27%.  Hagan’s support among African-Americans is 85%, while their support for Tillis is virtually non-existent at 4%.

Of course, Tillis’ war on women’s rights and his instrumental role in disenfranchising African Americans along with young voters with North Carolina’s vote suppression law probably had a lot to do with these numbers.  In the case of young voters, Tillis didn’t show any interest in wanting their votes until recently.

The fact is, Tillis’ lacks support from significant parts of North Carolina’s electorate because of policies that wage war on their rights, their interests and their concerns.  Resorting to stunts like talking to an empty chair isn’t going to change that.

Image; The Daily Mail

11 Replies to “Kay Hagan goes on NC First Tour While Desperate Thom Tillis Talks to An Empty Chair”

  1. thanks for filling in the blanks the media leaves out of the story. the way the media reports it, she was just a no show.like she never agreed to do this debate back in July.

  2. Ha, some one should tell MSNBC to report the whole story an why she wasn’t there! She NEVER planned to be there an the Media knew it an never reported it! It’s a shame not even Racheal Maddow who I really respect told the whole story!Mathews took her to task to as did other MSNBC reporters. It was like she was a NO show, an was expected an to lazy to come! Shame on MSNBC for doing a hachet job on her! Glad I got to read this or I would never had known.

  3. Between the Republican party and the media, this Nation is under attact by evil doers who serve evil doers.


  4. The empty chair is an example of how Thom Tillis has been with his constituents. He established an office a few blocks from my home, but only his sign is on the door. His office is empty. No one can find him to speak to him about local issues. Why? He is keeping company with those who pay millions for his campaign. His constituents can go lacking. Thom is not here for us. He now wants to go to D.C. where we will never be able to see him. Who does work for, not North Carolina.

  5. You can smell and see a loser just by the way he looks and acts. I smell defeat for Tillis and his loser looks is an omen too for him. He sees the writing on the wall.

  6. I don’t even bother listening to MSNBC any more and their political analysis. They’re as bad as Fix News. And I owe Hagan an apology, I misread the story. The media reporting is so pro Republican, even Democratic blogs are not even investigating before writing. It’s shameful.

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