Republicans Reach Out to Minorities by Celebrating Vote Suppression and Jesse Helms


This week’s Republican attempt to reach out to minorities was the latest lesson in how to become less popular than dog poop

Credit them for figuring out that winning elections means reaching voters beyond the angry white bubba base.  The execution, however, was an epic fail. For one thing, newly Tea Partied North Carolina made all sorts of headlines that only reinforced the image that the Tea Republicans have … issues with racial minorities.  During the same week that Republicans talked about reaching out to racial minorities, the state of North Carolina was in court defending a law designed to suppress votes by minorities.  One of the best ways to roll out a widen the tent strategy in your state is to tell your AG to zip it about the suppression part of the vote suppression law.

This was followed up with Don Yelton’s , tell all interview on the Daily show. The DOJ really ought to include the video of this guy in their court challenges of NC’s and Texas’ voter suppression laws.  Between the racial slurs and stereotypes, Yelton parrots Greg Abbott’s claim that vote suppression laws are not racist because they are designed to give Republicans an electoral advantage.   Even if one is devoid of common sense or just hasn’t been paying attention, Yelton’s comments prove that in the case of the Republican Party, laws designed to give them an “electoral advantage” can also satisfy a racist motive.

Ok, the local NC Republicans moved straight into damage control with a statement via their Facebook page requesting Yelton’s resignation.

Let me make it very clear, Mr. Yelton’s comments do not reflect the belief or feelings of Buncombe republicans, nor do they mirror any core principle that our party is founded upon” said Chairman Mitchell. “This mentality will not be supported or propagated within our party.

There is just one problem.  The Tea Party does share Yelton’s views and it dominates the Republican party in North Carolina and nationwide.

NC State Representative Larry Pittman offered up his contribution to the GOP’s widen the tent roll out with trademark birther rhetoric.

As if that wasn’t enough, NC Governor Pat McCrory emulated Ted Cruz by paying homage to Jesse Helms on Friday night.

The Tea Party’s racism is not merely a left wing talking point.  As Ryan Grim observes,  established members of Stormfront take other white nationalists to task for suggesting that the Tea Party isn’t racist enough.

The comments below are copied from Stormfront and were made by people the site lists as having been longstanding members who have posted hundreds, and in most cases thousands, of times on the site, making it unlikely that they are liberal plants trying to make the tea party look bad. Quite the opposite: Many of the Neo Nazis below rushed to the tea party’s defense when other white nationalists accused its members of being insufficiently racist.

Firing one local loudmouth is about as useful as using a cup of water to put out a towering infernal.

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