Don’t Let The Republican Tactic of Suppress and Confuse Steal Your Voice

One of the ironies of court wars over vote suppression laws lies in the fact that proponents of suppressing the vote argue they want to preserve the "status quo" in the name of preventing confusion among voters.

The Supreme Court Allows North Carolina Vote Suppression Law To Stand

Since North Carolina passed its version of a vote suppression law, it has been one long battle in the courts.

If Upheld, Evidence Shows That Texas Vote Suppression Law Will Disenfranchise 600,000 Voters

On Monday, a U.S. District Court heard closing arguments in the case that challenges the most militant and vicious vote suppression law in America.

Republicans Reach Out to Minorities by Celebrating Vote Suppression and Jesse Helms

This week's Republican attempt to reach out to minorities was the latest lesson in how to become less popular than dog poop.

In North Carolina ‘Eligible Voter’ is Newspeak for Rich White Male Republicans

In Republican newspeak, eligible voter is code for voters who are rich, white, male and Republican.