After Tuesday’s Shootings, America Has Witnessed 86 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook


On Tuesday, not one but two shootings occurred at high schools in this nation. One shooting happened at a high school in North Carolina, where a 17-year-old student was shot and injured by a fellow student outside the school early in the morning. The other shooting occurred in Kentucky, where a 17-year-old student was shot by a suspect that fled the scene. The student sustained injuries that were not life-threatening. Both schools were locked down after the shootings and classes were canceled.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, a gun control advocacy group, released the following statement after the shootings:

“My heart goes out to those affected by these shootings in North Carolina and Kentucky. Last year we started counting shootings in American schools. The list hit 36 in 2013 and so far it stands at 50 in 2014. We should all be asking our leaders to do everything they can to prevent the next tragedy – the NRA’s solution to arm teachers and students isn’t an answer.”

These two shootings represent the 85th and 86th school shootings since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT in late 2012. That particular killing led to the deaths of 20 small children. Many thought that the horrific event would lead to legitimate, common-sense gun control laws being passed in this country. However, due to the hold the NRA and the gun and ammo industry has on Congress, no real legislation was passed. Not even expanded background checks, which upwards of 90% of Americans supported at the time.

Therefore, based on the attitudes of those residing on Capitol Hill, and the gun nuts that cling to their 2nd Amendment ‘rights’ as if the only thing that matters in this country is how many AR-15s they can tote around, it appears that we just have to get used to reading and hearing about easily avoidable tragedies on a regular basis. Because, lord knows what might happen to our freedoms if we ever think about trying to restrict access to firearms across the good ol’ U. S. of A.

You know, it isn’t like the FBI has determined that active shooter incidents (shootings that occur where individuals attempt to kill multiple people in populated areas) are on the rise in the United States. Between 2000 and 2013, 160 such incidents occurred, leading to 486 fatalities. Of course, ask a freedom-loving ammosexual, and he’ll tell you that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Sure, we’ve had 86 school shootings in less than two years. However, if you ask an open carry advocate, they’ll remind you that not all of those shootings have led to fatalities, Heck, some of it can just be attributed to kids letting off a little steam.

No matter how you try to slice it, this country’s extremely lax gun laws are leading to more incidents like the ones that occurred Tuesday. At some point, we have to determine just what kind of country we want to live in — one that lives and dies by the gun, or one where people feel safe to send their kids to school or go see a movie. It seems like we are catering to a dwindling group of people in this country who are setting our country’s safety policies. The fact is that the actual rate of gun ownership is decreasing in this country. 50% of households owned firearms in the 1970s. By 2012, that rate had fallen to 34%.

Of course, if a person owns one gun, that person likely owns multiple guns. While the rate of gun ownership has decreased over the decades, the number of guns has increased. It is estimated that there are over 300 million guns in this country, roughly one for every person. However, if only a third of the households in this country actually own guns, it stands to reason that a large percentage of gun owners out there have mini armories at their disposal.

It is due to these gun fetishists that the NRA has a stranglehold on Congress. While gun owners are clearly in the minority in this country, they are extremely passionate about the one issue they hold dear. Therefore, they will show up to vote en masse. The NRA will make sure to mobilize this base to threaten any legislator that might dare to pass any type of gun control laws. At the same time, the NRA needs to keep this vocal minority happy as it represents the main customer base of the NRA’s benefactors — the gun and ammo industry. Non-existent gun laws make it easier for the phony tough and wannabe soldiers to buy as much hardware as they can afford.


Image courtesy of Moms Demand Action

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  1. Doesn’t matter how many guns you own. If you’re a man, you cannot reproduce yourself. Only women can do that.

    Now get over it.

  2. BTB – Why do women’s voices have to be labelled ‘Moms’ before they have value?

    Biology is not destiny.
    Can’t believe I’ve had to repeat that for 50 years…….

  3. It will never change as long as attitudes like this exist.
    A Louisiana restaurant is giving all of those responsible (and irresponsible) gun owners a 10 percent discount if they bring their gun to dinner

    Owner Kevin Cox said he came up with the idea as a way to thank police officers and because so many businesses have been banning guns.

    “As long as everybody has a gun, we’re all the same size,” he said.

  4. Ok I’m an American living in the Philippines, it is illegal here to own guns but guess what there are over 1000 deaths a year by shooters. in June 2014 when they celebrate their independence day someone fired a gun a bullet went through a wall from outside and into a child the child died. Here in the Philippines the guns are bought and sold illegally there is no way of tracking those guns. Also here in the Philippines you have to protect yourself from even the police they are for hire, without our rights to own guns to protect ourselves our government who has control over our armed services can turn against us and place us under martial law where all of our rights and freedoms are suspended. If this is what you want then leave our country. I know how to shoot a gun, my kids knows how to shoot a gun they also know how to control themselves.

  5. Well the people of Ferguson had the right to own guns and we saw how that turns out so compensating for your fear and penis doesn’t make any sense

  6. Frankly I would trust the military far more than I would someone like you.

    And who are you to tell me if I don’t believe the same way you do that I can just leave “our” country. Does the United States belong to you and your kind? Forget it. I’m more afraid of people like you than anything else. Proud of yourself?

    You sound just like one of the militia groups that protected Cliven Bundy. Their strategy was to place the women if front of them so if the Feds actually started shooting the women would be shot and killed before them. Oh, yeah, the big brave men were going to use them as shields. Your kind should be soooo proud of yourselves.

    And every time you and your kind open your mouths just gives me more reason to ask and vote for tighter regulations (yeah REGULATIONS) on gun sales.

  7. Its sad you havent figured out yet that you have no chance to survive fighting the military or the police. Its even sadder 74,000 people in this country go to the hospital every year with gun shot wounds. People you dont care about. You should leave my country.

    Your kids can shoot and control themselves? Just like kids who can control themselves until they shoot someone to settle a problem or dispute. You know, like responsible gun owners are responsible until they arnt

  8. I’m pretty sure the ‘school shooting’–implying that one criminal shooting is somehow less or more heinous than another–in North Carolina was stopped by an *armed* ‘resources officer,’ even if the local news website omitted this fact.

    Let’s see, by the numbers I suppose:
    1. 90% of Americans want universal background checks. SCOTUS has ruled against this.
    2. FBI’s “Active Shooter List” (shootings that occur where individuals attempt to kill multiple people in populated areas). 2a. you reference this for two incidents in which only one person was shot, non-fatally. 2b. 486 deaths in 13 years with 100 million lawfully owned guns in America.

    I’m about out of characters to use in this ‘First Amendment’ area so I’m going to stop here.

  9. Maybe they omitted that fact because it ever happened. You are talking about North Carolina the home of a baby kochsucker Art Polk.

  10. Interesting epithet, which you expand to encompass the whole state by association, but he placed the gun down and walked to the school office, according to a USA Today article.

    I started coming to this website only yesterday to get a glimpse into the liberal mind. I’ve learned a lot in only so many days.

    Thanks for shedding light on how you ‘think.’

  11. Yeah we find it hard to starve children and to take their education away while turning it into religious training. Just for starters.

    We also find it hard to cut taxes on the rich and make the poor make up for it, just like the great traitor Reagan did.

    So tell us about you. You think smaller government will result in less taxes? How are you going to pay for all that war?

  12. According to the CDC annual gun deaths in the United States (not including shootings by an officer) is 16,238, or 5.2 deaths per 100,000 in a country of 313,900 million people.

    The Philipines has 1,000 (you say) gun deaths a year and you have 98.39 million citizens. It sounds like your gun laws are working better for the innocents than ours.

    Now jump all over me about how I don’t get it and I shouldn’t be trampling all over your rights. It won’t be the first time this week.

  13. The creepiest part: neither shooting was top news on a major media outlet, that I could find.

    I figured it would get to this point, but it still makes me throw up in my mouth a little, when school shootings become a non-issue.

  14. There have not been, since Newtown, 86 Newtown style school shootings. CNN fact checked this figure and showed it to be a blatant falsehood.

    The number of actual Newtown style shootings is 15; although I do feel any number above zero is unacceptable the blatant dishonesty of MDA does nothing to further their cause. If our nation is going to have debate about any issue that debate should be based on logic and facts (facts backed up by evidence).

  15. You didnt read the article. 86 since Sandy Hook “following the last 2 school shootings last week”

    Your link is meaningless as it is from months ago

  16. These are, indeed, terrible events. But I don’t think the real issue is guns. The real issue seems to be one of needing to reconcile why these people feel the need/desire to do this. There is something happening in our society, especially the young, that needs to be addressed. I think the WHY of WHAT is happening is more important than the HOW. Control guns, ban them outright – but unless the Why and What is reconciled, they’ll just find another means of How to act it out. The gun is just the messenger; we need to hear the message.

  17. why what and how are related. If they didnt have the guns, they would not try to solve their why and what with a gun. Less people killed. The gun isnt the reason, but it sure produces results

  18. “If they didn’t have the guns, they would not try to solve their why and what with a gun.” Maybe, but less people killed is questionable. The method they then opt to use, yes, may produce fewer deaths per incident, but would they simply do it repeatedly for the impact they seem to want/need? My point is, the means isn’t the problem. Too many people have guns and don’t feel the need to shoot up a theater. The problem is that there are those who even see that as an option to deal with whatever the real problem is. If there’s an issue and it’s not dealt with it, it becomes a problem; if it’s not dealt with, it becomes an emergency. We need to realize there’s an issue in our society that has become a problem, but to deal with it by doing away with guns is a band-aid, not a cure. It may prevent some deaths, but only until the problem erupts into an emergency.

  19. The means is very much the problem as they wouldnt not have the kills. They always end up killing themselves or the cops kill them. They wouldnt be doing anything repeatedly.

    I totally agree with the problem must be solved and guns are a means, but guns make it far easier to execute. How many of these kids would not kill people if they had no guns? They may find a different outlet, but they wouldnt be cutting 20 children in half with it. These people would not havee the bravado to execute their plans without guns.

  20. Gov. Jerry Brown Signs New Law That Allows Families To Petition Judge For Gun Removal
    California will become the first state that allows family members to ask a judge to remove firearms from a relative who appears to pose a threat, under legislation Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday he had signed.

    The bill was proposed by several Democrats and responds to a deadly rampage in May near the University of California, Santa Barbara.

  21. Shiva,

    My previous reply must have either not been received or did not met moderator standards to I wanted to make a 2nd attempt to reply to you.

    The article we are commenting on says “86 School Shootings Since Newtown” right in the headline. My statement is that there has not been 86 school shootings since Newton and I base this statement on CNN saying the same thing.

    The article I quoted was published by CNN in response to the article that the author of this article cited, in combination with the additional “shootings” MDA classifies as school shootings, for that 86 figure. It is only logical to say that of the original 74 school shootings MDA originally cited that none of the factual circumstances have changed that led CNN to admonish MDA for their exaggeration and led CNN to conclude that only 15 shootings met the “Newtown Criteria”

    Granted is logical that there now may be a few more actual shootings but I stand behind my statement that there have not been 86 sc…

  22. I glad you see there’s a problem. But the same as death by drunk driver doesn’t mean we outlaw cars, or death by stabbing doesn’t mean we outlaw sharp knives, I’m not ready for the very high percentage of law-abiding citizens to lose their right to keep and bear arms. I am a pretty liberal democrat, and while I agree that most hunters don’t need an AK-47, I see the point of the Second Amendment as being written by people who knew from governmental tyranny, and to prevent it, gave the citizenry the right to bear arms should they ever need to fight it, whether against powers from without or within. Granted, weaponry now is far beyond what they had in mind, but I think the principle is the same.

  23. Why would “a large percentage of law abiding citizens” lose their right to bear arms? … I’m a gun owner and better regulations aren’t going to take my rights away. I can pass a damn background check for a purchase, just like I passed a test to operate my car on public roads.
    Annddd for any others who want to toss the new softer RWNJ pro-gun talk at me – “Criminals don’t obey laws”? I got news for yews: Teens want to have sex and drink and try drugs, but responsible parents don’t give them gift cards to motel rooms with full bars & a baggie or two of a little sompin’ sompin’ (because “they’re gonna do it anyway”) … Auntie Em, the sky is falling, abolish cars, etc.

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