Tell Rolaids to Dump Rush After Limbaugh Attacks The Unemployed for Eating 3 Meals a Day


Rush Limbaugh attacked the unemployed for eating 3 meals a day, but Rolaids continues to fund this hate against the unemployed by advertising on his show.

Here is the audio:


LIMBAUGH: And the only reason that number is 6.7% is because the vast majority, the 92 million Americans not working, are not counted as unemployed. And do you know why? You do by now. Because the vast majority of them have been unemployed for so long, they’ve stopped looking. And if you’re out of work and you stop looking for work, you are not counted as unemployed. The only way you end up being counted as unemployed is if you are unemployed but trying to find a job.

But we are paying people so much not to work that 92 million Americans can survive with three meals a day and whatever else while not working. Stunning.

Rush doesn’t think the unemployed should be able to eat three meals a day, and do you who is helping to fund his radio show? Heartburn relief product Rolaids. I am sure that the corporate owner of the Rolaids brand, Sanofi doesn’t want you to know that they are supporting Rush Limbaugh.

According to StopRush, an ad for Rolaids was heard on Limbaugh’s show was heard as recently as yesterday. How can a product that is only necessary after people eat support a man that advocates that a group of Americans have less food?

This should not be allowed to stand unchallenged. If Rolaids doesn’t believe that it is wrong for the unemployed to eat three times a day, they should stop funding Rush Limbaugh. As for the comments themselves, Limbaugh was echoing the view of many Republicans that the unemployed are lazy people who are being paid not to work. Republicans still don’t get the fact that people who could or do vote Republican are among those without jobs that they demonize.

The Republican Party doesn’t get it. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t get it, and Rolaids is helping to fund this ugly class war hate.

How do you spell hypocrite? R-O-L-A-I-D-S.

Tell Rolaids to stop funding Limbaugh on Twitter @SanofiUS, or on Facebook

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