The Tea Party Demands that Mitch McConnell Drop Out Or Else Alison Grimes Will Win

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

There’s trouble brewing in Kentucky for Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. The Tea Party Frankenstein the GOP used to try to kill Obamacare in 2010 is coming back to bite their Senate Minority Leader in the behind.

The United Kentucky Tea Party called on McConnell to drop out of the race so Matt Bevin, the Tea Party candidate, can rally the base, according to Tom Howell Jr. at the Washington Times.

The Washington Times reported, “The tea party group cited Mr. McConnell’s dramatic vote last week to extend the nation’s debt limit and polling that suggests he could lose to the eventual Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, in the general election.”

It got worse — the Tea Party group said, “Senator McConnell’s recent vote with (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid to hand President Obama a blank check for the next year has further degraded his support in Kentucky.”

Yes, Kentucky, where the Republican voters already think that Mitch McConnell is too friendly with Obama, so it’s not a stretch really for the Tea Party to demand that Mitch McConnell step down before he loses to Alison Grimes.

But the Tea Party is wrong about why he is at risk of losing to Alison Grimes. While he may be upsetting the base, it’s obvious that the Republican base does whatever Fox News tells them to do, so when Fox tells them to vote for McConnell, they will. The problem is that not everyone in Kentucky is sold on McConnell’s failure to have a jobs plan for going on 30 years. He even refused to extend unemployment benefits all because his number one mission is to obstruct President Obama, rather than help his people. Mitch is not exactly a man of the people, and the people of Kentucky seem to be growing weary of him. They really don’t like Mitch McConnell.

Alison Lundergan Grimes is leading McConnell or tied in recent polls. McConnell lost the female vote by refusing to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and dismissing pay equity as not a real issue.

And now the Tea Party is on his back, taunting him with his possible loss to a woman.

And they say the Tea Party never did anything for America. I beg to differ.

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  1. The Tea Party is not a party per se it a movement of conservative who believe in principle not politics. They believe that politicians once elected should represent the consituents that elected them and not the political party they belong to. Politicians once elected get “Washingtonized” and only care about three things.
    1. Getting elected
    2. Staying elected
    3. Gaining Power.

    Lincoln’s Gettyberg address wher he said a “Government of the People”, “By the People” and “For the People” has morphed into a Government of the Party, By the Party, and For the Special Interest gorups gave them campaign contributions. Note: a Campaign contribution is noting more than a “legal” bribe.

    Mitch McConnell is a politician that has sold his seat to the special interest groups and doen’t represent the people of Kentucky.

  2. The Tea Party on the other hand represent the constituents and are principle driven not political.

    Tea Party Principles are;

    1. We believe politicians are there to do the will of the people.
    2. We believe in less government control in the lives of the people.
    3. We believe in more accountability in the politicians and the government agencies that are run by political hacks and paid bureaucrats.
    4. We believe in more control and accountability in the oversight of the taxpayer’s money.
    5. We believe campaign contributions of more than a set amount is nothing more than a legal bribe.
    6. We believe both parties support’s the special interests not their constituents.
    7. We do not believe in the pork barrel philosophy of the entrenched political society.
    8. We do not believe in earmarks, member’s items or any of the terms the politicians can dream up to legitimize legally stealing the taxpayers money.
    9. We do not believe our government should be a Government for the P…

  3. Actually the teas party is entirely owned by the Koch brothers and is now on a religious terror.

    We know why the tea party was started and who started it. YOU might think thats what you stand for, but thats not what your leaders stand for. Most of them should never hold government office

    Its funny the conservatives say the tea party is made up of all kinds of people. Most of them are past the age of 60 who will be in shock if the tea party ever gets its way and shuts their SS off.

    I do not disagree with what you say about politicians, and I am a proponent of getting rid of all of them. However the way the tea party deals with things is not constitutional, nor is it moral.

  4. 9. We do not believe our government should be a Government of the Party, By the Party and for the Special Interest but a government of the people and for the people.
    10. We do not believe in quasi government corporations that are run by political hacks and have no public oversight or control.

    You see, politicians are a special entity, they get elected by the people but once elected they adhere to the philosophy of, “I’ll do what I believe is best that I think is good for the community” not what the majority of the voters believe.

    Lincoln’s envisionment of a “Governement of the People”, By the People and For the People has morphed into a Governement of the Party By the Party and For the Special Interest, and the People be dammed.

  5. Your tea party leaders are corporate 100%. Your personal opinion of the tea party is not what the tea party is.

    Its 2014.

  6. Nor is your personal opinion of what the TEA Party is, what the Tea Party is. (see comment below on defining issues).

    And saying that the Tea Party is owned by the Koch brothers is ridiculous rhetoric. It would be equally valid to say the Democratic Party is owned by Soros. That kind of nonsense rhetoric goes on into meaningless infinity.

    What’s unconstitutional about the TEA Party? We are trying to restore the original meaning of the Constitution. Oh wait, that makes it unconstitutional under its new meaning – that its just rough guidelines.

    Just because YOU define someone as our “leaders” doesn’t make it so. This is an old rhetorical trick to define the issue the way you want it and only debate on your definition. We do have favorites among leading politicians, but this party is truly grassroots led.

  7. Sadly, not one of your leaders is fighting for what you define the tea party as. In fact few of them are qualified to even be in the city of Washington. Not one of them is fighting to get money out of the process. At the local levels they are trying to institute laws that stop minoritys from voting and against women’s rights. As I said you can think of the tewa party any way you want to, but thats not what it is in the performance arena.

    There is no new meaning to the constitution. The instant Obama was elected all of a sudden the constitution was “under attack”. Restoring the constitution is complete bull crap.
    The koch funds most tea party groups at the top level. Go get yourself a list of what they fund. You have never been grassroots. It is not the same as saying Soros fund the Dems. There is not a drop of grassroots to the tea party in any way shape or form.

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