Wendy Davis Blasts Republicans For Embracing Admitted Sexual Predator Ted Nugent


The Wendy Davis campaign has seized on the Texas Republican Party’s Ted Nugent problem and turned up the heat on her opponent, Greg Abbott and the rest of the Republicans that are silently standing behind Nugent’s remarks.

In a statement, Davis Campaign Manager Karin Johnason said, “It has now been two days since likely Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott appeared with an admitted sexual predator. Not a single Republican leader has condemned Greg Abbott’s embrace of and showcasing of Ted Nugent, who has boasted of having sexual relations with underage women. It’s time for every Texan Republican to end their silence and stop trying to gloss over the fact that their likely next standard bearer has campaigned with someone whose vile actions are repugnant to every value that Texas men, women, fathers and mothers embrace.”

Abbott isn’t the first Republican to embrace the rock and roll racist. Mitt Romney also buddied up to Nugent, and refused to disassociate himself, even after the Secret Service paid Nugent a visit after he threatened President Obama.

The Davis campaign is not playing games. They went right for the jugular, by calling out Nugent for being a self admitted sexual predator. Calling him a predator is putting nicely. Nugent has admitted to enjoying seducing underage girls.

This is the kind of person that Republicans like Greg Abbott have taken to embracing. Ted Nugent’s values do not match up with most Americans, and if Republicans are willing to associate themselves with low life characters like Nugent, they should be prepared to be called out on it.

Ted Nugent is the ideal Republican hero. He talks tough when he can hide behind supporters, but he is a coward in the truest sense. Nugent dodged serving his country in Vietnam. He was a predator of underage girls during his music days, and he abruptly canceled an interview with CNN after Wolf Blitzer called him out on the Nazi origins of his recent labeling of President Obama a mongrel.

Republicans like Greg Abbott think it is good politics to be associating with Ted Nugent, but when he embraced Ted, Abbott was also embracing a sexual predator. His hug of the washed up rocker should send a powerful message to every parent in Texas that Republicans don’t practice what they preach when it comes to family values.

Wendy Davis is afraid of no one, and her campaign has shown more guts in coming after Abbott and Nugent than both of these Republican men could ever dream of possessing.

4 Replies to “Wendy Davis Blasts Republicans For Embracing Admitted Sexual Predator Ted Nugent”

  1. So what we need to say is that Nugent is a pederast and that Greg Abbot and the Republican Party know and support his activity.

  2. If I were to communicate with Ted Nugent…I would point out that he refuses to own his very words. I saw his interview today on CNN trying to excuse his figures of speech when demeaning our President…claiming he has never been a racist. Baloney Mr. Nugent!! Your words give you away…do you not realize that in order to justify slavery of our Black citizens, the children in our country were taught by their families and at school that black people were sub-human. Thus they could be property..bought and sold like livestock. This allowed the citizens of that time to go to sleep at night without guilt on their conscious. For being such a self proclaimed “patriot” he should really study the history of his country before he opens his mouth.

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