Georgia Republican Proposes Bill That Would Give Sex Offenders Access To Schools and Playgrounds


A Georgia Republican who is in his first week of office has proposed a bill that would give sex offenders access to anywhere children gather, including schools and playgrounds.

According to the Cherokee Tribune:

Brand new state Rep. Sam Moore (R-Macedonia) is pushing a sweeping law that would allow registered sex offenders to go anywhere they want — even to schools.

Moore, in his first week in office, has turned in a bill that would overturn the crime of loitering and make it so registered sex offenders who aren’t otherwise barred from going to schools or places children gather could go to those places freely.

“I am OK with that,” Moore said Thursday, adding that he meant only those who were off parole and not barred from those places. “The reason I’m OK with that is the assumption is they have done their time. If they’re still a danger to society, they should not be free. … Am I saying it’s not creepy? It’s definitely creepy.”

What kind of person decides that their first legislative act in their new office is going to be a bill that gives sex offenders access to children? It isn’t as if this was an unintended consequence. Rep. Moore admits that he is fine with sex offenders having access to children.


There is a difference between limited government, and dangerously stupid.

Giving predators access to children based on what you think the Fifth Amendment says is an act of placing ideology ahead of the welfare of children. The offenders that Moore is talking about aren’t people who made a mistake like many drug offenders are. These individuals are predators, and there is no known cure for child predators.

I am all for giving people who do their time a second chance, but the restrictions as they relate to sexual predators exist for a reason.

Moore’s bill is the result of blind ideology trumping common sense. There is no way it will ever pass, and by offering such an outlandish bill, Rep. Moore has made it certain that he will not win a second term.

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  1. There is no law in Georgia that restricts people listed on a Sex Offender Registry (SOR) from going to schools, parks, daycares, or anywhere else. The law states that it is illegal to “loiter” at those locations and “loiter” has a specific legal definition that means more than simply presence.

    I am listed on a SOR and because they are immoral and un-American, I go out of my way to be around children simply and only because the Registries exist. But also because I live a completely normal life. The SOR do not protect anyone but they do increase crime and anti-social behavior. I work very hard to do everything legally possible to retaliate for the simple existence of the Registries every day. And it is very amazing what a person can do when he/she directs effort at it.

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