Obama Vows To Drop The Veto Hammer On Republicans 51st Attempt to Kill Obamacare


House Republicans have launched their 51st attempt to kill the ACA, and President Obama has already promised that he will veto the legislation if it ever gets to his desk.

In a statement about the absurdly misnamed SIMPLE Fairness Act, the White House said:

The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 4118, the Suspending the Individual Mandate Penalty Equals Fairness Act, because the bill would increase health insurance premiums, decrease tax credits, increase the number of uninsured, and shift costs to businesses, workers, and health care providers. Rather than attempting once again to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which the House has tried to do approximately 50 times, it is time for the Congress to stop fighting old political battles and join the President in an agenda focused on providing greater economic opportunity and security for middle class families and all those working to get into the middle class.

The Affordable Care Act gives people greater control over their own health care. Every day, thousands of Americans are signing up for insurance, and four million have signed up so far. Because of the Affordable Care Act, Americans who have previously been denied coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition now have access to coverage. Additionally, the law helps millions of Americans stay on their parents’ plans until age 26, and provides access to free preventive care like cancer screenings that catch illness early on.

H.R. 4118 would repeal the provision in the coming year that applies only to those Americans who can afford to purchase health insurance but decide not to do so. In fact, the Affordable Care Act already includes affordability and special-circumstances exceptions for Americans who cannot afford insurance. And the individual shared responsibility provision is essential to ensuring that the 129 million Americans with pre‑existing conditions can get coverage without being charged more or losing coverage when they get sick. Repealing this part of the law would also result in higher premiums for those who remain insured, fewer premium tax credits for middle‑income families, and increased cost‑shifting of uncompensated care to health care providers, workers, and businesses.

If the President were presented with H.R. 4118, he would veto it.

In other words, this is going to end up in the same place as the 50 previous House Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare.

The Republican concept of fairness is interesting. They consider increasing the number of uninsured and raising the cost of health insurance fair. They consider taking money out of people’s pockets fair. What Republicans call unfair is the notion that Americans deserve access to healthcare.

The SIMPLE Fairness Act is nothing more than another lamebrain gimmick that is designed to waste taxpayer money while House Republicans pretend that they have the ability to stop the ACA. Republicans understand that support for repealing Obamacare has hit an all time low, so they are trying to disguise their repeal attempts as fairness.

There is no “fairness” in this piece of legislation. This bill is designed to force another show vote because Republicans have it stuck in their heads that if they can get Democrats on the record as supporting the ACA, they are certain to win every election from now until the end of time.

This bill will never get to Obama’s desk, but if it did, the president would veto it faster that George W. Bush can say decider. As long as Barack Obama is in office, the ACA isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter what Republicans say about controlling both the House and Senate.

The ACA is here to stay.

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  1. What a waste of time and money. Do they think something changed since the last 45+ times they tried to repeal it? Do something FOR the people for a change.

  2. The republicans is taking one thing for granted. They feel the democrats and independents will not come out to vote in the midterm elections. This is how they feel they will pick up seats in the house and senate. We have to prove them wrong and treat the midterm elections as if it were the general elections. We have to get out the vote and take nothing for granted.

  3. I feel like I am living in a nightmare with the lunatics trying to take over.

    I probably am because I’m living in NC.

  4. ……….idiot Ted Cruz and his gang/how much more stupid and self-serving can ONE Dirty Party be??? Oh, lets not forget the idiots on Fox News…who will SAY ANYTHING to get an audience.

  5. I a not sure they really are that ignorant for there are people on the extreme right in North Carolina who are members of the Tea Party and who are quite well educated. What I am fairly certain of is that they use any misinformation and disinformation about Mr.Obama that they can to drive a nail into his “coffin”.

    Why? Because of the ignorance that permeates within the Tea Party which can get their “souls to the polls” in the primaries where they schedule their wins.

  6. Death is the ‘ultimate form of voter suppression’; wrap your reality lips around that …
    ‘REPUBLITARDS’! Own it for the
    moral retards that you be! No
    disrespect to the genetically
    complicated intended!

  7. How do I find out who in my state supports this repeating vote? Is there a number to these bills?
    I like to write nasty letters to Justin Amash and other Tea Party whack jobs here in Michigan. Is the vote in the senate and/or House of Representatives?

  8. How was Obamacare passed? “Budget Reconciliation”
    How will Obamacare die? “Budget Reconciliation”
    (Here’s a clue: It’s a tax…)

    How does it feel to be low information voters?

  9. How does it fgeel to be laughably wrong? How does it feel to go back to millions of people in bankruptcy over healthcare bills? How does it feel to want to go back to insurance companys dropping kids and raising rate 2-3 times a year?

    How does it feel to be stupid and hate your fellow Americans?

  10. This is why I delete these people. They come on here and spout ignorant nonsense and when challenged , they run back down to mommies basement and nothing but crickets from these right wing idiots who don’t know shit. Just a waste of time

  11. Besides your limbaugh talking points, what’s really disturbing is what kind of FILTHY- LOW DOWN- RABID DOG- RETARD uses a screen name of ALLAH SPEAKING??? you righties are beyond disgusting and ignorant! And that’s why ALLAH (JEHOVAH)is wiping the GOP off the face of map!!

  12. The whole platform of the person that is going to challenge Al Franken in November appears to be running on repeal Obamacare. Everything on his site has to do with “I will repeal Obamacare. Jobs will be lost because of EPA regulations. Repeal Obamacare?” Cannot find any plan for replacing it. Cannot find which EPA regulations will cause job loss. Saw an ad for Keystone pipeline, will create jobs and be beneficial for our country. He apparently has the teabaggers from our state behind him. I hope that all Democrats will get out to vote.

  13. President Obama does not have to veto this. The Senate will give it to the nearest trash can. We are sick and tired of the Republican House doing nothing about jobs, nothing about increasing the minimum wage, nothing about anything that is not for the very wealthy who want deregulation and anti-environmental policies that are against everyone in this country.

  14. We will come out to vote for the mid-terms this time because we see how important it is to make sure that we do not allow the wealthy to take over everything and leave the rest of this country without. Republicans have no plans to help anyone but themselves. They don’t care about anyone. Their agenda is for the Koch brothers to come in with big cash. These Koch brothers are happy when they get the most simple minded tea partiers elected with their big cash infusion.

  15. Well said Shiva. You are so right and this right wing lunatic is so wrong. We are going to fight against their agenda for the one percent. We will fight for the middle class and the working poor who will be helped by President Obama but not by the GOP of indifference to anyone but themselves.

  16. Good. So do I. I will encourage everyone I know to get out and vote against the right wing who are owned by the wealthy and do everything for the wealthy. Time to expose them for their greed and avarice.

  17. By all means, please move from my state! No one is forcing you to live in this wonderful state…go…please! And if you don’t like this country, feel free to leave it too!

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