Dishonest Obamacare Ads Backfire In Michigan As Democrat Now Up In Senate Race

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A new Michigan poll conducted by Denno Research was released on Monday. The results of the poll show Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) up by 3 points over Terri Lynn Land in the state’s US Senate race. Land and Peters are running for the seat that will be vacated by retiring Democratic Sen. Carl Levin. 40% of voters prefer Peters at this point, compared to 37 % for Land, the state’s former Secretary of State. 22% are still undecided.

This is a reversal of fortune in the race. The previous five polls all had Land up. Last month’s EPIC-MRA poll showed Land up by three points. January’s Harper poll had Peters down by 8 points. This poll is the first one to show Peters with a lead and represents a six-point swing for the Democrat.

It would appear that Peters jumping up in the polls coincides with the Koch-backed SuperPAC Americans for Prosperity running an extremely dishonest ad last month targeting Peters and his support for the Affordable Care Act. The ad, featuring a woman claiming that Obamacare is unaffordable and potentially life-threatening to her, was lambasted by fact-checkers for being untruthful and greatly exaggerating the woman’s plight. The truth came out that the woman’s premiums had actually been cut in half, she was able to keep her same doctor and, due to a cap on out-of-pocket expenses, she would actually save $1,200 a year due to the ACA.

The level of mendacity in the ad made national headlines and emboldened Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to call out the Koch brothers during remarks on the Senate floor recently. Instead of apologizing for the outright lies in the ad, AFP instead tried to shame and criticize Reid and Democrats for picking on a woman with cancer. In fact, they even double-downed and ran another ad featuring her, but this time with her claiming the plan just doesn’t work for her and making sure not to say it is ‘unaffordable.’ At the same time, a conservative meme started making the rounds that the Koch brothers are not overly influential in politics and that unions outspend the Kochs during elections. This, of course, has been proven false.

It appears that the anti-ACA ads by AFP in Michigan are actually having a reverse effect and are now hurting Land. Trying to push the envelope and highlight a false Obamacare ‘horror story’ has backfired on Republicans and provided Peters with a boost. The fact that AFP is unapologetic and still trying to push the ‘Obamacare is bad and needs to be repealed’ narrative shows how utterly dense they really are. It also shows they have no real strategy. They are going to ride this one-trick pony, in Michigan and elsewhere, all the way to the finish. Win or lose.

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  1. The woman in the ad is the sister of the former head of the Michigan repub party. Land came out against the auto bailout when it was being disgusted years back. That is not playing well here. Repubs run the state because many of us didn’t vote in 2010. I certainly hope the lesson was learned.

  2. I find it hilarious that each and every one of these ads, wherever they’ve been run, have been found to be total BS. They can’t find ONE person who’s anti-Obama care case holds up.

  3. According to the “Detroit News,” Julie Boonstra is the ex-wife of the former head of the GOP in Washtenaw County, a prosperous county in the Detroit area. Her former husband was a prominent partner in one of the state’s leading law firms. He is now a Michigan Court of Appeals judge, appointed by Gov. Snyder.

    I do not believe that Ms. Boonstra is a naive apolitical homebody type who had no idea what she was getting herself into. She let herself be used by the Koch Brothers’ front organization, Americans for Prosperity, to slander Rep. Gary Peters and President Obama.

    It is hard for me to imagine how a person with cancer could allow herself to be used to keep other people with similar diagnoses from getting health care coverage. She should be ashamed of herself. If she’s going to blame anyone, and she’s blamed every Democrat alive, she should blame her ex-husband and his GOP pals.

  4. Shouldn’t all these repubs be walking around with their pants on fire? They have turned into the party of lie, cheat, and steal. Guess they figure if they throw enough poo against the wall maybe some of it will stick. The rest they will just use voter suppression tactics.

  5. Of course it is a farce. When a person lies, then they have to tell another to cover up for the first and then someone checks into that lie, and on and on and that is how those Republicans in D.C. do it. Then they get found out. WELL YEA, stop making yourselves look as a jackass and admit your lie about things to make our President look bad. You haven’t got the brains to do that, so just stop and start working with him. You are all brainless. I hope your state votes all of you out.

  6. She got paid to be in the ad, that’s all I’d need to know for it to be ruled phony. And why anyone would vote R in MI is beyond me. After all the crap the GOP has shoved onto the MI population you’d think they’d be sick at the very sight of any GOPper.

  7. As word gets out the the ACA is benefiting people, the Republicans can’t fool everybody any more.
    It’s a sad fact that after the advent of Faux Noise, the truth has become liberal.
    I have been living here in Canada as a health care exile. When my daughter got her diagnosis for autism I had purchased my own insurance through our own business, MAMSI. They obviously went Cha-CHING. Out premiums skyrocketed from $250 a month to $1300 + 20% co-pays. We had to sell our house, close up our business and move to Canada. In 2010 an anti-ACA firm ran an ad using a Canadian who bashed the single payer system in Canada. She made herself so hated that a person with the same name had to change their phone number due to being bombarded with complaints. She’s now in the Canadian Hall Of Shame as will be this parade of jerks by the time the 22nd century rolls around.

    Future generations will look on the early 21st century with the same disdain as we look at the 1850’s

  8. The GOP truly believes it will take the Senate this year and also pick up House seats. The ONLY way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to get out the vote! We absolutely cannot afford to be complacent after the tragedy of the elections in 2010.

  9. Boonstra looked into the camera & flat out lied about her experience with Obamacare. If she was fearful about changing doctors she could have said that without claims she was denied her doctor. I want to see her medical records to believe she has leukemia. She let herself get used by AFP because she hates the black guy in the WH.

    Democrats can flip Michigan like they did Virginia. Rick Snyder is another Koch anti-union meat puppet. He’s stripping pensions from police & firemen in Detroit when he had the chance to leave pensions off the table in bankruptcy filing. The sadistic GOP Govs enjoy the suffering of workers with ties to unions. The wonderful GOP sponsored “rape insurance” just went into affect in MI. Just like Ken Cuccinelli, Dems need to hammer them on their draconian anti-women agenda.

  10. The democratic party needs to get off their AS$ES TOO!!! if you truly believe in something you go all out! but for decades the democratic party just sits there and lets the GOP get away with murder!! and you know I’m right! republicans play to WIN!! PERIOD!! that includes firing up racist, bigots, misogynist, gay bashers, religious nuts, scaring old white people!!! they don’t take prisoners! democrats always want to play by Marquess of Queenberry rules, while republicans are play bare knuckle boxing!! BTW, Peters will defeat land! and Schauer will defeat nerdy boy snyder

  11. I agree, particularly with regard to the Boonstra/Koch ads that continue to be shown in Michigan. The record has got to be put straight and on television, on the same channels the ads have appeared on and the correction has to be very clear about what was misstated, what was lied about and why the lies were told. And Ms. Boonstra has to be outed as someone other than the poor little apolitical lady who’s been ill. It is highly unlikely that she is poor and, having been married to a longtime GOP operative, she’s hardly apolitical.

    In addition I’m really sick of people complaining that all politicians are bad people and that none of them can be trusted. That gets no one anywhere. In fact, it led to the “crowning” of George W. Bush as president in 2008.

  12. We are being flooded in NC with those ads too. Can’t even watch YouTube. Every time I see one it works totally opposite than what they were intended too. I get furious and if possible I just leave or turn the TV off.

    I am a victim of McCoury and Kochs and Associates idea of what health care should be for the poor in NC. It is NOT pretty. It’s as ugly as the Dan River spill that he was put into office for. One thing I never see mentioned. Duke Power has just merged with another company last year. All these little mysteries are beginning to make sense.

  13. GOP….the party who embraces any liar. Of course, they are paid to distort the truth. A Koch brother tactic, which has exploded 2 x in their hypocritic faces.

  14. Oh. I can. I know of cases where they are paying far more now than before ACA.

    But the situations are not sympathetic. One is the case of a business owner who was using a city run (paid by federal grants) ‘health first’ system meant for poor and impoverished, and the ACA takes into account the business income, not just here W-2 income(which is very very low), so the person has to pay far more than the very low nominal ‘fee’ quarterly payment. –But still no where near market prices before ACA. The other had to drop a catastrophic loss policy that covered very little, because it wasn’t in any way comprehensive. A holistic health person who doesn’t feel the need to have comprehensive coverage. Doesn’t feel there ever will be a need… and that is silly.

    But otherwise? No. I’ve only found a few, quite non-sympathetic cases.

  15. The cases where they are paying more is because of the insurance companys gouging the people. Its not the fault of the ACA.

  16. Exactly,

    The Dems need to learn to fight dirty, & pull out all the stops. The GOTPER’S have been trying every lie, & dirty trick in the book, theonly way to deal with a bully like the GOPTP is punch hime right in the nouth, & sometimes, you have to throw a sucker punch at their type, if we fight at an equal level, they lose, thats why they have had the same lies for the past 30+ years

  17. This is good news since Peters is really not a household name in many parts of Michigan. Basically the what the ad did was introduce Peters as the democrat running against Land. Land was the Secretary of State, which in Michigan is in charge of what would be the DMV in other states. So she is well known to almost all Michiganders. Every time you needed to go the secretary of state office, her name and picture would be staring at you from the wall as you waited.

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