Mitch McConnell Freaks Out and Calls The Police on Reporter Who He Feared Questions From


In an insane abuse of power, the news editor for LEO Weekly, Joe Sonka, had the police called on him, and was threatened with arrest because Mitch McConnell was afraid that he would ask questions at a press conference.

According to the Courier-Journal:

The campaign called on the Louisville Metro Police to make sure that Sonka, who has been critical of McConnell in the past, from entering the conference room at the Hilton Garden Inn, on Crittenden Drive, where the event was held.

Sonka said he was originally told that he couldn’t attend because there was limited space in the room. In fact, there were numerous empty chairs in the room.

Moments before the event, Jesse Benton, McConnell’s campaign manager, said that Sonka had been barred because other reporters had objected to Sonka asking questions. Benton refused to say who that reporter was.

This wasn’t the first time McConnell’s staff tried to keep Sonka out of an event. On February 14, before a campaign appearance at a Louisville business, Sonka was asked to leave but was allowed to return by the businesses’ owner.

“I think they were afraid I was going to ask him a question that he was going to have difficulty with,” Sonka said in an interview. Benton “said I could come in if I didn’t ask any questions, then when I told him I’d like to, he said he’d get the police to put me under arrest.”

Freedom of the press? Not so much in Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky. McConnell can’t run on his record, so he is forced to try to strong arm the press in order to prevent voters from finding out the truth about their senator.

Mitch McConnell is so desperate to keep his Senate seat that he called the police on a reporter because he was afraid that the journalist was going to ask him a question that he could not answer.

McConnell has spent over $10 million on ads that have gotten him absolutely nowhere. He is tied or trailing his Democratic opponent in every single poll of the state. His approval is lower than President Obama’s.

The last thing that all strongmen try to do before they fall is silence the media. Mitch McConnell is now trying to silence the media. Mitch McConnell has ruled over Kentucky politics for decades, but it appears that his reign might finally be coming to an end.

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  1. As most of the country will tell you McConnell…Your words can and will come back to bite you in your “SHELL” because the truth will poke IT’S UGLY HEAD OUT sooner or later!

  2. Sadly it is only Kentuckians’ opinion of McConnell at the ballot box that will matter. Everyone else in the world can know how wrong he is, but so long as Kentuckians “just vote Republican”, we don’t stand a chance.

  3. AAAWWW poor Touche turtle, he’s having a rough 2014!! you spend over 10 MILLION dollars in kentucky and your still behind!! as I’ve stated earlier, he loses either way! for a senator of his tenure to struggle so mightily is a very clear sign his time is up! maybe matt dowd will go encourage Touche is fire up the KKK there for the white linen hood vote.

  4. Thanks to the GOP’s/Big Business own cover up machine aka The Patriot Act/NSA they created b4 9/11 and put into law after 9/11 they will be killed during campaign time and at the polls. Punking out on questions about facts hurts more than lies to those idiots down there. They saved the dirt and granted GWB more Executive protection. Look who has it now!!!!

  5. Mitch – get a grip – your days are numbered – at least muster up some humility and honesty – if you even know what the word means – and leave office with a touch of dignity.

  6. Omg how hilarious is this! This early on and he’s already banning reporters who might ask him something uncomfy? Oh, popcorn, popcorn, popcorn!!

  7. Turtlemeister is only one of thousands of GOPTP politicians who are silencing the media, it’s a common tactic. Remembering back to Sarah who has an enemies list to ban pesky reporters from her “book signings.”

    Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R) No.CA., a Tea Party fanatic holds his “public meetings” in a church.

    Reporters are “allowed” to attend IF they don’t take notes, have any kind of recording, video, or cell phones with them, those are collected. If they are observed taking notes, they are escorted out, roughly, by private security “thugs,” er – “officers.” The Newspapers & TV stations are banned from covering or reporting anything about those meetings. Questions are not allowed & questioners, not Tea Baggers, are also escorted out. And they get away with it every time in bright red country.

  8. What will Mitch do to stop Jon Stewart & #mcconnelling? It’s sweeping the nation. But not in a good way for the beltway turtle. He knows better than to start shit with Stewart. That’s a fight he’ll regret.

  9. It’s time for Mitch to go. He goes along to get along, lining his pockets all the way. Please Kentucky, do good by your state and our nation by “retiring” Mitch this time around…

  10. Reporter should consider himself lucky that McConnell didn’t pull out that rifle he was hoisting above his head last week. If McConnell had that gun, he wouldn’t have had to call the police. What a coward!

  11. It’s time to take Mitch to the “woodshed” for a reckoning. A long time overdue for this spoiled brat!

  12. You look stupid when you try and segregate one group. Democrats have and do the same thing. I am no Mitch supporter, but I am a TEA PARTY PATRIOT…. We have NEVER banned anyone from a meeting, they can record if they want! So don’t try ant paint everyone into a picture that fits your ideology. Why don’t you attend a TEA PARTY event for yourself, stop buying into main stream media’s propaganda, or the lefts…. You might just realize you actually support the basic principles of the Tea Party. That is if you love America!

  13. The GOP party is doing he same thing with voting rights. If you won’t vote for them, then they will keep you from voting. Now if you ask the GOP a question they don’t want to answer, they will have you arrested. When a political party has literally nothing for 99 percent of the population, then you keep them from asking questions and you keep them from voting. This would be the GOP, the party with nothing for Americans in the United States of America.

  14. We need to make him use up all of his resources so he is penniless in the streets..It would be fitting to see him poor and need help from others at a time he him self had denied so many actual help!!

  15. I know Joe Sonka. He is a nice guy, but also a militant liberal who works as a journalist and skews anything he can to the left. Nevertheless, Mitch McConnell would have nothing to fear in Joe’s questions if he were honest. That’s the problem.

  16. No they don’t. Democrats don’t do the same thing. I know it’s popular to espouse this nonsense, but just saying it does not make it true.

  17. “Lets just rename him Mitch Mc Connell Putin.”

    Republicans would actually consider that a compliment.

  18. President Obama has taken questions from Bill O’liely on several occasions, so there are no excuses.

    Interesting how it’s become SOP for GOPers to run away from reporters.

  19. First, let me thank you for moving out of CA.

    If, what you say about your Tea Party group allows questions and has all the other “sterling” qualities you tell me they have, that’s great but they are a tiny minority. The majority are goose stepping, Goebell propagandists and definitely DO shut down the 1st Amendment if you disagree with them. They only look good to you because you think like them.

    If you belong to the Tea Party, you are no Patriot, and certainly do not love America when all your desired “policies” are everything the Constitution specifically denies and warns against.

  20. I just read on anther site that #mcconnelling ad that Jon Stewart made fun of is now under investigation for campaign finance violations. Is that justice or what?

  21. Kentucky will vote for McConnell or if someone beats him in the Republican primary. The Democrat will lose by ten points or more in the general election.

  22. I get ragged constantly by a Canadian friend who tells me most there are horrified at the crazies down here :( When I try to explain this is something like Scientology down here – where they all get together and sing from the Quran until all thinking leaks from their orifices…just get blank stares. They can’t understand why we never throw the rascals out, ie how f***ing hard is it to vote for people whop look after your interests. A Darwinian selection for politicians who listen.

    The ACA was a messy law. It would have benefited greatly from some critical thinking by “old school” Republicans instead of these nuts they have now. That’s the part which is so sad….Republicans never build anymore – they just tear down.

  23. This is very interesting. Alison GriMEs and MItch McC have both been sending stalkers after Matt Bevin. Another lady and I tried to take a picture of the GriMEs stalker and the poor thing nearly did a dance trying to stay away from the cameras! MItch is very afraid. This time he can’t win. Either Bevin will win or Alison will win. We plan for it to be Matt Bevin. Power corrupts, and McC is absolutely corrupt. Matt Bevin is REAL. You never heard of him before because he is just a regular (smart!) person like us. He agreed to do this only because someone HAD to run if only to keep the Democrats from getting the seat. There is a better reason, to keep MItch from getting it. He is one of the biggest problems in Washington. He is Kentucky’s responsibility to remove and with the help of God and the good people of Kentucky we are going to do it. This is not the only way McC has trampled the Constitution, he and the O treat it like yesterday’s newspaper. Vote Bevin!

  24. I was told that he would be visiting our classroom at a university that I was attending at the time in KY. We were told by the professor not to say anything negative to him or ask him any embarrassing questions or voice any negative comments toward him. We should welcome him with open arms. Needless to say he never arrived. I left KY a few years later. This man is toxic!!

  25. We here that Rino crap all the time. Your meaning of not be Rino is to be even more radical right wing. Face it, you are all stinking Republicans.

  26. well this little escapade will probably make him a butt of Congressional jokes or is he actually simply a butt?

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