Texas Republicans Don’t Support Equal Pay Because ‘Men Are Better Negotiators’

Beth Cubriel

Ladies, Texas Republicans love you but they just can’t get behind legislation that would make it possible for you to sue if you found out you were being given the shaft regarding equal pay, because you suck as negotiators.

To wit, here is chief Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott ally Beth Cubriel, the Executive Director of the Texas Republican Party, trying to explain why Abbott refuses to get behind equal pay for women. Turns out you all are just really bad negotiators.

Watch here:

“Men are better negotiators. I would encourage women, instead of pursuing the courts for action, to become better negotiators,” Beth Cubriel explained to YNN’s Capital Tonight.

Ms. Cubriel felt the need to explain things more clearly, just 24 hours after Cari Christman, the Executive Director of the Texas GOP Women’s PAC, tried and failed to make binders full of women sit down and shut up about equal pay by saying they were too “busy” to care about equal pay.

Stop whining about the fact that Texas women make 82 cents on the dollar compared to men, ladies. If only you girls knew how to negotiate, which is covered in the class right after shutting-that-rape-down. It should be easy to find on your calendar since it comes on the same day as the rape lemonade class, where Republicans explain that while they fought against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, they encourage you ladies to make lemonade out of those rapes.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis campaign spokeswoman Rebecca Acuna responded to Beth Cubriel’s remarks in a statement, “Greg Abbott’s allies’ defense of his opposition to equal pay for women is out-of-touch and offensive. Texans deserve a governor like Wendy Davis who will fight for economic fairness for all hardworking families instead of Greg Abbott’s business as usual hostility to fair pay legislation.”

The Texas legislature passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act that would allow women and minorities to sue in court if they are being paid less for the same job as men, but Republican Governor Rick Perry shut that whole business down. We can’t have pesky lawsuits, ladies.

Texas businesses can’t negotiate, and hence need Republicans to veto laws that would require them to negotiate with women, who Republicans tell us suck at negotiating. This is confusing. But women don’t need laws to protect them like businesses do, because they suck at negotiating. Lost in a GOP logic fail.

Maybe if you Texas girls could negotiate like a man, you too could get the same protections Texas Republicans give legally to businesses, in order to protect them from scary Texas girls who want to be paid what others are paid for doing the same job. Just a full circle Republican policy thought to ponder.

Buck up, girls of Texas. Republicans are sure you’re too busy working and raising a family to care about getting paid what you deserve.

Maybe another Republican needs to step up to the plate to try this explaining thing again, because they seem so sure that it’s just the words they are using and not the actual fact that they do not support equal pay for women that is causing all of this drama.

The intentions can be seen in the policies and laws. Texas Republicans have made it clear that they intend to protect businesses from women legally. They can’t trust businesses to negotiate with women, so they need to protect businesses legally.

21 Replies to “Texas Republicans Don’t Support Equal Pay Because ‘Men Are Better Negotiators’”

  1. I will keep this short and simple. That’s why the Texas is in the state it’s in. Wrong people elected for the wrong jobs.

  2. Besides, where’s the republican/tea party women outrage. Do they not believe in equal pay for equal work?

  3. From her own argument, anyone would say that women thus sure are worst at putting on an argument…

    Luckily for everyone, she doesn’t represent ALL women!

  4. That’s a bunch of B.S., because any man that has been married knows that women are great negotiators.

  5. Women have always been negotiators: sometimes as back channels for warring clans and even nations; on a mundane basis, as buyers and sellers of the basic goods of a peasant/artisan/petty merchant society; all too frequently, for the right of their children to continue to live, in cultures that gave their husbands a de facto, if not de jure, patrias potestas over their family members. What has been taboo was negotiating for their own well-being. It was considered so selfish, so meretricious, so…unfeminine! “Real women” were supposed to be like the Giving Tree: self-abnegating to the point of annihilation. That vein of thought is even now not far below the surface, and, damme, the subsoil is showing.

  6. So basically everyone is in a position to negotiate their wages? This is Texas style insane logic. I dont know this POS, but I am willing to bet she has never held an office job.

    The only way women will ever be equal is by unionizing every job in the US

  7. Wait, hold on, it’s coming!! the flood of republican women who’ll just rubber stamp ANYTHING republican males jam down their gullets!! my God! republican women are unbelievable!! they make june cleaver (Barbara Billingsely look like maude (Bea Authur) republican women are worse than log cabin republicans OY VEY!

  8. Bad enough when men say stuff like this but when another woman says it?

    Good heavens, what fresh hell am I in now?

  9. I went over to Pew research, yeah I know, a ultra conservative stink tank, anywho 48% of the GOP are women, and to NO surprise its 87% caucasian, on the democratic side 43% are men and 57% obviously

  10. Beth Cubriel is and idiot and obviously has not met my ex-wife who would negotiate any man into oblivion.

  11. Using the words “suck” and “negotiating” in the same sentence says more about Ms. Cubriel than it does about women in general!

  12. Cubriel’s claim that talking about equal pay for women “puts women back” is a huge lie. What she and the male-dominated GOPTP wants is for us to sit down and shut up like American women did 60-70 years ago. Not gonna happen. Our young women today have their own minds and know what they want. It’s people like Abbott, Cubriel, and Huckabee who disparage women that are the reason young women will have little to do with the GOPTP. The GOPTP’s attempt to repackage huge piles of sh*t and present them, via rebranding, as the best Swiss chocolates isn’t working. It’s a sad thing seeing a woman working to take away other women’s freedoms, from our ability to make our own healthcare decisions to our right to demand that we receive the same pay for the same work. There’s something wrong with these folks, and a major part of it is their refusal to live in the real world where millions of women, even some who are married, are the primary breadwinners in their families.

  13. Cubriel sounds like she’s repeating the TGOP mantra – supporting the “war on women.”

    She’s yet to feel valued as a woman. If she felt valued, she would NOT have responded as she did in the interview, meekly accepting “her LOT in life.” She would be supporting instead of castigating women.

    Women need women and must not fall prey to others defining or negating who and what we are.

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