Know Your 2016 Enemy: Social Liberal In Sheep’s Clothing Rand Paul


Rand Paul has the mainstream media running in circles, with Ruth Marcus writing in an op-ed at the Washington Post that he is “the most intriguing man in today’s Republican Party.” What, precisely, is intriguing about yet another bigoted Christian nationalist, you ask?

To do her credit, Marcus also called him “frightening,” and that should have been the title of her piece. Paul, far more convincingly than John McCain, has managed to convince people that he is a carefree man of the people. Paul understands that to get votes from outside the GOP’s shrinking tent that he needs to appeal to more than angry old white men. As Ross Kaminsky wrote at that conservative bastion “The American Spectator” recently, “Without the youth vote,” the “GOP can’t win in 2016.”

Rather than reminding everybody of Paul’s far from appealing rhetoric on social issues, the mainstream media has jumped on the Paul bandwagon, repeating every single lie he has told, even when he is known to be a plagiarist and a liar who has bragged about his employment of misinformation. He even has Nick Gillespie at The Daily Beast presenting him as someone refreshingly “different.”

But how different is he? Not much. Paul wants the world – but especially America – to think he is some sort of social liberal, and that is exactly what Charles Krauthammer called him. The mainstream media buys this, because the mainstream media exists to peddle conservative propaganda. But as Media Matters has pointed out, the socially liberal Rand Paul is a media creation.

But not only is he a social conservative, he is a social extremist: a racist, homophobic, Christian nationalist, who says he hates big government but actually loves big government, which it can be used to beat down anything outside of his fundamentalist Christian comfort zone.

Rand Paul has said that “The Constitution wasn’t written to restrain your behavior, it was written to restrain your government’s behavior.” How then does he explain his “Life at Conception Act” (HR 1091), “To implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person”? If it became law, the act would restrain a woman’s behavior by making it impossible for her to make her own health care decisions. If Paul really wanted to restrain the government’s behavior, he would have never introduced this legislation.

It hardly need be said that social liberals don’t try to tell other people how to live their lives, or what to believe.

Paul also happens to be a guy who, while he says he opposes big government, wants a big strong military, presumably a military that is stronger than the government, as if a small government can manage a large military: the military industrial complex is there for a reason.

And if the Founding Fathers feared government, they feared standing armies more.

Yet Paul, who says he fears drones, wants more Cruise missiles. Like drones, Cruise missiles kill people, so we could have justifiably demanded to know why one is preferable to the other.

As it happens, Paul flip-flopped on drones, not only angering his libertarian supporters, but proving his conservative credentials in the process: a wolf in libertarian clothing.

This is a guy who ought to be praising Obama for his mature, measured response to recent Russian aggression toward the Ukraine. Instead, he is calling Obama “weak” and has become something of an interventionist, hardly something you would expect from a libertarian.

In fact, what Will Marshall wrote at Politico last week, that the Crimea crisis has “exposed the utter incoherence of Rand Paul’s foreign policy—which, despite a reputation for being principled and bold, is in fact all over the place” can equally be applied to Paul’s domestic policy.

It seems Rand Paul is the ophthalmologist who can’t see past the end of his own nose.

How does a so-called libertarian justify so many mutually contradictory stances?

The answer is that though Rand Paul is no more a libertarian than his father, he doesn’t feel he has to justify contradictions. It is far easier to pretend they don’t exist. So while they are both of them conservatives, ideologically and religiously, and racial and religious bigots to boot, Rand Paul just pretends differences don’t exist, much like Republicans pretend George W. Bush never existed.

Paul wants you to pretend along with him that an oppressive state government is less a danger to Americans than an oppressive federal government, but government is government, at whatever level, and the Founding Fathers recognized that without restrains, local government could be as abusive and tyrannical as a king three thousand miles away.

Reality is so much more congenial when you leave out the icky facts: As much as any other Republican since Reagan, Rand Paul longs for big government, a big government that can ram his party’s culture war agenda down Americans’ throats. And the rest of the world shouldn’t presume they’ll get a pass from a Paul administration.

The only real difference between Rand Paul and his fellow Tea Party bigots is that he is far more disingenuous than somebody like the Cuban anarchist, Ted Cruz: Paul is a proven liar and serial plagiarist who glibly pretends he has never been caught out, even though he has, repeatedly. It isn’t a question, really, of how the corporate-owned mainstream media has let him pull the wool over their eyes; they are eager participants in his charade.

The only real question is, come 2016, how many people will be fooled?

I have prepared a Rand Paul poster, which you can find below. Feel free to spread this about as an antidote to the Rand Paul charade:


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25 Replies to “Know Your 2016 Enemy: Social Liberal In Sheep’s Clothing Rand Paul”

  1. It’s getting so ludicrous that the RNC has ordered a custom-built clown bus for their 2016 candidates, they have out-grown the car.

  2. Rand Paul got to be an Opthalmologist because he basically created his own board certification. It’s a diploma mill. He is corrupt as well as a liar and a plagiarist.

    He is also a flip flop artist which is the real reason nobody should trust him within 10 miles of cat vomit let alone the White House.

    He’s trying to back track on the “undeserving poor” thing and his poor record on women’s rights, but this is because he’s trying to stop shoving his foot down his throat long enough to acquire real power. Once President though, he would do like the other Republicans do: inflict as much damage on the American people as they can before being booted out of office.

  3. Rand Paul is truly a sheep-herders WET-DREAM. In my opinion. He is always finding himself lost and crying in the wilderness and he is always in dire need of the constant personal loving attention and special treats given to him by his guiding shepherds and their master’s “GOD”. And he actually wants us all to elect him President of the U.S.A. on top of this. BAAAAA…

  4. The personal insults of Paul do not argue against his positions. I support Paul because of his non-interventionist position on foreign policy. The establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats have gotten us into preventive wars that have done more harm than good. The Progressives and Libertarians need to unite to prevent more foreign misadventures as they did in preventing President Obama from bombing Syria.

  5. Paul is the exact opposite of Hitler. Libertarianism is the exact opposite of Fascism. Paul wants to minimize the power of the central government. Hitler maximized it at every turn. And it is important to recall the outcomes.

  6. You seem to be repeating incorrect second hand information. This does not help create constructive dialog. The facts are Rand Paul passed the American Board of Ophthalmology exam on his first attempt and was certified for 10 years from 1995 to 2005. The individual states license medical doctors and Paul is fully authorized to practice medicine. The ABO certification is not required and only amounts to a blessing from the AMA. Paul let this certification lapse in 2005 because the ABO began a policy of age discrimination in re-certifications, exempting older doctors from the testing process. Paul and 200 other ophthalmologists protested and started their own certification board. Paul completed his residency at the esteemed Duke University School of Medicine.

  7. Your pejorative hair comment was debunked aeons ago. Why not consider making an argument about the issues instead of simply repeating everything you hear? Even Arianna Huffington stated on the March 8, 2013 episode of Real Time that she touched Rand Paul’s hair at the White House Correspondents dinner and it was quite real. You can easily view the episode online. Yet, why should anyone’s hair or possible hairpiece even be germane?

  8. The left is terrified of Rand Paul. They are coming after him in a very concerted organized effort before we even make it to the mid term elections.

  9. Rand Paul is dangerous!

    An understatement, I’m sure, but nevertheless needs to be repeated over and over.

  10. President Obama did not “intervene” in the case of Russia and the Ukraine. He applied sanctions which have helped force Russia to reconsider his position. It’s the height of folly to lump all of the past presidents and current presidents into the category of interventionists. Even if Rand Paul truly does believe in non-intervention, he has provided so much through his own words and actions that underscore the folly of even considering him presidential material. He has been among those who interfere with women’s reproductive rights, he has declared that business institutions have the right to discriminate against black folks and others, and in spite of his non-interventionist claims, he wants a huge military presided over by a small government which makes no sense. However, aside from all these deficits, he showed his level of immaturity by mocking the president’s meeting with Pope Francis in which they discussed means of addressing poverty. He’s 51 going on 12.

  11. Rand Paul is “terrified” of Hilary. He’s been “coming after” her “with a very organized concerted effort”, like constantly implying she’s not qualified for office because her husband had an affair. Yeah, he’s a real stand-up guy.

  12. Original comparison, take someone you don’t agree with and just call them Hitler. That’s not sensationalist or anything…. Dumb ass.

  13. I was hoping that someone would point this out about his credentials. Oh, so social liberals aren’t trying to force photographers and florists to provide services that are against their religious beliefs? And to mention the founders fear of a standing army without mentioning that the founders stood for state sovereignty and no Fed. overruling of state constitutions/laws unless it was outside of the enumerated powers. This is why the state reps. overwhelmingly turned down one of many of Madison’s original submissions of allowing the Fed. to overturn state laws. They also turned down his submission of applying some of the original BOR to the states (which clearly shows they were not meant for the states).

  14. Hello? You seem to be caught on cliches. The founders wanted a strong central government along with the states. What the tea bags teach you about states rights is for one reason. They have been told to push that so that corrupt entities can govern states with no interference from the Fed. The Fed can always overturn the states laws and for a very good reason

    No, liberals are not trying to force anyone to do anything except drop the hate and bigotry and to live an ordinary life.

  15. You can say that again, and keep on saying it over and over until maybe, they(the rethugs) will finally get it. We can always hope! Right now however, it seems the only thing on their limited minds, is controlling women. Not the unemployed, not jobs, not education(except religious education and private schools)Not anything good for our country. All these whining rethugs and teabaggers want is control, control and more control.

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