Chris Christie Comeback Squashed As Lead Investigator Says Governor is Not Cleared

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Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.)comeback tour was rudely interrupted by reality this Sunday when Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-N.J.), who is the co-chair of the state investigation into the Bridgegate scandal, said it’s way too early to draw conclusions.

Wisniewski cautioned Sunday on ABC’s This Week, “It’s far too early to start concluding that the governor knew nothing, had nothing to do with this.”

Watch here:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

It’s also true that they have found no smoking gun to point at Christie yet, but as the legislator said, it’s early in the investigation. It’s certainly too early to run around claiming exoneration and blithely hopping on the 2016 bus. Wisniewski just put the brakes on Christie’s comeback tour.

As soon as the lawyers he hired cleared him of any wrong doing, embattled Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was off to Las Vegas to vie for Sheldon Adelson’s attention/money, among the GOP 2016 hopefuls, because they “love” him in Iowa. Yes, he still thinks he can be President even though there are ongoing federal and legislative probes into Bridgegate. The FBI might not be as accommodating as lawyers that he hired and paid. Just saying.

In Vegas, Christie put his foot in 2016 by referring to “occupied territories.” Still, y’all, he’s been totally cleared by the guys he hired to clear him. Never mind that Wesley Lowrey of the Washington Post pointed out that Nixon praised the same law firm that did Christie’s “Million dollar white wash”, after they concluded that Nixon had not behaved improperly.

Christie also compared himself to Obama and decided he is the better man because no one in New Jersey has to wonder if he’s against them (way to miss the Bridgegate point). “We cannot have a world where our friends are unsure of whether we will be with them and our enemies are unsure of whether we will be against them,” Christie said. “In New Jersey, nobody has to wonder whether I’m for them or against them.” I’m sure the people in Fort Lee were amused by this tidbit, because “It’s time for traffic problems in Fort Lee” came from his chief of staff and not him.

Never fear, the New Jersey Governor is still very busy trying to manipulate the press, including the New York Times, because nothing says innocent like “aggressively” reintroducing oneself by telling the press what they should and should not ask you and then shaming them for asking you about a scandal that’s still burning in the town square. Yes, Christie’s idea is that the press should ignore the elephant in the room and focus on things he wants to talk about, like how beloved he is. This kind of stubborn bullying and self-aggrandizement isn’t comforting for voters.

Christie’s lawyers made sure to carefully, deliberately impugn the motives of the one person, Bridget Kelly, who can settle the difference between Christie and the guy pointing his finger at him, as pointed out by the lawyer for Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly. ABC laid it out:

There “appear to be two distinct versions” of what happened at the bridge — Christie’s and one told by former Port Authority official David Wildstein, Critchley said. Kelly, he added, could set the record straight, so “a pre-emptive strike to isolate Ms. Kelly and impugn her credibility is not surprising.”

So while Christie thinks he’s in charge of his brand, the press and the law, back in reality land, the FBI is looking into Bridgegate and the state’s investigation is far from done. Even if Christie is totally innocent, the way he’s handling this crisis is more Sopranos than White House.

Remember when VP candidate Sarah Palin told the press in the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign that she had been cleared of all charges, but in reality, she had just been found guilty? Christie is dancing close to Palin territory here, where he risks losing the trust of even his own party and campaign people. The fact that he can fool himself to this degree should be troubling.


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  1. I’m completely astounded that Christie chose Richard M. Nixon’s apologist/whitewashing law firm. Astounded, but really not surprised. The network of pure sleaze bags must be getting smaller and smaller.

  2. This is getting to be fun to watch. Not only is Chris Christie embarrassing himself every time he opens his mouth, he also seems to be on the road to demonstrating that he knows about as much about foreign policy as someone who thinks that being able to see an island makes you an expert on the largest country in the world.

    New Christie mantra?: “If a governor does it, it’s not a crime.”

    I bet his lawyers would agree :)

  3. Makes perfect sense. When you’re a criminal and trying to convince the public that your crimes are not crimes, you might as well go with a firm that has experience making that very argument. Too bad Johnnie Cochran wasn’t available.

  4. The GOP, Republicans, & T-Baggers LOVE to say
    Barack Obama is an “Imperial President”…….
    Democrats need to start talking about all
    the Imperial Governors!!! THEY are the ones
    who are destroying OUR Country, stripping Women,
    Children, Minorities, & Voters rights every day!!
    Rigging the system to favor themselves!!
    They curse the POTUS for doing what he can for
    Americans while they sabotage US!
    We need to take OUR Country back!
    WE need to Rock the Vote this November!


  5. What Christie fooling himself!! NEVER!! You miss the point. Christie desperately needs to be the GOP Presidential candidate and needs to win in 2016. He knows that way he can give himself a Presidential pardon to boot! That is the Christie motivation point.

  6. Chris Christie is just like a lot of other bone-headed Republicans and even some Democrats who just don’t know when to shut up!! The fact that he still thinks he has a shot at the White House shows just how deeply immersed in denial and self-deception he is. Even if by some fluke he is cleared, his behavior during this investigation from his blustering denials to his throwing of Ms. Kelly under the bus with his misogynistic put-downs should make it abundantly clear what kind of president he would be (shudder). In the space of one year, he has gone from being likely GOP frontrunner to being investigated for gross misconduct that put many of his constituents in danger. Recent events have also flashed the spotlight on just how badly he has governed New Jersey. The Democrats there who supported him must be feeling like some of the biggest, most gullible fools who ever walked on this planet.

  7. In the words of Bill Maher, this guy “talks loudly and acts like a big dick”. He is the typical school yard bully that when confront runs off and pouts. I really cannot figure out how he has managed to advance this far. You can bet there will be an investigation and I will bet money he is right at the center of this entire ordeal. It would just be to much like him to want to retaliate against anyone who doesn’t want to give him his way.

    After throwing Kelly under the bus that pretty much showed his character.
    Yesterday he goes to Vegas to suck up for money and blew it in his speech. His career and any chance at 2016? Gotta go my toast is burning.

  8. He is just so delusional…he still thinks he can run for president, but I think he will be lucky to avoid conviction. This is just starting to come out, and when those he blamed and fired are asking for immunity so they can testify, you KNOW there is much more trouble ahead for ol’ Chris.

  9. How can Christie think he has proven himself to be cleared, He hires how own investigation team and they clear him it is the same thing Rand Paul did when he couldn’t pass his state board exams, so he made up his own board with himself as president, and his wife as V. president and then proceeded to give himself a BOARD CERTIFICATION CERTIFICATE. HOW IS THIS LEGAL??? AND WHO WOULD TRUST HIM WITH THEIR EYES???? Well Christie is pulling the same thing. He has his own team of investigators and claims he is cleared. What are these men STUPID????? Any idiot knows what the hell he is up to and he is making it worse for himself. now he looks like a real fool.

  10. There is a very good article in NJ Spotlight about the Christie administration. The main problem, hiring political operatives not competent managers. Look at Sandy Aid and the SuperBowel transportation debacle. The light is being shined on an administration that handles things like a campaign and priorities are campaign, campaign and how will it look to boss Christie.

  11. That’s what rethugs do. Remember during the occupation of Iraq the main qualification was do you oppose abortion not WTF do you know about the region

  12. SEXIST hypocritical legal foul play! The same report that offers Bridget Kelly’s “emotional state” as a cause of the scandal also points to the Governor’s own “tearful” response as evidence of his sincerity!

  13. What I fear is that the US Atty. investigation is a sham that is designed to legitamize 5th amendment claims for witnesses called before the NJ Leg.

    I can very easily see where the US atty office drags this “investigation” out until election season then comes out and says there is nothing to prosecute and the whole thing disappears down a rabbit hole.

    Remember there are a number of Christie’s and Samson’s past, and present, “associates and friends” in that office who may be using the office to run cover for Christie.

  14. One thing you can say about Chris Christie. He really fills a room.

    And his car
    And a swimming pool
    And the buffet line

    Did he really hire that law firm or did he just eat it?

  15. Never have I seen the press push the Democrats to the back row in order to destroy a Republican. MSNBC has dedicated most of its broadcasts to the onslaught, The Star Ledger, WaPo and NY times are desperately trying to catch up to Rachael Maddow in becoming the most obsessed personality in the land.

    It is grotesque and repulsive to watch.

    Americans are beginning to revolt and categorize the press along side the Spring Break spectacles of debauchery and bad taste, It is like “Elitists Gone Wild”

  16. It may have to do with Christie’s being utterly unfit to hold public office, let alone to represent the USA to the rest of the world…

  17. “As soon as the lawyers he hired cleared him of any wrong doing…”

    He PAID for those lawyers out of his own pocket, right?

  18. Chris Christie Comeback Squashed As Lead Investigator Says Governor is Not Cleared

    To quote that deep thinker and current Governor from the state of Texas, “Ooops”!

  19. Your post is almost laughable considering the Republicans led by Faux News and Rush are working day and night to pin something on Obama. It is news when someone orders a bridge closing and the Governor doesn’t have a clue. Either way he isn’t president material. If he knew he should have stopped it. If he didn’t know he is clueless and not ready for prime time. Traffic is backed up on a major bridge for 4 days and Mr. I am in charge doesn’t know. GMAB!

  20. Well that totally blows John Smith’s post above out of the water. So much for the supposed Liberal media pushing back Dems to ” destroy a Republican”

    Same thing with morning Joke. I cant believe what a hard-on these “journalists” have for Christie.
    I guess hat he really means is he cant stand that real journalists are outing another totally corrupt Republican who is involved in a huge abuse of power…OR if one actually believes he’s innocent… a completely incompetent putz.

    Most of the right wing and their cohorts in the MSM sounds just like Chris Crocker when it comes to Christie.

  21. Christie’s willing to do anything to become POTUS, even if it involves lying, hypocrisy, and corruption. He should be focusing on his problems in NJ. Recently, Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch gave NJ a negative outlook. NJ’s credit rating has already been downgraded. Christie doesn’t mention this as he pushes forward in his quest to win the GOP primary in 2016. Many in NJ still haven’t received the Sandy assistance they need. This is a huge problem for him, too. Although his hand-picked law firm found him not guilty of having closed the GW Bridge, his seeming ineptitude at properly supervising his underlings and constant portrayal of himself as being clueless about important issues tells me that he is one of the most incompetent politicians in the U.S. and is someone who uses bullying tactics, lies, and abusive rhetoric to get what he wants. Even if he wins the GOP nomination, these character flaws will cost him the election once voters witness him in action.

  22. N.J. Outlook Fails to Improve as Pension Hit Looms: Muni Credit

    “Christie signed a law in 2011 requiring the state to make one-seventh of its pension contribution in fiscal 2012 and then raise the payment each year until it reaches the full annual amount in 2018.”

    State Assembly Budget Panel To Question Governor Christie’s Pension Cuts
    Mark J. Magyar | March 27, 2014

    Republicans love to say Pres. Obama is acting like a dictator, but the president has never taken it upon himself to violate a law the way Christie has done by deciding unilaterally to change the pension formula to decrease the portion NJ is supposed to contribute to the state pension fund.

    This man is not to be trusted.


  24. This sounds like a job for a ‘real investigator’: Darrell Issa!

    Also, we’d feel a lot better about ourselves here in California if he was as far away as possible.

  25. So, Johnnie Smith, what would you call Fox Hates & Lies TV channels fixation on Benghazi. Like all republicans your hate and lies are grotesque and repulsive to listen to.

  26. Man….I was terrified of gw bush and his evil, get even ways. But this tub boat, chris Christie, scares the living be-Jesus out of me. Life under him, would be like being back in in the 2nd week of marine bootcamp. In the mean time, that A-hole would eat the country out of house and home. He is a mafiaoso, pure and simple.

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