John Boehner’s Shafting Of the Unemployed Has Cost The Economy Nearly $5 Billion

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Chalk another “success” up for House Republicans in their jihad against the economic recovery. They’ve caused the economy to lose nearly $5 billion since they refused to renew extended unemployment compensation for more than 2.2 million Americans. Mind you, this $5 billion isn’t all that House Republicans have irresponsibly and for partisan political purposes cost the US taxpayer, as their IRS witch hunts, Benghazi hearings, and ObamaCare repeal votes and hearings haven’t exactly been cheap.

The U.S. economy has lost $4.7 billion ($4,698,892,545 to be exact – see the breakdown below) in the first three months of the year due to the Dec. 28 expiration of federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, according to an analysis released today Monday by Ways and Means Committee Democrats.

Sandy Levin (D-MI) is not impressed. He knows, like most people with at least a modicum of intelligence, that unemployment is not just for the unemployed, but it also helps to boost the economy. He wearily explained this fact again in case any Republicans were listening, “Unemployment insurance has played a vital role in our economic recovery and the program’s expiration has drained billions of dollars from state economies during the last three months.”

The Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member tried to shame the House Republicans into helping America as the Senate is, “Hundreds of thousands of jobs are at stake, as are the livelihoods of millions of Americans laid off through no fault of their own. The Senate is taking another bipartisan step on the long-road to extending this critical lifeline today and the House needs to also act to stand with job-seeking Americans.”

Last week, Senate Republicans shamed House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) over his refusal to help the economy and the jobless to no avail. So it’s sort of the Sane Senators Versus the House Republicans in a battle to the death.

But, you know, this House. They don’t want to help America, so this argument might be the wrong tact to take. It’s tough to know with modern day Republicans, between their lusting after Putin and their frat boy tweets to world leaders, just what kind of tone should be set when attempting to have policy discussions.

Anyway. The world carries on without them so here are some facts provided by the Ways and Means Committee Democrats, and yes, they are partisan but the source information is not and let us not forget, neither is the issue or the agenda. Their source is the U.S. Department of Labor, “EUC Program Activity.” Oh, wait, Republicans don’t trust the Department of Labor anymore either- something about a birth certificate or a conspiracy with Obama to fool them all or DOL boogeymen under their beds. So maybe this is just for the sane folks. Which makes it perfect. After all, before Obama, extending long term unemployment was just something Congress did because it was helpful for the economy. Now it’s suddenly a partisan thing for House Republicans.

The state-by-state projections for the three-month period are based on the total federal unemployment insurance that Americans received in each state during the last three months of 2013. Nationwide, nearly 72,000 people are losing unemployment insurance, on average, every week – adding to the 2.2 million Americans who have already lost their benefits.

Yes, the 5 billion dollar fail is all due to their partisan poutfest over unemployment benefits. You see, the Senate has put forth a bipartisan agreement to pay for the renewal, but that’s not good enough for House Republicans, who claim some kind of bizarre moral superiority regarding fiscal responsibility, when in actuality they are tossing money into the trash just to be spiteful.

Republicans against the economy — to the death!


Estimated Lost Unemployment Benefits in the First Three Months of 2014 Due to the Shutdown of the Federal UI Program. Projections Based on EUC spending in last quarter of 2013

State: Projected Lost UI in Jan-March 2014 (total)

AK $20,039,211

AL $28,557,465

AR $29,988,269

AZ $37,714,686

CA $833,962,685

CO $75,813,813

CT $106,893,214

DC $18,892,695

DE $10,107,283

FL $192,522,606

GA $110,330,484

HI $11,074,540

IA $16,627,467

ID $8,535,176

IL $296,763,435

IN $59,532,967

KS $17,111,509

KY $66,090,769

LA $15,782,115

MA $253,584,916

MD $98,358,539

ME $11,200,990

MI $139,441,834

MN $5,556,506

MO $72,598,463

MS $26,689,495

MT $5,392,439

NC *

ND $2,982,882

NE $6,374,656

NH $4,469,711

NJ $365,139,763

NM $20,780,040

NV $70,020,706

NY $429,605,084

OH $147,950,008

OK $15,098,605

OR $78,948,135

PA $317,877,824

PR $43,529,465

RI $21,694,857

SC $36,310,567

SD $534,052

TN $49,830,392

TX $259,154,093

UT $10,533,273

VA $33,130,689

VI $5,704,895

VT $2,379,886

WA $108,835,855

WI $75,741,838

WV $20,177,455

WY $2,666,641

TOTAL $4,698,892,545

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Labor, “EUC Program Activity.”
NOTES: “*” indicates NC had terminated its EUC program prior to the end of 2013.


33 Replies to “John Boehner’s Shafting Of the Unemployed Has Cost The Economy Nearly $5 Billion”

  1. I predict that not only will the Reich Wing will deny this, But they will add this to the alleged deficit that Obama inherited from the Bush Admin. that was never put on the books and somehow Obama is responsible for causing. Mark my words.

  2. How can it be, that our government can’t seem to afford to help the unemployed in this country, but can pass a billion dollar plus foreign aid package for the Ukraine? How can the government afford spending tax payer’s money on Corporate Welfare, and Bank and Airline bailouts, but can’t seem to come up with the money to help these unemployed families, that are struggling? It’s because of the Corporate greed of these industries, that led to the economic meltdown in the first place. What other sector of our society can receive huge bonuses after being bailed out by the tax payer? Now, these millions of unemployed are being told that it’s too late to pass the extension bill. Maybe that’s because the politicians (republicans) dragged their feet for three months hoping that the problem would just go away. Meanwhile, these families have been facing eviction, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, and homelessness. These families are in a desperate situation, and need help, not labeled “lazy” by…

  3. This is nothing but the repugnant plan to stall until November. They think they will then have the house and senate and then do some real damage. iIn the meantime they are going to sit on this and everything else and use it as election fodder against the Dems. Watch when election time draws near if someone in the crowd at there little townhall asks about the unemployment extensions they will say they tried to get it done but the Dems wouldn’t let them. It’s a concerted effort to make the Dems look as bad as possible. The sad part is that their minions will lap it up.

  4. Its everything if the Dems want to spend it, its nothing if the republicans want to spend it. After all they wasted 24 billion on a govt shutdown they knew wouldnt work

  5. It’s always been amazing to me that we have funds that can go to other nations for their assistance, but these Republican extremists vote against our hungry kids, unemployed, and our veterans, etc. I know people who were dramatically counting on those unemployment benefits for paying rent and eating because of the loss of work. They are not lazy people; they are people who have not been hired for new jobs. The longer they’re out of work, the harder it is. The GOP has refused to vote on any jobs bill that the President and the Dems have proposed. The GOP also refuses to vote on a higher minimum wage. I heard today that maybe the Republicans want all these Americans unemployed so they have a new pool of people to fight their greedy, bloody wars and the forget about the Vets when they come home injured and homeless. How do they sleep at night? How is it that the President can negotiate with anyone even in other nations but not these GOP extremists in the US? It’s scary and appalling!

  6. Unemployment benefits and a higher minimum wage both would give consumers more opportunity to help our economy. The super wealthy are secretly housing their massive profits in off shore accounts to avoid US taxes and it’s hurting our economy dramatically. Think what a jobs bill would do. It seems unlawful to operate the way the GOP does these days.

  7. Disgusting and disturbing to know that Americans continue to suffer the wrath of the Republican party hatred of President Obama. Imagine how far more the country would achieve and recover if only the Republicans use their energies for the Common Good? I guess this hatred have eaten them up so badly inside, that they now routinely and willingly spite the American people, this non-extension of benefits being one of them. They’ve become rude and narrow, and a danger to the American psyche.

  8. Republicans remind me of the 15 year old drama queens at my daughters school. We are not getting our way and we are not happy so we’ll bring everyone else down to our pathetic level. Just remember this you Republican scum, Karma is a BITCH!!


    Contact John Boehner’s office until the phones are unplugged:
    John Boehner says the implementation will be “difficult”? Is that really the attitude you want to have towards long-term unemployed seeking jobs? Its “difficult so give up, huh?


    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-0600

    *Number has been changed 3 times since the phone jam started :)


  10. This week is our best hope folks. Let’s do something about this. This bill is affecting over 2 million people, not including their friends and family. That number includes over 400,000 American veterans. The CBO says passing this bill will increase GDP by .2% and create 200,000 American jobs. The bill is fully funded and has ALWAYS passed the house once it passes the Senate. Not passing such a bill would be UNPRECENTED in the history of this country. The Senate and House go for another relaxing “extended” recess next week. They think they are going to walk out of Washington on Friday with their bags packed for a relaxing golf outing or a trip to the beach for 2 weeks. They think that the cries of 2 million suffering and hardworking Americans will not affect their golf swings. The average salary of a congress representative is $200,000, and in 2013, they only worked 126 days! Nice part time job! Who is hardworking? They think pulling the plug on the hopes of 2 million…

  11. Republicans have wasted taxpayer billions: Cruz – $15 Billion+ for government shutdown; Issa – $15 Million just for the IRS scandal (prob more if you count people’s work hours wasted), Millions wasted on the Bengazi so called scandal (and still going on), Millions wasted on repealing 50+ times the ACA.

    Then add another $5 Billion for their stalling on the unemployment (which we’ve all paid into and you don’t get any unless you paid into).

    So why are people saying the Republicans are going to get the House again – they don’t deserve it – for at least five years, they’ve done less than zero.

    What happened to some kind … any kind … of jobs plan? There are plenty of jobs to do out there – two words – repairing infrastructure – which all 50 states need. But we can’t ask all these large corporations, making insane profits, paying low wages and skimpy benefits, who send most of their money overseas and pay very little in taxes to invest in American infrastructure?

  12. We need to just remember all this when election time comes and believe me I will be one that will not forget, for I am a single mother of 3 and I have sold and have had yard sells just to make ends meet knowing my good neighbors have come to buy things they truly don’t need to help. I am 42 and I have worked all my life till now, and I have never been scared in my life now I am terrified I am losing it all, the country I so much believed in and trusted has failed my family and me. Now I am just waiting for my utilities to get cut off making partial payments is not good anymore, and then eviction from the only home my children have had, Please just think of us the AMERICAN PEOPLE we are going hungry we are in need help us the people of your country as you help those from other countries…………President Obama get that pen help us the people that voted and believed in you and voted for you……..

  13. We the people for which we stand…remember who and what they did to us when it comes to election time. Im not experienced in politics like most of us nationwide but the name John Boehner showed little of caring for the two billion people and climbing because he thinks the people want a free ride? That’s not true…most of us want a job to support our families and have something for our retirement, no job no retirement. Alittle help to sustain our necessities to get a job is not to much to ask. Truly on the long run we the people end up paying it back…sincerely, Llewellyn

  14. You see that would be nice but when he is voted out of office or tires which i hope is soon he won’t have Because the way it is set up.
    Salary of Speaker of the House ….$223,500 FOR LIFE! Salary of House/Senate….$174,000 FOR LIFE
    together he will get #397,500 plus free medical for life.
    Henceforth he would not get unemployment.

  15. The reason we unemployed are in this position in the first place is because of the bailouts to corrupt industries (my money paid for those without my consent), corporate welfare and trickle up economics that make the wealthy wealthier without putting any money back in the US. This all started way before Obama because a great country such as ours once was, doesn’t decimate in 6 years.

    Boehner? He will get struck down with some terrible disease and suffer greatly. Having piles of money won’t do him any good. Look what happened to Reagan. He is a very sad man — to not help so many suffering — eery, isn’t it, how silent the media is — no coverage for this crisis. When it all comes out, it will be like the Holocaust. Unbelievable.

  16. I agree with you all cause I am experiencing this unemployment situation. It has taken me over a year and I am now getting some second interviews . The problem is I am down to my last few dollars and my phone is about to be turned off. This will affect me gettimg any job due to the fact I can’t get calls from any potential employers. How many others are facing the same issue or worse cannot eat because this bill is not being treated with the emergency status we are in today. IF CONGRESS GOES ON ANOTHER VACATION WITHOUT PASSING THIS BILL THEY TRUELY HAVE LET DOWN THR AMERICAN PEOPLE AND SHAME ON THEM. MR. OBAMA WHERE ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU NOT PUSHING THIS?


  17. The people need to go to Washington and protest and march if this bill doesn’t pass, Mr Boehner and the rest of them don’t listen to the people but maybe if they see them protesting, they won’t be able to ignore them and then with news coverage the whole world will see how bad the people of the U.S are treated and realize that we are not the super power that we use to be

  18. In the next election, the Republicans are going to be cleaning out their desks. 32 BILLION drained from the US economy by GOP obstructionism since last October’s Republican-caused government shutdown. They’re trying to collapse the US economy and destroy this country from the inside. Why are they not being charged with treason? How much more obvious and overt does the treason need to be?


  20. am I missing something here? The spending bill was a bipartisan bill with both the DEMS and PUBS agreeing to the bill. The Senate which is DEM passed the bill and Harry Reid signed the bill without even asking any questions and the DEM president allowed the bill to be signed into law? There were no questions about unemployment insurance; no attempt by the DEMS to make it an issue; no complaints about passing the spending bill? The issue about unemployment became an issue after the spending bill was passed and the DEMs wanted to place the benefits onto the debt ceiling? The PUBS objected to this and the DEMs had no value for he unemployed except to use them for political expediency? They only care as long as helping people
    is convenient….

  21. I see you have no idea on how the sausage is made. Ignorance may be bliss but before you comment know WTF you are talking about

  22. How is not taking 5 billion dollars from the taxpayer to give to the unemployed costing the taxpayer 5 billion dollars This is the kind of thinking on the liberals part that makes me nuts. Give your neighbor 500 dollars and tell him to go spend it it’s good for the economy. But only if he spends it not you.

  23. Because when you give $1.00 of unemployment you get $1.20 back into the economy. Yes, thats liberal facts. The only facts you as a pretend republican have is starve people to death. after all thats how America was built

  24. The financial class plans to reduce the American people to 3rd world peasant status, so they will accept poverty. They have taken our homes, our jobs, skimmed our pensions, and now they plan to take our benefits. When I apply and interview for jobs I am told that I can not be hired because I am over qualified. The republicans suggest that the unemployed should be required to take job skill training. What job skill training will make me not over qualified? The job market and productive economy will not improve until the money lenders are thrown out of the temple of our society. We must pass the 21st century glass-steagall act of 2013, and prosecute the wall street criminals. Federal letters of credit should finance infrastructure construction which will create millions of high paid jobs,rather than bail out bank’s derivative gambling debts. The financial class finds drug money laundering pension skimming, and securitization of bad debts more profitable.

  25. I totally agree with you. The problem is that no one has the money to make the trip. I wish I were rich because I would sponsor such a trip. All the best

  26. I totally agree where is the media during this? They spend months covering hardship in every country but there own. On that same note where is Obama ? He needs to start pushing this before these people go on vacation. I have lost complete faith in my country officials. They will go home and enjoy there holiday meals while millions of Americans are struggling just to eat. They need to start reading these replies on all the various web sites. SHAME ON THEM ALL. I pray god gives them the wisdom to pass this bill and shows them compassion if they do not

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