Sean Hannity Irresponsibly Provokes Cliven Bundy By Stating The Feds May Kill Him

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During an interview on Tuesday night’s broadcast of Fox News’ Hannity, host Sean Hannity spoke with lawbreaking Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and two of his children. Throughout the conversation, Hannity not only took credit for this story becoming a national headline, but he also appeared to use the time to incite more action from Bundy and his supporters. What occurred during the nearly 10-minute segment was the height of irresponsibility, all in an effort by Hannity to possibly create an even bigger story.

Video of segment courtesy of Media Matters:



Quite frankly, this is just sick. From watching this interview, it is apparent that Hannity was leading Bundy throughout in an attempt to pull strings and try to provoke him into a violent confrontation the next time federal agents come to his ranch. Hannity made sure to plant the idea that the federal government might be looking to kill Bundy over this dispute over grazing fees and the use of federal public land. Obviously, this was an attempt to inflame Bundy even more, playing into his conspiratorial fears of Big Government.

Hannity, in no uncertain terms, is advocating for a violent and bloody climax to this whole affair. He needs an ending to this story, something he can run with for months and draw ratings. With Benghazi completely dried up, the IRS ‘scandal’ a bust and Obamacare proving to be a rousing success, Hannity needs something to reassure his viewers that Obama’s government is an evil entity looking to hurt or even kill freedom-loving Americans.

Speaking with Bundy and two of his children, Hannity carelessly and cavalierly stated, as if it was an absolute fact, that federal agents were looking to stage a violent and bloody midnight raid on the ranch, and that it was a very real possibility that Bundy would be targeted and killed. By doing this, he is obviously trying to provoke Bundy into doing something rash in order to further the story.

To be quite honest, during this and other interviews, Bundy has come across as an almost incoherent man of questionable intelligence. He has barely been able to articulate his actual reasons for refusing to pay federal grazing fees. Even with Hannity, he was all over the place and barely made any sense. In one instance, he said he hasn’t received a bill from the Bureau of Land Management in 20 years. However, after that he acknowledges that he doesn’t even open letters that come from the BLM.

Essentially, Bundy is really nothing more than a freeloader who has found a way to increase his profits by just tossing away bills that he doesn’t want to pay. He then goes on to state that he doesn’t recognize federal law as a way to justify it. How would Bundy feel if another rancher just let his cattle graze, without his permission and free of charge, on Bundy’s ranch? What if that rancher then said he doesn’t recognize Bundy’s claim to that property and that if Bundy objected, the other rancher would gather up some armed supporters to back Bundy off?

This has all become a cause de celebre for conservative media figures and far-right lawmakers to get behind. However, if this turns bloody, if people are hurt or killed, Hannity will have blood on his hands. By pushing and instigating Bundy into taking further action, Hannity is dangerously lighting a fuse in the hopes that that it will create a huge explosion. That is the pinnacle of immorality.

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  1. Sean Hannity irresponsible… Not even Faux Snooze ever claimed Hannity showed any signs of being a responsible human being, or even a human being for that matter.

  2. I read somewhere a while back that off the set, Hannity is a sweetheart of a guy, really nice. According to this person who worked with Hannity, his on-screen persona is nothing but an act, done for ratings and a paycheck. Whether that is true or not, I agree with Justin: Hannity will have blood on his hands should things go violent. Of course, he won’t accept any responsibility for it, and neither would Bundy.

  3. Hannity should have his mouth duct taped shut. Is there nothing that can be done to shut these fools up. If blood is spilled it will be on his hands.

  4. Hannity said if the Feds show up he will be there with Bundy. I hope they put an AK in hands and shove him to the front of the line with the women and children.

    Have you checked out Bundy and his boys? They look and talk like they have a very shallow gene pool. Just sayin’.

  5. The Feds were smart to back down. It was only going to end badly if they pushed these idiots too far, and then the high ground would have been given to them as victims of Federal “terrorists.”
    Hopefully they come back some evening and quietly take him off to prison for grand theft.

  6. I have in the past few days made comments regarding using the 2nd Amend. “solutions” on those who think that it is the only thing that matters. Well that I cannot back away from because it would be the only thing that these cowards understand so it will be what must be used. I am loathe to say this but perhaps a few or one death may be what must happen to get Hannity off the air and to prove once again to the American public that Fox News IS a health hazard as well as a Mental Health Hazard. Billo the Clown has one murder chalked up for his resume’ and Sean is in competition so he needs to step up the hate. All that Fox and the Reich Wing understand is hatred and angst against their fellow man, how much blood must be spilled in the name of Fox News before either they are sated or we the American people stand up and say NO MORE! We Dems.Libs and progressives have said NO to insanity! It’s high time the right wing joins us.

  7. Ignorance is not directly associated to being stupid, but, the lack of knowledge of facts and confusing your opinion with those facts. This is the entertainment that Sean Hannity confuses with journalism. His approach is a shame, as it is clearly constructed by his extreme conservative beliefs and biases, he constantly lacks perspective and intellectual honesty.

  8. what NEXT???? Will these gun totting paramilitary mercenaries be showing up at Florida voting polls to make sure no one in line leaves the line to go to the bathrooms.

  9. Hannity been calling for something like this since president Obama took office in 08. His code words from the beginning was Obama needs to be taken out. I think Hannity and Beck coordinated their code words, their dog whistle. Hannity is so full of hate and envy. Hannity doesn’t think Obama or any blackyman, or brown man, or yellow man should be president of this country. Sean Hannity is an evil man, and very dangerous.

  10. When the Feds backed down Sean Hannity was not happy. He was planning on bloodshed. His disappointment could not be hidden. His prodding of the Bundy Family, with what if they come tonight Will you be ready or will you go? Hannity doesnt care if blood is on his hands, as long as its not his blood. Sean Hannity won’t give up. He will continues to advocate bloodshed.

  11. One night one of Bundy’s kids are going to come in late from a night out and he is going to freak out and shoot them when they come in the door thinking that old Seanie was right about the Feds. Sad.

  12. “MAY” kill him! Anybody here think that is not a POSSIBILITY. If so you’re being foolish at the very least and have no knowledge of past acts by our government against it’s people or simply choose to deny or ignor it. In any case you need to get out of your fantacy state and get ahold of reality or you just might be next to feel the wrath that this government IS NOT? putting down on “We the People”. Geesh! Sounded more like sound advice to be on guard than an attempt to provke Clivin. Perhaps even to reconsider continueing the stand off if his live was in danger. No?
    But you libs will spin it the way it fits your sick agenda anyway.

  13. Hey dummy its not his land and he is cheating you out of a million dollars. But then again homeschooling doesn’t teach math or civic responsibilty

  14. Mary, only an idiot lib would do something like that. Like be stupid enough to follow crazy Uncle Joe Biden’s “shoot through the door” wacko advice. That’s why libs don’t want people to have guns. They think everybody is as stupid and incompetent as they are. It’s called ‘projection’ in the realm of psychology. Does the shoe fit you, Mary? It doesn’t fit me nor Clivin.

  15. Well gun owners prove every day they shouldnt have guns. Cliven is a criminal as evidenced by 3 court cases. He has no claim to anything. You are probably one too

    Its not that Liberals dont want people to have guns, as many liberals are hunters as well(we know you arnt allowed to know that). Its the fact that many people who do have guns shouldnt have them. And people who think the 2nd amendment is the entire constitution shouldnt have them either.

    Learn to think critically, otherwise you will continue to look foolish

  16. It is strange that the news has not reported on the fates of the other ranchers in that area. Then again it must no longer be newsworthy since those ranchers were already driven out of business.

  17. Who says they have? If they were, it wasnt the government that did it. And if you want to bring up the solar farm and Harry Reid, that solar farm wasnt even near to Bundys melon patch.

  18. Did the writer really just say Obama care is proving to be a rousing success. Lol. Yes Hannity leans way right but apparently this writer leans just as far the other way. Way to go guy. Great example of fair and balanced journalism.

  19. Neil is right. Sean Hannity shouldn’t be allowed to speak this nonsense. I believe in free speech and all, but there is a point where it is clear that the speech isn’t something that I agree with and then I don’t think it should be allowed! Go Neil!

  20. Why is it alright for this man to continue to NOT pay his taxes and keep land that is NOT his? Why do Republican always support people who are wrong if they are white, but demand justice from minorities and the poor? The people you folks call “aliens” have more right to this land than you or I but white men state that they have NO claim, but this man who has cheated this government out of millions of dollars earn all your support for what? Breaking the law. Republican minds are knee deep in something, and its sure not whipped cream or commonsense.

  21. I love the way you Republicans justifiy wrong doing and guns. Cheney shot his friend in the face and you all thought it was a joke, now you are promoting murder by rallying around this guy, who is in the wrong, but you Republicans seem to feel a need to support because you think the govemint is treating him wrong. I wonder why this rich rancher has the support of Republicans, but you folks could care less about poor children and the elderly. If this was a poor man or monority standing up for their rights again YOUR government you folks who be up-at-arms, holding those misspelled signs that read, Do NOT Tread on Me” because then you would feel as if the “rancher, was taking something away form you. Stupidity reigns supreme in the Republican Party, people who live for the rich and un-needy.

  22. Really Ed, Stop making stupid people famous. This is another failure path that the lunatic right hate machine has decided to go down. Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh are manufacturers of division and hate. They don’t have rational arguments and you legitimize them with your reaction to their ignorance. They don’t deserve a second of your time. Spend it in something positive that will counteract their efforts to cripple America.

  23. The delusional son says they have the backing of the American people? No. The vast majority of Americans think they’re nuts. We’re the ones who voted for our President. Twice. Ummm, we don’t watch Fox News. :-)They thought Romney had the backing of the people until they were shell shocked with Obama’s win. These American traitors get the backing of a few fellow crazies and they swear the whole country is behind them. Really,just how dumb are these freeloaders? These extremist supremacists look at the ratings of Fox News and assume every citizen believes as they do. What they fail to realize is that those are the stay at home, trailer park dwelling food stamp takers that have nothing better to do than sit around chewing tobacco, drinking moonshine and watch Fox News. They’re stuck in time as the rest of the country moves forward. The few that actually have computers/smart phones, troll the progressive websites, trying to cause havoc. Truly pathetic.

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