Republican Governor’s Education Policies Result in Mass Exodus of NC Teachers

dumbing down america

If there is any doubt that Koch inspired Republican policies would be a disaster for America, one need only look to North Carolina, where you can see the results of these policies in real time. Gutting the social safety net didn’t make jobs magically appear. It just meant that more people would be struggling to survive.

Liberals called it and we were just as right about the inevitable fall out of McCrory’s education “reforms.” The McCrory Administration brought in many education “reforms” that only the Tea Party could love. While courting charter schools with the public purse, McCrory slashed the public education budget with predictable results.

Classes are larger and teachers’ workloads have increased,  But NC teachers haven’t had a significant pay raise in five years. McCrory also removed supplemental pay for advanced degrees, which amounts to penalizing teachers for improving their qualifications. Moreover, pay raises only apply to teachers in the first year. Then there are the indirect costs, such as increasing taxes on the middle and poverty wage classes to pay for the tax cuts McCrory gave the richest families in North Carolina.

Teachers are among North Carolina’s low income wage earners. As a result of McCrory’s “reforms,” they are finding it difficult if not impossible to survive even with several additional jobs. Moreover, contrary to Republican talking points, they are working 12 months a year – many more days and much longer hours than Republican members of the U.S. Congress.

WUNC,  reports 600 teachers have left their jobs in Wake County – since July 2013. That’s an alarming increase of 41% from last year. Britt Morton explains why he and his wife decided that they will continue teaching after they leave North Carolina to live in Georgia.

My wife works three jobs, as a teacher, on the weekends selling soccer equipment in tournaments, summer she’s a manager of a pool, myself I’m a coach – football and wrestling, and we still can’t make our payments,

At 14% the state average of teachers leaving the profession is at a five year high and many of them blame Pat McCrory’s anti-education and anti-teacher policies.

The policies are proving as much a disincentive to future teachers, as those who are living the new reality of teaching in North Carolina. According to Michael Maher, North Carolina State’s Assistant Dean for Professional Education:

In the NC State College of Education, we are going to see between an 18 and 20 percent reduction in students entering teacher education next year, and this is on the heels of a year where we saw a reduction the prior year… So we are seeing fewer students choose to become teachers.

In other words, the result of education “reform” in North Carolina is robbing the state’s children of the future unless they fit the cookie cutter mold of predominately religious Charter Schools. These are schools in which there aren’t any academic standards, and there are no academic requirements for teachers.

Clearly, in the name of ridding North Carolina of a public education system, McCrory designed policies to drive people away from teaching in the public education system. The sad reality is it’s working because without a supply of qualified teachers, the public education system will die.

These policies are what conservatives hope to “achieve” nationwide – establishing a country of indoctrinated zombies who do what they’re told and question nothing.

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  1. It doesn’t appear that things will get better in North Carolina any time soon. The teasters are entrenched there. Hopefully Hagan can hold on as a bastion of sanity.

  2. Uh….What’s gonna happen to the famed Research Triangle , an area that rivals Silicon Valley????

    Just asking.

  3. Actually, I think it’s time to elect some politicians that aren’t seriously trying to ruin public education. It’s absolutely insane to think that privately run (some for profit) charter schools funded by tax money plus tuition is going to be a suitable replacement for good public schools. Sure, some charters will be good, but the intent appears to be to destroy the public schools completely so private enterprise can turn education into a profit system (like many states have done with the prisons). NC Republicans are saying that they don’t have the money to properly fund public education. And they’re the primary reason, with tax cuts for the wealthy and diversion of tax money to charter schools that are free to serve only students they like (read: kids that aren’t a problem, and who have parents with enough money to pay the tuition. This article is just the tip of the iceberg. How long will it take to restore decent public school system after many of the best teachers have le…

  4. And yet these same Republicans will scream that their policies are done for the sake of the children and their future. How anyone can belief that the best hope for America’s future lies with Republican policies is delusional at best. Sad, very sad indeed.

  5. Now that is where 60 minutes should be visiting. The School systems in the SOUTH where teachers are abandoning their jobs to go elsewhere and kids are falling behind. SHAME on McCrory and shame of the legislature which is saying that the people would rather their children be ignorant and unprepared for life’s challenges than pay their fair share of taxes.

  6. A reasonably well prepared article .. .. right up to the last sentence: “These policies are what conservatives hope to ‘achieve’ nationwide – establishing a country of indoctrinated zombies who do like their told and question nothing.”

    “Do as ‘their’ told” ? ?
    How about “do as ‘they’re’ told.”

  7. In no time at all, it will be undereducated doctors and nurses caring for them when they are old.

    It is being shown to me that the teasters are trying to keep us stupid so that they can gain even more power and make serfs of us all.

  8. People like Rand Paul hate the public school system because it didn’t accept their dogma as the reigning basis of all logic in the universe. They want to get even by destroying the present system and punishing those who had the temerity to challenge their views by calling for logical defenses of their dogma.

    The GOP are now practitioners of “faith based” politics where lies don’t matter as long as you have faith that those lies aren’t true. They are victims of the very “cognitive dissonance” that they see everywhere but in their own belief in obvious lies.

  9. Very soon, all they will have is dumbass sunday school teachers. But, admit it, that is what the Christian right wanted all along.

  10. @buckeyewill: You mean that liberal bastion of indoctrination? The place with so many universities and research programs and wonderful stuff? Where they indoctrinate your kids to be independent thinkers…er…I mean, atheists and “libtards”? ‘Cuz you know, don’t you, that all “libtards” are atheists and baby killers, right? (Sarcastic yes, but I actually have met right wingers who believe this drivel)

    Yeah, that. If you owned a company and were looking to locate somewhere, would you take your company to a place like this? Hell would freeze over first, for me.

    The economic impact in that sector will take a few years to show up, but it will show up.

  11. The Original Koch , Erich Koch of Koch industries
    was in charge of providing slave labor to the
    Nazi´s in the Ukrain during WW2 . Here´s where it gets interesting Erich Koch´s first act as
    Reichkommisar was to close local schools and said
    “Ukrain children need no schools . What they´ll have
    to learn will be taught them by their German Masters”.
    This is the same mind set of his decendents the
    Koch Bros. “Control what they learn and you can Control them “! Using the inbred hatred poor white people have for minorities . The Koch Bros. dream of a “3rd reich” in America is well on it´s way .

  12. This will allow replacement teachers willing to teach creationism, teach that the world was created in 6 days 6000 years ago, teach that men hunted the dinosaurs to extinction and that evolution is a Satanic lie. In other words, the perfect Republican state full of Stepford wives and compliant voters with just enough education to work the machines.

  13. Actually I would, given the lax environmental policies of McCrory and the the tax cuts for the wealthiest, I could simply pay for my child to go to private school, a traditional real private school (obviously the number of children in this scenario affects it’s feasibility.)

    Public schools weren’t a great place prior to McCrory’s policies; prison like architecture, poorly structured curriculum, for teachers following best practices incredibly long hours (for those who aren’t, not as long.), and many schools who have lost control of there students for fear of the parents and the “prison to school pipeline” (it does have some basis in reality, but not ignoring the surface and the underlying problems do not make them go away, they are simply being ignore.) I haven’t even mentioned the testing yet.

    McCrory simply drove a broken down car into a ditch.

  14. This is exactly whats wanted. Here in tennessee the group Students First advocate getting rid of all the current teachers and hiring new ones for the charter schools.

    Ones that know how to teach religion in the classroom

  15. Shiva,

    We simply cannot take any more Xtian schools in Middle Tennessee. There are far too many home-skooled illiterate kids now.

    Charter schools for Religiosity and the Furtherance of Facism SHOULD NOT RECEIVE ONE TAXPAYER DOLLAR.

    Kids in all these “Xtian” schools lodged into storefronts, sheds, whatever, only receive a GED – they do not employ certified teachers and have no accreditation.

    Way to Go! Promote IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY – that is the future!

  16. I have mentioned it before in my various comments: without a “general public,” these states will implode. If I were a NC resident, I would be on my way out. Close down my business, sell my property (assuming there is anyone to sell it to) and get my family and me away from the tea party, Koch supported, policies designed to get us ignorant and subservient to the rich. But not just because of the education policies, but also because of all the other ridiculous legislation these fools are putting in place.

  17. Teachers were leaving this state before McCroy ever took office. This should not all be blamed on his policies. As the article states, teachers have not had a raise in 5 years. This is thanks in large part to the democrats who were in charge before McCroy.

  18. McCory is a art pope puppet,with a IQ of about 100. Which explains his destruction of the school systems.

  19. Oddly, all the nations far ahead of the US in literacy and skills seem to do just fine with “public education”. Then again, they don’t have ghetto-ized schools that are underfunded and so-called Christian schools insisting on creating their own sect of uneducated boors.
    Between the inner-city schools, the red-state schools and the poor rural districts you’ve eliminated a REAL education for half the student population.
    That’s American Exceptionalism at work! I would maybe call it just plain “exception” or better yet, “exemption”. Exempted from receiving the education they deserve and we need.

  20. Please, please correct the “their” in the final sentence. It should be “they’re.” I hate to see a solid message lose impact because of typos.

  21. Adam, we have our own tea party wingnuts in the east and south of our own state. Any teachers attempting to flee the wingnuttery of NC not only would have a dauntingly long trip, they’d have to contend with Bundy-Ranch-like survivalists and gun fetishists looking askance at the furrin license plate, assuming they’re arriving via the family Suburban. Don’t forget our eastern border abuts crazed Idaho, which abuts both teaparty northeastern Nevada and northwestern Utah…

  22. Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, and their other two brothers are sons of Fred C. Koch, who’s the son of a Dutch immigrant, Hotze (Harry) Koch. Harry Koch was the second child of Johan Anthon Koch.

    “Koch’s paternal grandfather had been a sailor from Jever in German East Frisia who had shipwrecked off the coast of the Dutch West Frisian town of Workum, where he eventually married the mayor’s daughter. Koch’s mother died during the birth of her eighth child, and his father remarried Petronella de Swart, the daughter of a banker. Harry Koch had five surviving siblings and another five half-siblings who all remained in the Netherlands. After working as a printer’s apprentice in The Hague and Germany, Koch emigrated to the United States in 1888.”

    There doesn’t appear to be any blood lineage connection to Erich Koch.

  23. The non-wealthy idiots who voted for the likes of McCrory are getting more than I’m sure they ever bargained for. Many of them are too poor to send their kids to private schools, and now they are seeing the predictable results of having voted for folks who want to dumb down education in order to produce unquestioning, unthinking dummies who will do what they’re told, to their own detriment. The worst part of it all is that the soulless creeps they voted for knew just how to use their religious beliefs in order to manipulate them into voting against their own interests.

  24. 800,000 more Democrats in NC than GOP. If they don’t vote they are worse than the morons they inherit. Education is a threat to those who govern at all levels of government in NC and they plan to create an apartheid old white man’s form of control. Vote!

  25. republicans want to keep people dumb and gullible. gutting education is just a means to that end. they don’t care about students or teachers.

  26. “Republicans want to keep people dumb and gullible” ? What? Coming from a party that wants to keep everyone afraid and on assistance so that they are dependent on Democrats?

  27. Well said cliche. Just like you were trained to say.

    But then again the Dems are fighting for jobs so no one will be on assistance while you fight for no jobs.

  28. Did you and I read the same article? Because “they’re” is spelled correctly in the one I READ!!! Grammar aside, this IS a very well written and INSIGHTFUL article. One of the reasons I was SO glad my son decided to remain in the state where he attended college to teach. Ohio will pay him VERY WELL, as an educator!!!!

  29. I am one leaving. Cannot wait for this year to be over. Sad that what made me want to become a teacher (seeing my own parents do it in NC for 30 years) is the reason I”m leaving….so I can have what they have. NC used to be praised, now it is cursed. I’m leaving for another state where I can make a little more, but more than that, where there is more respect for teachers in general.

  30. On the upside for NC. they were able to get all the pig farms from Virginia to relocate by eliminating pollution standards for them. You can gather evidence of this with your nose by driving down RT 17 or crossing over one of the many streams in that area.

  31. I may be wrong but the Schools are funded by taxes
    and I believe it is a make up of Federal State and City taxes. Where I live the majority of the tax is real estate tax. I don’t under stand why the people don’t have a say about how the Schools are run. I do understand that the State has a say about the tax they pay because the people voted these a-holes in office. I don’t understand why the Feds. or the State has total control. This is wrong Schools should be run by the people of the district.

  32. In other words only teach what the people want them to teach? So that one county would teach religion, another county teaches what kids need? Arnt we better off with educational standards as opposed to many children never being ready for college?

  33. Ignorant Leadership and Electorate Followers with no ability to be; critical thinkers, well informed deciders and voter begets destruction of all that is good about Democracies civil, human rights and well organized infrastructure policies that had, could and still can be a great society for America and the World at large.

    Red States (States with Republicans advocating the policies of Corporations Are People) are doing all that they can to dump well educated teachers out of their regions in addition to destroying all that is good for society (We The People of America) in the name of Conservatism (Republicans Using God to Mislead the mass of Gullible Ignorant Uneducated flocks of Republican Slaves for the BENEFIT of ALEC State Network Policies of the very rich Multinational Corporations within America and Outside the America).


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