Conservatives Plot To Overthrow Obama and Democrats and Appoint a Permanent GOP Majority

American SpringConsequences are the effects, results, or outcomes of something occurring. Consequences is a word Americans are going to hear often over the next eight or nine months when politicians are going to repeat ad nauseum that “elections have consequences.” Prior to the 2008 General Election, the consequences of elections meant the victors began making plans to implement their campaign promises; except after the 2010 midterms when instead of creating jobs like they pledged to win control of the House, Republicans immediately embarked on a job-killing spree they have continued relentlessly. Before the 2008 election, the losers crawled back home, licked their wounded pride, and emerged to work with the victors for the good of the country and its people. After 2008, everything changed in the minds of the vanquished and the consequence of the general election was a concerted effort to punish the voters for electing an African American man as President that escalated into a full-on conservative, religious right, and Republican assault on both the people and the government.

It is glaringly apparent that Republicans and conservatives were deluded by Karl Rove’s claim in the middle of the first decade of this century that America would be ruled by “a permanent Republican majority” in perpetuity. The stunning realization that Rove was in error sent conservatives blinded by their racial animus toward Barack Obama into losing what little sense of reason they possessed to actively finish what they started with 2008s Great Recession and destroy the economy, kill jobs, and take everything from the American people. That economic terrorism was bad enough coming from Republicans in Congress, but conservatives not in Congress have evolved from disgruntled losers shortly after the 2008 election into a concerted movement determined to overthrow the United States government; something establishment Republicans are complicit in.

After seeing and hearing five years of propaganda accusing President Obama of everything from tyranny, sedition, treason, shredding the Constitution, murdering millions of babies, murdering four Benghazi diplomats, trampling Americans’ freedoms, waging war on Christianity, seizing Americans’ guns, waging war on white people, not being American, and being a usurper to the presidency, it is little wonder racially driven conservatives are plotting to overthrow the government. One can tell immediately that since none of the teabagger, religious right, and establishment Republican accusations are true, the only reasonable conclusion is that the entirety of the conservative movement is suffering from delusional schizophrenia that has driven their total and complete break from reality. The latest expression of the right’s delusion is a planned march on Washington by 30-million Americans to oust the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress, convene a right wing tribunal, and appoint a new government consisting of a permanent Republican majority.

The march, occupation, and seizure of the nation’s capital is set for May 16 according to right wing extremists, Tea Party Nation, and various militia groups who named it “Operation American Spring;” a take-off of Egypt’s Arab Spring. According to Operation American Spring’s organizers, “Our only hope is that ‘we the people’ draw thirty million and more American patriots to come to Washington, D.C. for an “American Spring” to stop the White House from total destruction of the United States and bring to a conclusion the out of control government, one way or the other. It’s now or never. God help us.” It is curious that these delusional Republicans and teabaggers on the one hand claim god wrote the Constitution and created America, and the other appeal to him for help in eradicating the Constitution to create a new America ruled by Republicans and teabaggers. The whole plot reeks of the Koch brothers’ John Birch agenda to reshape America into a fascist plutocracy and evangelical theocracy.
The American Spring organizers have a well-planned strategy to execute their Koch coup d’état, and their delusion is only matched by their publicly announced unconstitutionally seditious tactics to overthrow the government and install a permanent Republican-teabagger authority over the people. Organizers have broken down the government overthrow into three phases beginning with “ten million patriots assembled in a display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent leadership with the mission to oust the existing leadership.” There is nothing in the Constitution about marching on Washington to oust the existing leadership.

Phase two requires one million or more patriots to stay in D.C. to see Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, and Attorney General Holder removed from office, and replace Boehner by the senior Republican in the House as Speaker. In Phase three, these unswerving Constitutional loyalists will end Constitutional elections and task the House with electing a Republican president and vice president, and to deal with Democrats forcibly removed from office, “a tribunal comprised of Allen West, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Paul Sessions, and Darrell Issa will assume authority to recommend charges against ousted Democrats and government employees.” In a suspension of the judiciary, they will all be tried and convicted by “the new attorney general appointed by the new president” elected by the Republican House.

What is missing from the unswerving Constitutional loyalist’s plans is their contempt for the American people who elected President Obama not once, but twice. Throughout the preponderance of rebellion-minded Republican and teabaggers’ complaints about the out of control White House and Democratically-controlled Senate is their ad nauseum use of plotting a coup d’état for “we the people.” They know, but will not admit that “we the people” elected President Obama and it informs that their rebellion to wage war and overthrow the legally elected government is a revolution against the American people for their choice of leadership.

This persistent threat of revolution to overthrow the government is not a result of five years of Barack Obama’s Presidency because the Koch brothers’ founded teabagger movement began screaming tyranny, intrusive government, attacks on the 2nd Amendment, and that their liberties were being trampled in 2009 well before the President had been in office a few months. Since then, the propaganda machine went from promoting unrelenting tax increases to tyranny to murdering babies to shredding the Constitution that is a stunning assertion considering American Spring organizers intend on shredding the Constitution to install a permanent Republican majority to rule Americans.

It is delusion, and the consequences of Americans twice electing an African American man as President, that is the real impetus for rebellion, calls for assassination, and another plan for millions of patriots to march on Washington and oust the legally elected President. The entire movement has the Koch brothers’ fingerprints all over it because they cannot comport the consequences of Americans electing an African American man who will not acquiesce to their vision of a fascist corporatocracy administered by an evangelical theocracy; dog help them indeed.


66 Replies to “Conservatives Plot To Overthrow Obama and Democrats and Appoint a Permanent GOP Majority”

  1. 30 MILLION? Subtract 29,999,970 and that’s who will show up and half will be in scooters the other half will have misspelled signs. Idiots

  2. whats this like the third time something like this has been planned……….all just words to try and scare us that something is going to happen the cowards will not show up………AGAIN

  3. I’d like to them ALL gunned down, then I’d like to see the Koch Bros. arrested and tried and convicted for treason.

  4. Why don’t they all relocate to Russia. There they can be with like minded homophobic raciest like themselves?

  5. I really can’t believe this. This sounds so nonsensical I double checked to make sure the story isn’t citing the Onion or something

  6. Also let’s not be cheering for the massacre of any idiots who do show up. Otherwise what’s the difference between us? As long as things don’t get violent (although they plainly want them to) they have a right to stand in the capital and shout their slogans

  7. This is how it began back in 1930’s Germany, and further proof that the modern day Conservative/TeaBag party IS The New Nazi party.

  8. If you were planning on overthrowing the government wouldn’t you want to keep the date of your insurrection a secret? What idiots. If there is even an ounce of truth in their ignorant plans you can bet the government will be prepared for any rebellion.

    They like the founding fathers and the constitution so much I’d suggest reading how George Washington meant to deal with the whiskey rebellion. He was going to end that with Federal troop imeadiately.

  9. They are all domestic terrorists and I say treat them as we would anyother terrorists. Drive them out, arrest and try them by a jury then send them off to prison. Whackos is not a strong enough term for these right wing nuts.

  10. Actually to be teabagger correct on the name if this “rebellion” it should be “Operayshun ‘Mericun Sprang” What needs to happen is that they should install more cameras and get as much data as possible on these traitors and then watch them like hawks because you know that some of them are dangerous mentally unstable people…with guns. They don’t know it yet but they more or less gave the next major elections to the REAL Americans, the Democrats and liberals.

  11. A little advice to my fellow Democrats/ Progressives and Liberals. We should watch our words and deeds during the next 3 years and especially the voicing of violence against these knuckle draggers. We do not want to become the monsters that we are battling for this nation and the freedom of us all..including the monsters who are above all our fellow Americans, we must not lose sight of this.

  12. Anyone remember the big truck protest the repubs tried to do on Washington a couple of years ago? They ended up with like 6 trucks show up. Why would this be any different?

  13. I am shocked they didnt put Hannity and Bundy on that list.

    Well best of luck to them. These are the same people who couldnt get enough people around to have a tea bag convention.

    I should hasten to add, the charges when read will simply be “Out of control govt”, as they have nohting else on anyone in government

  14. Too stupid to read history free of Glenn Beck and David Barton.

    This is treason. If they decide to pull this off, they should be tried in Federal Court and if found guilty punished.

  15. Thank you for this Joseph. I was a bit rattled by comments to “mow them down”. Just not what I expect from the quality commenters I read here daily. You’re correct, Sir. That is not who we are and it’s not right.

  16. I looked up Harry Riley the mastermind (yeah right) of this movement. His FB has 5,432 likes so clearly his goal of 30 million has quite a way to go. Oh and the picture on his page with a packed DC Mall I am betting came from the Million Man March.

  17. So basically, they uphold the constitution by trashing it while accusing others of trashing the constitution?


  18. So these seditious traitors, accompanied by Uncle Toms like Allen West and Alan Keyes, plan to march on and occupy a city that is 70% African American, to say nothing of the fact that Latinos, Asians, and the huge majority of whites who live there would oppose them.

    Oh, yes…by all means, try and pull this off, Teapublicans. Give us a reason to haul the lot of you off in handcuffs and ankle shackles.

  19. Shiva, I have a feeling that if Craven Bundy has not stuck both of his feet plus the hooves of his horse into his mouth therefore silencing him, that we will see Craven and Sean leading the “parade”. Craven will most likely be the keynote speaker since he embodies everything that the Reich Wing holds dear. Especially his recent word salad regarding his 1860’s mindset of what he finds wrong with blacks and how in his sick mind they should be still slaves.

  20. I just checked hotel room availability for 5/16 to 5/17 and there are hundreds of rooms, maybe thousands. Looks to me like it will be a bigger bust than the truckers for freedom thing or whatever the hell that was called.

  21. Repubs make me want to puke, but they are very dangerous folks. They are hell bent on destroying us. Old white folks want to be totally in charge. I am white and find them are close to committing sedition and treason.

  22. These scum NEED to get a serious and unforgettable bitchslap. We progressives need to face these bastards down. I don’t want an all out conflict, but heaven help ’em if they try it. Being ready to oppose these reich-wingers with force is NOT sinking to their level. It’s rising to the occasion. Big difference. There are more progressive gun owners than the Tea Party realizes. Hitler was only stopped by the force of arms. This is still an inconvenient truth for some on our side.

  23. The DC Police and Capital Police will never let them into DC with guns. This was mentioned once before right before the infamously stupid trucker rally. Some Idiot who’s name escapes me wanted Obama to “get up off his knees put the Koran down and come out with his hands up”. They threatened to bring guns and arrest Obama and Police Chief Lanier came out and said they would put up check points if they had to and disarm anyone trying to enter DC with a gun. DC has some gun laws apparently so this is all BS.

  24. since we know they are coming and when they are coming, just wait and put them in an insane asylum and let them believe they are running the country from there.

  25. @Gindy51, that got a really good chuckle out of me, thanx. I hadn’t thought about the hotels and motels. You will know it’s happening when you see the old pick up trucks, old school buses, and broken down hoopties all painted camo colors pulling in with their home made bbq pits behind them.

  26. How about using diversion? Just put up Free BBQ and SHOOTIN’ RANGE signs along the roads and lead them around in circles. May have to use pictures on the signs just in case.

  27. I hear Hannity will be given a cabinet position.

    You know, if these clowns are so rabidly anti-government, why would they bother replacing it at all? This never made sense to me. Then again, look who we are talking about here.

  28. Beat me to it.
    I was going to say they would get a hundred people in Lafayette Park carrying homemade signs with misspelled words. Maybe scarah palin could come and she could swat at the capitol police with her purse (oh wait… toddtoddtodd (have you seen todd?) carries the purse).

  29. And here I thought the kid who had the SWAT team called on him for losing in Call of Duty was a sore loser…

    These guys are taking that ‘sore loser’ attitude and have taken it to an extreme level that scares the hell out of me. Nothing will come out of this whole plan, but it does show that they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.

    This just means that all of us who aren’t Anti-American seditionists must stand their ground and fight back in the way of nonviolence.

  30. Letting them hold their little ragtag festival would show just how impotent they are. No bullets required.

  31. One good thing can come from this attack on the US. This will end up with some of them being mowed down and others in jails for treason. That would mean that there would be even less stupid GOP teabaggers to vote stupid GOP ideology. Hopefully this would cut the gene pool also.

  32. We understand how you feel, and we feel the same way. But we really don’t wish for people to be killed on this website.

  33. LOL tens of people will once again Hoveround to D.C.. Their last big D.C. event was F-ing Hilarious. I’m not an advocate for violence. But, keep in mind. They have attempted to advocate for violence against us. They have now armed themselves and threatened our Govt. At this point. I’m kinda hoping they get what they think they want. Give it to them with Both Barrels.If these traitors want a shootout with police/national guard. I’ll buy a ticket and some popcorn for that show.

  34. So the Insane Clown Rodeo is coming to DC.

    It Should be lots of Laughs.

    I know that it’s NOT polite to Laugh at STUPID People but when I read this stuff I really can’t
    Help Myself.

  35. See, we let those bastards beat us on everything. They are the fascists pushing an oligarch government ruled by greedy billionaires like the Kochs. We are the ones suffering income inequality at the hands of Republicans. But they’re having the revolution? Democrats have a problem. We should be in the middle of a revolution right now. In the streets demanding the benevolent overlords who are buying our government give it back.

  36. I say drone the traitors, or cull them in barb wired fences. When they’re all gathered up give them what they want.
    Force secede them on an island like guantanamo bay.see how long they last without government “HANDOUTS” like paid for roads, schools, ss, medicaid, medicare, healthcare, etc.

  37. Tom, you are right, I live in D.C. and drive around the area all day for my job, during the million truckers thing on my trips around the beltway I saw one pickup with two people in it, not exactly a million and I wouldn’t suggest blocking traffic, D.C. drivers are not very patient.

  38. Last time they attempted something like this was supposed to be a massive armed gun march in the streets. 2nd amendment gun rights are being trampled on. Not enough Sandy Hook & Aurora massacres for them! Millions of “patriots” with assault weapons turned loose in Washington. If I’m not mistaken less than 3,000 were going to show before it was called off.

  39. Can’t we try these false patriots for treason and sedition then throw them into prison and call it a free speech zone.Why they might even go voluntarily seeing as they love the constitution and their god given rights so much.

  40. Let them have Texas to build their no taxes, no government, no laws, stand-your-ground utopian hell.

    After giving the normal, rational minded people a chance to get the hell out, build a giant wall along the entire northern border of Texas to keep the crazies confined.

  41. Would be nice to use a Blackhawk to fly over and drop stink bombs on them, nothing painful or life threatening. Just something that stinks to high heaven and doesn’t wash off.

  42. I believe this “Operation American Spring” is a direct consequence of the Cliven Bundy standoff … at least that’s what Bundy’s daughter is claiming on the Facebook page of the same name. I’m guessin’ it’ll draw about the same number of looney tunes that the truckers “blockade” drew that was supposed to shut down the beltway a few months back. Meanwhile, if they want a fight, I’ve got my NRA-endorsed assault rifle and mega-rounds ammo clips just waitin’ for ’em!

  43. No doubt there is some wild scheme afoot in the minds of some but the gap between contemplation and execution of an overthrow or coup d’etat is considerable. We can hardly suppose that our Republic is in much danger. That said, send in the clowns. Stamp their names on public lists of treasonists and seditionists. Boycott them at every turn. Stand up and be recognized for what YOU believe in and expend your financial bounty to revive the exhausted poor and bolster the middle class. Stop the ravages of racism and intolerance and when you see a zombie, i.e. an arguement based on poor reasoning, behead it with logic and show those who spread the BS for what they are.

  44. One problem with that: it’s like wrestling with pigs. you just get shit in your face and the pig loves it.

  45. Of course this is not the first time such a threat has existed. Two time recipient of the Medal of Honor, Marine General Smedley Butler, was recruited to lead an army on Washington to overthrow President Roosevelt because staunch conservatives were up in arms about his policies. Big money has never appreciated government any more than did King George. They are followers of the golden rule – the one with the most gold rules – and that is the mark of our financial, industrial, military, educationsl complex. War is good business and there is nothing they won’t do to ensure that wars, terror, and fear continue to motivate commerce at any expense of life. Peace is not an option for them so long as it stands in the way of profits.

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