Fox News Reveals Their Real Agenda By Congratulating Karl Rove On Hillary Clinton Smear


Fox News is revealing their true agenda by congratulating Karl Rove for smearing Hillary Clinton by claiming that she has brain damage.

Video of Fox News praising Rove:

Eric Bolling said on The Five, “I think he’s an evil genius. I love Karl…Look, he planted a seed, and now the left and the right are watering it like crazy, and guess what? It’s starting to sprout, and you have to ask the question. Is she capable? Is she okay? What’s with the lens on that left eyeglass after her head bump? Bolling went on to claim that Rove was actually wrong, because President Clinton said she was injured for 6 months, not three.

However, former President Clinton never said that his wife was injured for six months.

Video of former President Clinton:

Clinton said, “They went to all this trouble to say that she staged what was a terrible concussion that required six months of really serious work to get over. It’s something that she never lowballed with the American people, never tried to pretend it didn’t happen.”

Remember, Karl Rove and Fox News are claiming that former Sec. of State Clinton was hospitalized for three months. Former President Clinton said that she had to work for six months to recover. That doesn’t mean that she was hospitalized, incapacitated, or not capable of doing her job.

The only seed that is growing is the seed of new conspiracy theory that has sprouted up on Fox News and talk radio. Rove has been widely mocked to the point where he had to try to walk back his comments by claiming that he never said that Hillary Clinton has brain damage.

I’ll bet the Koch brothers and the other right wing billionaires don’t think Rove is such a genius after he wasted $300 million of their money on a completely losing effort in 2012. Rove got a 1.3% return on the billionaires’ investment in 2012. That means that only 1% of the money got the supported candidate elected, or the opposed candidate defeated. To put it another way, 99% of the money that Rove spent lost. Those aren’t exactly genius results.

Fox News’ willingness to give ol’ Turd Blossom a hearty pat on the back shows what the pretend news organization is all about. Fox News is shifting gears away from President Obama and is becoming more and more about stopping Hillary Clinton. Fox is trying to push the brain damage conspiracy under the disguise of news.

This is a three part fail. Karl Rove isn’t a genius. Fox News isn’t news, and Hillary Clinton does not have brain damage.

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  1. They are so dumb. What people are talking about is what a lowlife Ham Rove is and he shouldn’t be talking about anybody having brain damage after that piece of offal he drug illegally into the white house. I hope he keeps talking, people are laughing at him more and more

  2. Karl Rove has been going after Hillary Clinton since the 90’s. He is a distraction, but has not slowed Hillary down one bit. Ignore Rove, he is a tool…

  3. These clowns at FOX shouldn’t bring up anything about Brain Injury. Talking about brains, if you took all of them at Fox, cut off the top of their heads, took a spoon and scraped the inside of the skulls, you couldn’t get a spoonful between them. The real fact of the matter is, they are scared of Hillary, just like they are scared of President Obama. What you have over at Fox is a bunch of deadheads amateurs trying to be professional news people. The sat there and look into the Camera spitting out the evilness and hatred, using their own stupid imagination as news. Let me close by saying FOX agenda is spreading hatred and evilness against anyone that don’t agree with them. And the ones that do, are nothing but zombies, so they don’t matter. Besides you can tell the one’s that sit around and listens to FOX, the seem to repeat for word what they heard on Gomorrah, I mean FOX.

  4. Newest rumor is that Carl Rove has Alzheimer’s, it might be true. Spread the word!!! Put it in every post, please.

  5. Still awaiting a journalist to note that Rove’s former boss regularly exhibited signs of mental incapacity, having significant difficulties with pretzels, bikes, segways, horses, speech, spatial coordination, name recognition, animal handling, cognitive function, and impulse control.

  6. FOX Noise has been revealing their agenda for years, and their glee at the fact that Karl Rove has been going after Hillary Clinton only cements it. He’s a miserable excuse for a human being who’s full of racism, misogyny, and other forms of the GOP’s disdain for those of us who are not rich, white male Republicans. His meltdown on
    11-06-12 at the news that Ohio went to Barack Obama instead of Willard Romney, and therefore the presidency, was priceless. I would love to see something similar if and when Hillary Clinton wins the White House. I would never get through laughing at him.

  7. “George Bush’s Brain” as Rove is known as should learn to shut up before he loses what little credibility he has left and officially joins the psychotic flying mammal red faced piss pants brigade.

    Thought it may be too late.

    They got the evil right. But he’s not genius. Not even close.

  8. I have followed this story pretty closely since it broke to see if the other networks gave the story life. Unfortunately, and predictably, they have. Why don’t we learn how to stop falling for this right wing media trick: tell a lie, keep telling it, then use the “some people are saying” line, and then wait for the story to cross over to the mainstream media and gain a life of it’s own.

    Also, I have never heard Fox or Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove say that Hillary was hospitalized for three months, as this article states. They said she was hospitalized for 30 days. Let’s be better than Fox and get the story right. Let’s learn to ignore the lies and not get duped into making them a news story in the general media.

  9. Love your intelligent comment. We need to get that our in a national newspaper to refresh some memories like you did mine. Thanks for that.

  10. The only thing Rove and Fox succeeded in doing is making fools of themselves and showing the world just how frightened they are of Hillary. I myself find it quite amusing.

  11. Right now fox news is violating HIPPA laws, She has not announce she is running. She is not employed by anyone, there for her health and records is no ones business but hers. I understand her health has to be checked if she decide to run. So I think she should sue fox news for this.

  12. The Joseph Goebbels channel strikes again. And no I would not post a rumor that Karl Rove has Alzheimers because that would give him an out and the last thing we want to do is cut that fuckbubble any slack! He is just plain evil!

  13. The Fox Hates & Lies TV station personality republican Rove lives up the station mantra. That being lying republican liars full of hateful, hate filled, hate mongering. The heart and soul of GOP hate and lies that is Fox Hates & Lies TV station never ceases to reach that new republican daily low of new republican hate and lies. The GOP, not needed, not wanted, not relevant.

  14. Charles

    This is the Rove-Republican mantra— if it is not true just keep repeating it and some people will accept it without investigation. Keep repeating lies about Obamacare, foreign policy or whatever.

  15. Ever been by a large pasture, full of pigs and you see those little brown things all over the ground….??????? Well, those are Karl Rove eggs, laying around, trying to hatch, or so I have been told.

  16. Wait, weren’t they claiming that her issue was completely made-up? Now they’re went to the other extreme??? Good lord…

  17. The more I watch Fox news, the more I realize how unprofessional and one sided they are. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and then Bam!!! I really can’t believe they get away with this stuff, but I can’t believe Republicans get away with stuff either. Actually I feel like Republicans have been so revealing the last 4 years (more than that) that they are really blowing it.

    I believe what goes around comes around and soon, the ignorant ones who only care for the corporation’s agendas, will stay “Duh, ignorant (or just act that way) and the ones who really care about our country will step up.

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