Conservative Country Singer Spends Memorial Day Insulting Veterans Who Don’t Share His Beliefs


It was inevitable.

This Memorial Day is the day when Dustin Evans, a conservative country “singer and songwriter”, who opened for Country Music Association Awards nominee Lee Brice and claims to be a “perennial favorite among touring bands in the Upper Midwest and Great Plains regions”, repeatedly insulted a veteran because of his political beliefs; aka, the very freedoms veterans fought for.

Apparently veterans are only allowed to be Republicans. All others will be mocked, dead or alive.

I wanted to honor my World War II veteran grandfather on Memorial Day. He was very political – he couldn’t breathe without talking politics. So I tweeted the words he always said to us, “My Grandpa, a proud vet, used to start every family meal — yes, every — by saying ‘Republicans use religion to steal from working class.'”

It’s sort of hard to find a new low on Twitter, but then this happened (he since deleted this tweet):

So, every single veteran who disagrees with Republicans (and there are a lot of them) is stupid, according to Dustin Evans. This is his cheerful Memorial Day message of co-opting all veterans for his side, or “patriotism”.

That’s a “no” to honoring ALL who served.

He claims to be sponsored by US Smokeless Tobacco and Roper Western Wear. It’s a rare person with a public profile who will insult your beloved dead relative and then do it again after being called out. A veteran. On Memorial Day.

Dustin is that person.

When I responded to this total stranger that he was picking on the dead, he co-opted another veteran for cover and reiterated his insult against my Grandpa. So, doubling down, the country singer tweeted (and since deleted):

Dustin Evans’s stream is full of tweets mocking the President. His chief complaint seems to be that Obama can’t throw a baseball, which is just like being angry about the invasion of Iraq based on a lie, only not. Remember the Dixie Chicks?

After his double down failed, Dustin then decided to take refuge in making things up:

Mr. Evans has since deleted all of his previous tweets to me, though he issued no apology. Instead, he made sure I knew he wasn’t sorry, “Create whatever narrative you want, lady. I’m thankful for all our vets, and not everyone on the ‘religious right’ is a thief.”

Thankful for all of our vets who aren’t “stupid” or expressing political beliefs he disagrees with, that is.

Since Dustin believes that if I repeat his tweets, it’s “creating a narrative”, I’ll let them speak for themselves:

Dustin tweet 2

The double down, wherein we realized that he had not accidentally gone Westboro Baptist adjacent, but deliberately:

dustin's tweets

Dustin is still busy re-writing history. When someone told him he should right his wrong by apologizing, he wrote back that he wouldn’t apologize, and then pretended that he had not personally insulted my grandfather, twice.

He seems to have misguided faith in the delete tweet button, believing all traces of reality to have been erased:

Why did he delete his earlier tweets if he didn’t say anything that deserved an apology?

Dustin finds some veterans’ political beliefs to be a personal insult to which he can only respond with a personal attack. When he thinks no one is looking, only the Republican vets get honored (take it from Anthony Weiner; Twitter is not private). Others are mocked. This is low, even for a Republican.

Evans actually illustrated my Grandpa’s point. Using religion to steal from the masses and control them is hardly a new strategy, and it’s not a random accusation. It’s an established method of the elite, used throughout the ages. Dustin obviously doesn’t realize that this is not a statement about the people who fall for it, but rather the elite who knowingly manipulate their party members with religion in order to get them to vote for things that are no good for them.

Dustin has bought into the Fox poutrage narrative in which he and God have been insulted because not only do veterans belong to the GOP but God, too. However, it’s hard to imagine Jesus on Twitter cheering Dustin for sending random people macabre messages about their beloved, deceased veteran relatives and then deleting all of the evidence and so that he can deceptively play the victim.

The arrogance of conservatives assuming they own patriotism and God is astounding. See, I just don’t buy God as someone who has contempt for half of the country. I don’t buy that God is a fan of cowardly cruelty.

Republicans are the party that arrogantly insults dead veterans and raises cash off of the dead in Benghazi, a year after at least one of their mothers had already asked them to stop. If the shoe were on the other foot, we’d never hear the end of it. This is the party that uses “Hanoi Jane” some 40ish years later to pat themselves on the back for their “patriotism.”

If Dustin’s behavior is any example, we can be fairly certain that they’re not using religion to spread Jesus’ message.

Looks like Grandpa had a point.

Update: Mr. Evans sent me the following tweet:

Update: And Mr. Evans deleted that last tweet. So here’s the screengrab:

dustin twat

71 Replies to “Conservative Country Singer Spends Memorial Day Insulting Veterans Who Don’t Share His Beliefs”

  1. *Salute* to your grandpa for his service. As a veteran myself, I find more and more that people who never served a day in uniform are quick to attack those who have different beliefs, believing that being a [religious] conservative is the same thing as sacrificing one’s freedoms for a higher purpose.

    I listened to country music years ago, but I got turned off by the faux patriotism.

  2. Sarah, your Grandpa and mine (USN 1942-1945) would’ve gotten along famously. He, a 40 year Plumbers & Pipefitters Union member, always told me “I don’t know how anyone who works for a living could ever vote for a Republican”.

    Grandpa was a smart man (yours and mine) ;-)

  3. My Dad was a proud WWll Vet. He always told us and anyone that would listen If you work for a living you never vote Republican! As far as I can see that’s still true today!

  4. That bunch feels they never owe an apology to any one for any thing they say because “I’m always right”. I thank your grandfather for his service to this country.

  5. Thank you for all your posts. I rarely comment but read politicususa often and keep the site on tab all the time.
    I think that too often many of us don’t give credit to those like you who give us so much information, diligently do your job and uncover so much that we readers need to know.
    Kudos to your Grandpa and to you. He was absolutely correct. Dustin Evans is prof positive of that.
    Keep up the good work (as I know you will). I thoroughly enjoy everything you write.
    Sara Williamson, an old white southern lady liberal independent now living in Florida (and sometimes humiliated by that fact).

  6. Agreed. Everytime I hear “Proud to Be an American,” I cringe. These guys never served. And frankly, as a pacifist, killing is wrong. Whoever does it.

  7. How can the party of the Christian right and the filthy rich be the same? I like what Jesus said and I’m aiming it at the Koch brothers. Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter The Kingdom Of Heaven.

  8. Funny that Lynyrd Skynyrd says nothing either for all their “red, white, and blue” stuff. Thank you, Brad Paisley, for traveling with President Obama to entertain our troops in Afghanistan. Not a country fan, but credit given where due.

  9. A very stupid remark on this holy day for fallen Veterans. Be proud of your Grandpa’s service. As to this “award winning” supposedly Country Singer, who the hell is DUSTIN EVANS??? I have almost every country album recorded since 1955 and never heard of this IDIOT!

    SSG T Collins
    USASA 1970-1978

  10. Your Grandfather was a wise man. As a veteran myself I can say his words ring true. Until this creep puts on a uniform he needs to stay in his hole.

  11. My Father-In Law was a die hard Democrat, Union members and enlisted in the Marines at age 16 in 1943. Fought in the Battle of Okinawa 1945. He couldn’t stand the Republicans, Nixon nor Reagan. “Working people voting for the Republican’s is like committing Hairy Karay”.

  12. Country music lyrics are juvenile at best, and very amateurish. I have yet to see a single patriotic conservative.

  13. First, who is Dustin Evans? Did he ever serve in the military? If not then he should keep his cowboy hat, country singing mouth shut. our vets (and I ‘m one) served to make this country free for everyone. Those that serve in our military don’t care who they serve along side of or what they beliefs are, they work together for one purpose to protect this country. To bad our Congress don’t come together and better this country. As far as Dustin Evans, what he says or think isn’t worth a pile of crap.

  14. Here’s to all the veterans that Dusthead Evans considers “stupid.” Glad I don’t live in his Amerika, where ungrateful acces like him impose their will as law–of course, that place only exists inside his pointy little head.

  15. Sadly this attitude is actually encouraged in the modern incarnation of our military. I have two nephews, one in the Army and one a Marine, and both come from a family deeply Democratic and damn proud of it. This fact they have learned to keep quiet as persecution of liberal soldiers is all but encouraged by the higher ups. Sad statement about the land of the free and how they treat Democrats who are brave.

  16. A lot of country singers are conservative. (Believe me, as a liberal country fan, I know!) This guy’s just a jackass. If he thinks it’s free publicity, he can think again. I’m disappointed that Lee Brice would associate himself with such a low-quality person.

    My respect to your grandfather’s service and his willingness to keep learning and doing his part when he got home.

  17. This guy is a false patriot and a lying piece of shit. How dare he insult veterans. I guarantee he’d shit himself if he had to go through a hundredth of what our heroes and heroines do on a daily basis.

  18. Not only does this horror, pretending to be a man, insult the memory of a veteran, he is a misogynist. Let’s be sure we let everyone know on social media exactly the kind of person this Evans guy is. Sing your swan song Evans—your star has fallen–you will be your own undoing.

  19. your grandpa knew what he was talking about, and to paraphrase POTUS, “let ignorant mouths keep talking”, and lastly, see below, Dustin, especially #3

    1. the female genitals
    2. a girl or woman considered sexually
    3. a foolish or despicable person

    i rest my case

  20. Is he the same kind of “country singer” Lee Greenwood and Trace Adkins are? Ones who just show up at redneck Republican political rallies?

    Trace Adkins also is a spokesman for the Wounded Warrior Project, but I’ll bet he makes sure he poses with wounded fellow travelers, the few wingnuts who end up in the military.

  21. who the hell is Dustin Evans and who cares about him? A misogynistic POS.

    Your grandpa was spot on. You must be very proud of him and miss him.

  22. Brad Paisley was just in Bagram with President Obama. He’s a staunch Democrat who gives no quarter and never loses his smile.

    Support Brad, he’s an inspirational dude.

  23. My father, a disabled WW II vet, was liberal, prochoice, worked his whole life in pursuit of justice for ALL PEOPLE. He voted McGovern in ’72 and for all good Dems all of the time.

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Dustin. THAT is the freedom for which he fought – the right of conscience and freedom of thought. Screw you for deciding the GOP, who love ONLY dead soldiers not live ones, is the way – the only way – to be a patriotic veteran.

    Would love your grandfather, Sarah. He and my Dad would have had a field day talking I bet!

  24. Johnny Cash was for the common man. Not a country music fan but I have heard some of his lyrics and they made you sit up and think

  25. Clearly, your grandfather hit a nerve, perpetuating a legacy of truth-telling. It could be said that he perpetuated a prejudice against Republicans. At this time, my response is, ‘Damn straight.’

  26. “Democrats Help Those Who Need Help, Republicans Help Those Who Don’t Need Help”
    As my Grandfather always said!

    Hope Grandparents out there are teaching the young-ones similar morsels of Truth!

  27. My father served in the Navy from 1942 to 1946, and lied about his age to do it. He realized he was an atheist when he was about five, and, to my knowledge, never voted for a Republican in his life.

    FYI, he was also the reporter who interviewed a blubbering, inconsolable Ronald Reagan after Goldwater lost the election in 1964.

  28. Email this to his sponsors. They should be made aware of what their spokesperson says when they aren’t looking. I’m sure the’ll appreciate his disenfranchisement of 1/2 the US.

  29. What a total moron! Insulting the very people you OWE your freedom to! Typical conservative CHICKENHAWK! Put HIM on the front line against the Taliban and watch him crap his pants!

  30. My heart goes out to you Maám My Dad served in 2 wars WW2 and Korea he was a staunch Democrat who could never understand mixing
    religion and politics like republicans do .
    I´m from Texas but hate Country Music .

  31. Only one thing may be asked of everyone who served: Did they honorably do their duty as it was given to them to do. Everything else is irrelevant.

    This 72 year old retired Air Force master sergeant and life long Democrat would like to take Evans out on a drill pad and run him. Probably take about 10 minutes to reduce him to a grease spot. Shit heels.

  32. Years ago, when I was old enough to understand, my dad told me “Remember, the Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the workers like us.” And this was before he became an American citizen.

    I could still see and hear him. Dad, you were right on the mark. Miss you.

    Blessings and thanks for your post.

  33. Let’s give Dustin a break. After all, it’s not his fault that he’s stupid.

    Nor should anyone paint all country music people with the same brush or denigrate the music because of the actions of a single, mentally-challenged jerk.

    As someone else pointed out, “Remember the Dixie Chicks.” They put their careers on the line to say what they thought. So has Dustin. Wait, what career?

  34. As I sit here 17 miles from Ft. Campbell, 101st Airborne Air Assault; about to head into Music City, USA, this imbecile has sealed his fate that he will NEVER make it in Blue Nashville.

    Unbeknownst to most, the majority of entertainers here in Nashville are liberal.

    Yes, many songs were jingoistic right after 9/11, but I am willing to bet idiots like the one in this column are clueless that even Toby Keith is a Democrat! Dustin, you just might get ‘a boot in your ass’ because of your disrespect for veterans.

    ‘Ole Hank’ can’t get a gig anywhere.

  35. I am a veteran of Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. I am also a life-long Democrat and officer of the local Democratic Party. I am personally insulted by Dustin Evans’ tweets. Memorial Day is a day to honor those who gave their lives for their country, not a day to display your personal political beliefs or stupidity.

    I have never been a big fan of country music (with a few exceptions like Dolly Parton) but I am glad I will never have to watch or listen to Dustin Evans. It does not sound like he ever served his country. I’d love to see him try to get through Basic Training with that big mouth.

  36. Honest opinion.

    The original tweet was antagonistic and certainly could have been perceived as an insult to anyone (including Republican veterans) who doesn’t share these beliefs.

    With that said, Mr. Evans is responsible for the way he reacted to it and was wrong to respond the way he did and should apologize.

    Twitter has a mute function. He should have used it… and perhaps both of you should have left the mud-slinging for a different day.

  37. A popular conservative country performer after his performance for some troops told a liberal performer while he was heading to the stage “hey Kris take it easy on these troops with that leftist propaganda you like to spew okay”. Kris Kristofferson stopped with his back to Toby Keith(very far right ultra neo-con)and gave ole Toby some medicine by saying “son have you ever worn your countries uniform?”.

  38. ” I don’t know how anyone who works for a living could ever vote republican?” same thing in our house as it seems in many others. I’m 80 years old and still wonder how that happens. Voting against your self seems unreasonable.

  39. What a total jerk. I’ve never heard of him before. But what a total jerk. That last tweet where he called you a “troublemaking t*at” was disgusting and misogynist at the very least. Not to mention on the level of locker room discourse in junior high.

  40. My Grandparents were immigrants and voted in local and Federal Elections. I remember the local politicians coming around the house and offering $5.00 to vote for them. My Grandma was a feisty woman and told them to get out of her house and not come back.. They were Republicans every time. She always said “Republicans are only for the rich”. Boy was she correct.. It was St.Ronnie who started to “use” the Religious Right to muddle separation of church and state. Vote for a Republican and you shoot yourself in your own foot. I tell them that when they approach me at voting sites. I am too proud being an American to vote for them.

  41. Thanks Jim. I tried to look up if he served in the military, had no luck. Thanks for your expressing my thoughts.

  42. @charlie, couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone has a right to their opinion in this country, and yesterday should have been a day for thanking our vets and those serving our country today so that we have that right, not a day for this dribble.

    I see both parties in the wrong here, the comment by the grandfather had nothing to do with what Memorial day stands for. And to the country singer answering hate with hate is never the right thing.

  43. But everything the Grandfather said was true and you being from NC would know that unless Art Pope sent you over here

  44. I suspect that there are a lot on the GOP side of the isle that respect only those who carry the bible in their back pocket and vote Republican.

  45. Dustin Evans, I’m a proud, honorably discharged veteran. I promise I’ll never, ever buy any of your music or go to one of your show. I don’t believe in supporting idiots or right wing nutjobs.

  46. Railroad Mike, I gotta tell you, it’s good to know there’s more than one, I have/had a friend of that same nickname, I thought he was a liberal until the ’08 election when he showed his true colors, and used the N word to me, knowing that my son is 1/2 black. I’d like to replace him with you in my brain, great post; I always ask the repigs to point out to me in the bible where jesus ever said the word republican, try it, it’s funny how they react…

  47. Hey dumbass, Toby Keith is a DEMOCRAT!!!! He’s also a bigfan of the VA as they helped his dad with his blind eye he suffered while serving, such BS from so many stupid people

  48. Wearing a cowboy hat does not make anyone more cool, more country, more American, or more intelligent. This guy clearly thinks it gives him the right to be crude and disrespectful –

    Or maybe it’s the company he keeps who eggs him on in being a member of the Clivon Bundy club. IGNORANT, ARROGANT, HYPOCRITICAL and OFFENSIVE.

    These are the people who cheered as GWB led the country into the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. They wanted to “run things” around the world, but have no idea what the world even is…Then – when it came time to pay the bill for the wars – $1 trillion at least – they don’t want to pay any taxes or pay the soldiers or pay for their care when they come home. Just like the right to lifers – big on protecting the baby in the womb, but no interest in caring for it once it is born.

    No shortage of ignorant white males in this country. Now they are all armed to the teeth as well. Makes you feel good, huh?

  49. Kim, Aren’t you tired of false equivalency? Typical from the soggy side – “…he’s aweful, but then the other side does it too, so …… ”

    The conservative side is factually challenged and arrogant. The left may display both tendencies, but the liberals also condemn lies when made . The big problem with the hard right is that they allow anything for their own… and cover, instead of calling out those who are untruthful and rude. Mr Buckley – a die hard Republican of old – used to stand up for facts, respect, and reason. Since he died – no one has really been the voice of facts and non-partisan logic in the GOP. Very sad.

    We all have our flaws. The GOP is proud of theirs, or tries to ignore them. That does not win my respect.

  50. I too, am a proud LIBERAL VETERAN… I served in Navy Submarines, and was told by a TEABagger on Veterans day 2009, that I was LYING about having served, because “Liberals are too cowardly to serve”… of course when I asked him about HIS service, all I got was the sound of crickets…

  51. Toby Keith has been a life-long Democrat, as was his father which the song “The Angry American” was about.

  52. Wow, David … so sorry to hear that someone actually said that to you. Just know that the rest of us with brains in our heads thank you effusively for your service to our country. Haters will be haters, and most of them are in the Republican party …

  53. If you really want to help us Veterans, the GIs
    and stand up for America VOTE all the republicans out of office,, Remember G. Ford let all the Vietnam draft dodgers back into the USA, gave them jobs over veterans then cut the GI Bill!!!! (for the bran dead fox news watchers that keep trying to change history )Under little bush the republicans cut VA funding!!!! That how the republicans thanks us veterans!!! Republicans HATE veterans and the middle class !!!! They have said that the Disable Vets are getting to much money to live on not enough of us living on the streets!!!
    And the tea baggers keep trying to de-fund the MASH unites,, Not enough wounded GI dying on the battle field costing to much to care for them!!!!

    And after cutting food stamps for military families they want to cut their pay by 20 to 30%!!!!
    And the final kick in the head was they vo…

  54. I joined the Coast Guard, primarily due to tradition, my grandfather was C/O on the lakes from 1898 to 1932 and got the Gold Lifesaving Medal twice for heroism in Search and Rescue. I wanted to save lives and during my time I was granted that honor as well as serving in the Nam, pulling our troops that were wounded off the beaches under heavy fire. Patriotism isn’t some statement you make, it’s how you live and serve your country. A patriot could be a fireman or police officer, a school teacher or garbage collector. Serving for the betterment of mankind is what patriotism is about. For those who only play an instrument, sing or comment in some legislative chamber doesn’t make a patriot. It makes them a windbag.

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