Poll Finds the American People Strongly Side With Obama On Not Sending Troops To Iraq


A new poll released to day by PPP found that by a nearly two to one margin (54%-28%), the American people are strongly siding with President Obama’s decision not to have sent combat troops back into Iraq.


There are two interesting points in the PPP poll:

-Only 16% of Americans would support sending combat troops to help deal with the crisis in Iraq, compared to 74% who are opposed. There’s a bipartisan consensus on that issue with with Republicans (28/57), Democrats (10/86), and independents (9/86) all strongly opposed to sending combat troops.

-Asked specifically whose vision they agreed with more about having US troops in Iraq between Obama (no troops under any circumstances) and John McCain (troops should have remained in Iraq after 2011), voters side with Obama by a 54/28 spread. In addition to Democrats strongly siding with Obama’s perspective, independents (53/28) and Republicans (49/30) do as well.

People aren’t buying what the Republicans are selling on Iraq. Republicans are blaming the violence on withdrawal of American troops, but 67% of Americans think the conflict is rooted in centuries of internal conflict that was exacerbated by the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq. Americans overwhelmingly support providing intelligence to the Iraqi government (56%-30%), and a major international diplomatic effort (52%-30%) to stabilize Iraq.


It turns out that the American people aren’t about to get fooled again by the same lies that got the country into Iraq in the first place. The Republican Party is playing a politically dangerous game by trying to blame President Obama for the wave of violence in Iraq. Instead of blaming Obama, the Republican attacks are reminding the American people that it was the GOP who lied and got the nation into a war of choice.

The American people don’t want combat troops back in Iraq because Iraq belongs to the Iraqis. President Obama did not “lose” Iraq because Iraq never belonged to the United States. It is up to the Iraqis to stabilize their country, and resolve their internal differences. The neo-con war agenda has never been less popular than it is today. The 275 troops that Obama sent to Iraq to secure US facilities and personnel was a smart decision. If the president didn’t send the extra security and something happened, Republicans would be screaming about another Benghazi. However, there is a big difference between sending a few hundred troops to keep Americans secure, and sending hundreds of thousands of troops to do the Iraqi government’s fighting for them.

The Republican era of war is over, and Obama’s decision to not send combat troops back to Iraq is a reminder of why so Americans voted twice for him to be president.

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  1. “The Republican era of war is over”? Maybe, but the Democratic era of war resumed in 2009, with Obama trying to extend the US occupation in Iraq, escalating the terror war in Afghanistan, attacking Libya and numerous other countries, and trying to start new US attacks in Syria and Iran — those, at least, failed to happen. If there’s less stomach for more warfare, it has nothing to do with Obama.

  2. STFU! I think you’re on the wrong site, this is “Real Liberal Politics”, not Brietbart or Blaze.

    This is where people come to learn the truth, not the rantings of RWNJs.

  3. The Repugs are looking to make political points and money for their Masters. None of their kids will be sent to fight and die for oil

  4. They had the usual repub talking heads on tv this morning thirsting for more war. Basically they were saying it doesn’t matter what the public wants the president should send troops to Iraq anyway. They were using the usual scare tactics of Al Qaeda, blah blah.

    I say let them keep clamoring for more war. It will help the Dems at the polls in November. Somebody needs to ask the repub candidates if they are going to send their kids.

  5. I know this isn’t this story, but I just read that one of the masterminds of the Benghazi attack is under arrest outside of Libya. Just had to pass that on.

  6. They may have more than one. They’ve kept it very hush-hush until now, because the Republicans in Congress would have tipped off the other side for spite.

  7. We should not be going there – we’ve already done enough damage.

    Send some of the troops in to evacuate the embassy and be done with it.

    I hate to see this violence going on in Iraq with a lot of innocent people caught in the cross fire through no fault of their own, and part of me does say let’s do whatever we have to in order to protect the innocents, but then reality hits me and I realize that we can’t do that. We cannot go back in there and try to prop up the government again. We would just be making a bad situation worse…especially considering we are the ones responsible for that bad situation.

    The decision to go to war with Iraq will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders in history.

  8. Why is the media welcoming these people back with open arms anyway?

    These are the people that got us INTO this mess in the first place and now they’re on TV talking as if they have some authority on the issue.

    I can’t listen to any of those war-mongers – I listened to them enough in the run up to the war. I listened to them call people who didn’t agree with this action unpatriotic, telling them they were no better than terrorists themselves. They turned American against American with their fear-mongering.

    Enough of these people.

  9. That’s exactly why The Bergdahl release had to be hush=hush, Reps have no morals when it comes to trying to harm our President and Democrats in general.

  10. This article’s title should be “Obama sides with the Public and is not sending troops to IRAQ”

    On Syria the Pres. acted just like John McCain and the other old republicans who have overstayed their time in Congress

  11. it was a war about oil. Bush family worth $10 billion and in the oil biz

    cheney’s halliburton builds oil drilling platforms

    Cheney’s Halliburton also builds APCs at $3 million a pop

    5000 Americans soldiers dead, middle number on sectarian warefare 150000 killed

    BTW george w beat the draft in nam by his daddys influence to get a spot in the air naitional guard, which, certainy since wwII has been a joke , not a force

    But bush baby got to play with jet planes that cost $1000 per hour in fuel and maintenance

    Bush also kissed the ass of the relgiious extremists with his call for a constitutional ban on gays having equal marriage rights

    He also closed his eyes to the wall street banks raping our economy and creating the great recession – why – the people on wall street are by and large very large contribs to the repubs

  12. The year before we invaded Iraq was one of the worst years ever for Halliburton, the year after, one of the best! Aren’t no-bid contracts wonderful!
    I hope this administration can resist the forces from within pushing for war, be it in Iraq, Syria or Ukraine.

  13. Obama was never pressing for war in Syria…if you recall, he delayed and delayed that decision. The time came when his words about the red line of chemical weapons use came back to haunt him. (disinformation abounds in these situations…and it has never been proven that Syrias’s government released chemical weapons on their own citizens… although that is what the disinfo/war mongers shouted throughout the corporate owned media whores, er I mean the “free ” press).

  14. Duncan, your comment is the most idiotic and woefully full of false notions, that it is an affront to logic minded people to have to read your foolish rant.

  15. If Romney would have been elected President, USA would have troops fighting in a myriad of wars right now — Iran, Syria, N. Korea, Lybia, Russia, etc. Wherever corporate billionaires can profit from starting a war..then that’s what Republicans will cheer for because GOP hierarchy and bribed politicians will all pad their bank accounts while thousands of U.S. troops are killed and average Americans are gravely affected while government money is spent on war instead of for the needs of U.S. citizens at home. Thank goodness Obama was elected instead. I’m surprised a reality tv show hasn’t been created where foreign terrorists are pitted against U.S. rednecks, tea-baggers, white supremisists, and other brainwashed Republican lemmings. The Koch brothers and Monsanto executives would surely produce/advertise the project. Put them all on an island and let the idiots fight till the death!

  16. To the tune of 39 billion dollars. Quite a haul and it only cost 7000 American lives (including contractors) and 250-1,000,000 Iraqi lives to do so.

  17. Jason, I hope your assertions are correct, and that a majority of your respondents are critical thinking, fact-checking, rational if-this-then-that high-school-educated U.S. citizens. With that in mind, I’m looking for the answer to one question about your article…who exactly is the PPP? Maybe you know, and some others know, but you have many readers in doubt, because, you didn’t include this pertinent info in your article. Thanks for listening!

  18. The teathugliKKKan war mongers should gather up all of their relatives,sons & daughters and send them to Iraq.

  19. When did drone attacks that the US has done in multiple countries not considered an act of War?

    I would love to see another nation’s drones flying above killing people in my country.

    When I read suspected US drone attacks in a country is disturbing because if we are going to kill suspected terrorists we should have the support and permission from the country involved.

  20. Yemeni president acknowledges approving U.S. drone strikes

    Pakistan’s Gilani acknowledges possibility of contact with U.S. over planned drone strikes

    The only countries that have been on the receiving end are Afghanistan and Somalia. We are at war in Afghanistan, thankfully which is coming to an end. Somalia has no government to seek permission from so your post should have been fact checked first

  21. What was the lesson we were supposed to have learned from Vietnam? You can’t win in another country’s civil war! General Colin Powell stated this over and over. And you need an exit strategy. We can’t get involved in anymore civil wars. They will let us do thier fighting for them for the next thirty years or more. It is for certain that we will not be able have the outcome that our leaders think that we will be the most beneficial for us.

  22. What was the lesson we were supposed to have learned from Vietnam? You can’t win in another country’s civil war! General Colin Powell stated this over and over. And you need an exit strategy. We can’t get involved in anymore civil wars. They will let us do thier fighting for them for the next thirty years or more. It is for certain that we will not be able have the outcome that our leaders think that we will be the most beneficial for us.

  23. Were the US to reinstitute the draft including no carved out exception for children born of privilege to wealthy parents or the old college exception one thing would happen. No more US wars!

  24. GEORGE BUSH HAS NOT BEEN PRESIDENT FOR NEARLY 6 YEARS. I had opposed the BUSH invasion of Iraq since day one, and through my travels I was called un-American because at that time, EVERYONE wanted the invasion. Honestly, I could hardly come across one person who shared my view on an hour long LIRR commute home. Hillary even wanted it, the Dem frontrunner for 2016. Let us remember that Obama had declared an Iraq victory and withdrew the troops. But like many issues, he is passing his failure onto someone else. Since Iraq was a new Democracy, and there ARE over 5,000 US consultants there, how did this become a surprise? Like Benghazi, a surprise when all information was there? People, you must begin to hold THIS SEATED PRESIDENT responsible on a failure to sculpt or aid this new democracy. Now, Russia is supplying planes to Iraq, Russia has sided with Iran and Syria. If anyone advocates Obama as a foreign policy success, you are gathering your info from the incorrect media source.

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