Cliven Bundy Supporter Who Shot BLM Ranger At California Campground Identified



60-year old Brent Douglas Cole has been identified as the suspect believed to be responsible for shooting a California Highway Patrol officer and a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranger over the weekend. Cole allegedly shot the police officer and the BLM ranger at the South Yuba River campground in Nevada County, California. Cole was also shot during the confrontation and he is currently in stable condition in a Roseville hospital. The police officer and the ranger both survived the armed assault and their wounds are not considered life threatening.

Cole has had previous altercations with law enforcement. He was arrested in January on weapons charges for carrying a loaded firearm and for having a concealed firearm in a vehicle in violation of state law. Cole identifies himself as a supporter of the “sovereign citizen’s movement”, a group that opposes taxes and believes that citizens are entitled to reject laws they disagree with. In court documents filed earlier this year, Cole reveals his conspiratorial mindset, by arguing against his gun charges as follows:

I am being persecuted for being a gun owner, and for exercising my inherent Right by unwitting or unknowing accomplices of a seditious conspiracy against rights instituted by foreign powers inimical to the United States of America.

Cole’s social media presence is littered with links to InfoWars and other right-wing conspiracy sites, as well as posts illustrating his support for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in his dispute with the BLM over cattle grazing access.

The Bundy ranch standoff has become the 21st century equivalent of Ruby Ridge and Waco, where right-wing conspiracy nuts and trigger-happy militia types use the incident as a rallying cry to mobilize anti-government types to take action. The propagandists who ginned up hatred for law enforcement during the Bundy Ranch standoff are creating the same style of misguided anti-government rage that inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma City two decades ago. Cop killers Jerad and Amanda Miller were inspired by the “Patriot” groups that descended upon the Bundy Ranch taunting law enforcement officials with their assault rifles and defiant rhetoric. Brent Douglas Cole appears to have drawn from the same source of inspiration.

The eliminationist rhetoric of the extreme right, the conspiratorial fear-mongering of folks like Alex Jones, and the insurrectionist ideology of pro-gun groups, are not merely harmless kooky ideas, they are the intellectual fuel powering the next generation of cop killers and domestic terrorists. If we as a nation do not take the threat of homegrown right-wing terrorism seriously, the bloodshed will grow worse in the months ahead.


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  1. These people are not patriots. Patriots do not go around shooting anyone they disagree with. I am so glad that AG, Eric Holder, has decided that it’s well past time that we start keeping a close watch on these people. By the way, paying taxes is the price we pay to live in a civilized society. Why is that so hard for these people to understand that?

  2. Assaulting a Federal Officer Law & Legal Definition
    18 USCS § 111, makes it a Federal crime or offense for anyone to forcibly assault a Federal officer while the officer is engaged in the performance of his or her official duties.

    (b) Enhanced penalty. Whoever, in the commission of any acts described in subsection (a), uses a deadly or dangerous weapon (including a weapon intended to cause death or danger but that fails to do so by reason of a defective component) or inflicts bodily injury, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

    Cancel Christmas. You can inimical that for the next 20 years

  3. I have a feeling these people have been under surveillance for a while now.

    I think if he gets to reject laws and taxes he must not be allowed to use any thing that taxes pay for. All this jerk is doing is living off other people. typical of the type

  4. I wouldn’t go that far. He can use the facilities at the U.S. Penitentiary, Florence ADX at taxpayers expense. The United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility is a supermax prison for men that is located in unincorporated Fremont County, Colorado, United States, south of Florence. It is unofficially known as ADX Florence, Florence ADMAX, or The Alcatraz of the Rockies. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. ADX, a part of the Florence Federal Correctional Complex (FCC), houses the prisoners who are deemed the most dangerous and in need of the tightest control of all the prisoners within the United States Federal Prison System.

  5. Give them Texas and let them secede, then build a giant wall to keep them out of the United States. Once the wall is complete, tell Mexico they can have Texas back.

    These people are dangerous and stupid. A lethal combination.

  6. The conspiracist’s, paranoia is spreading….Alex Jones ie Info Wars has minions posting links connecting to him on utube on numerous web sites regardless of the article you are reading. He is a modern day Jim Jones taking people to the jungle and they are willing to drink the Kool Aid! He preys on weak minded individuals that are already delusional and have paranoid tendencies. Otherwise, the dangerous and unpredictable! This man is a threat to the citizens of America…make no mistake!


  8. Let’s put the blame where it truly belongs, on those committing these acts. I and many others grew up watching the 3 Stooges and violent cartoons and war movies, but we don’t go out hitting people with hammers poking them in the eyes. Assholes like Alex Jones and Limbaugh are despicable mud loafs , but in a society which decided to allow free speech, they are permitted to spew their offal. These people are not patriots, they are self-deluded criminals, who somehow imagine that when they rise up that the military will either stand aside or join them, and that those of us who oppose their ridiculous rhetoric are unarmed and incapable of resistance. It will probably get worse before it gets better, but these delusional fools will be in for a real shock if they ever make the mistake of attempting their fantasies.

  9. They HAVE started living their fantasy’s!!! All the mass murders, all the cop killings lately are of the same ilk as the sovereign citizen movement…the psychotics in NRA HQ won’t be happy until they start a full-on war right HERE, in the USA.
    I don’t know why more folks don’t see it coming…

  10. When I said ” attempting their fantasies” I meant a co-ordinated, en masse uprising – the “sovereign citizens”, the dominionists, and the white supremacists would love to be able to interface nationally and try to form another Confederacy – the acts that we are witnessing now are the initial skirmishes to what they see as their “revolution”. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

  11. No one in the news has yet to “mention” that he is a Alaskan…
    Most likely a pal of Sarah palin, You know “Pallin’ around with terrorists” AIP’r?

  12. “Sovereign Citizen” … aka tea party ‘patriot’.
    With patriots such as these, who needs seditionists.

    These new age libertarian extremists are little more than gun-toting, tea-chugging, mayhem-inciting, conspiracy-addicted anarchists.

  13. On ( all sides ), I know of no Democrats, liberals, Progressives carrying guns and threatening everyone and everything with violence if they don’t get their way in everything. You are full GOP, only those that claim both political parties do the same evil unlawful acts if not even treason to our country, KNOW that only one political party is to blame. There is only one political party full of hateful, hate filled, hate mongering hate. That would be the lying republican political party. You show you sickening self as a republican by do the insane and pointing at others and claiming they are just as guilty, as if they made you commit heinous acts against your country and citizens. You are a GOP TWERP full of hate and lies, we see you for what you are, and it is disgusting, despicable republican.

  14. It’s funny how the Three Stooges were called “Stooges”, and these guys are talking to the former Vice President, past Secretaries of State, current sitting Senators, Speakers of the House, Chairman of the Republican Party, etc. Why do you suppose that you might not want to look/act/live like a broke ugly guy who has a different dead end job every week but you might want to live like the Vice President or even better, a guy who talks on the radio for $20 Million a year. Or don’t you see the difference?

    FWIW, if your mother had a shred of decency, she would have slapped you upside the head if you had tried to poke a nameless bill collector in the eye. These people aren’t poking people in the eye, and they’re not “growing up” listening to Alex Jones. They’re gullible adults being told to take real actions against real people with real weapons. Sorry you’re too dim to figure that out. It speaks volumes.

  15. If you’re referring to the color of the skin of our president, I wholeheartedly agree with you. In my 55 years of life, I’ve never seen anything like this – all of the bigoted crazies crawled out of their holes once we elected our first black president.

  16. The old “Sovereign Citizen ” ploy is wacko. Eventually these people resort to violence and somebody gets shot. Disturbed lunatics and guns is a very bad combination.

  17. How Politicians Are Using Taxpayer Money To Fund Their Campaign To Sell Off America’s Public Lands

    The recent Cliven Bundy debacle in Nevada put a national spotlight on the long-running, and long-failing, effort by right-wing Western legislators to seize federal public lands and either turn them over to the states or sell them to the highest bidder.
    Read More

  18. I have said for years that Democrats would not be satidfied forever by the blood of unborn children. I get a kick out of all the up votes whenever a Democrat calls the blood of Cliven Bundy. Sorry, the matter is over. Cliven won his little range war. There is nothing the Obama administration is going to be able to do about it.

  19. LOL, no, he owes the government and you 1 million. The government is just waiting.

    BTW, republican women get abortions too. But further, and this will hurt your little mind, this is about the right of choice, not about abortion. The right you would give up in a heart beat because you have been conditioned to do so. Dont you love being told how to think?

  20. Your mistake is in believing I am a Republican. I have never been anything except an independent voter. Democrats tell me that I owe seventeen trillion dollars because they borrowed the money on my credit. So how am I different from Cliven Bundy? Democrats told him he owed a million dollars. The only difference I see is in the amount of money.
    Since you say it about choice, choose away. I choose not to get involved in the homicides of any children.

  21. LOL!
    First, you are not an independent. Next its not the Dems saying he owes the money, as far back as Reagan he owed money
    Second the vast amount of our debt is because of Bush 2 wars and dropping the tax rates. Its not because of the Dems. Bush borrowed more money from foreign states then all the previous presidents together

    Since it is about choice I bet you have no problem with 32,000 dying every year from guns.

    But you give up your right of choice anyways.

  22. Well, it started with the Democratic Party making a land grab on the pretense they were saving the spotted owl. I used to work in a small sawmill in Montana. Then one day we were out of business because of a federal court injunction.
    Federal courts of today are so far out of their jurisdiction they cannot even touch Clivin Bundy. They show up at his ranch with a federal court order to confiscate his cattle, and he just waits until they start to kill cattle instead of confiscate them, which he knew all along would happen. Then he and his family send the feds down the road. What is there not to like about that?
    So the matter is over. The BLM will not be back to confiscate the cattle. All Democrats can do now is just wait for Cliven Bundy to die. They made the worst mistake Democrats have ever made trying to organize faction over this. It would have worked if they had been able to take the cattle, but they were too incompetent at playing cowboys.

  23. If the dems made a land grab, and we know who set this land aside, what are they doing with it? You see any Dems out on the land?

    SOrry, it doesnt fly. Bundy still owes the govt. And he will pay. Its Federal land no matter who grabbed it way back

  24. WTF!! Look, may I call you a bagger, I suggest you read the treaty between Mexico and the US in 1848 and then if you can understand that read the Nevada Constitution and if that fails read the Constitution. This welfare moocher didn’t want to pay grazing fees which are cheap BTW that other ranchers were paying. You just cant be this stupid

  25. Shiva
    I registered independent the first time I registered and have never registered any other way.
    Bush borrowed five trillion dollars in eight years to finance two undeclared wars in the Middle East. Obama borrowed six trillion dollars in his first term and is on track to borrow more than that in his second. I am the one who owes all of this money because I am a United States citizen.
    If you Democrats are successful at starting another Civil War, there will be a lot more than 32,000 people in the United States killed by guns.

  26. That land has been federally managed since at least 1934. Robert is the pawn of republican and penis challenged people.

  27. Sorry, the Dems are not starting any civil wars. I feel for you not being aboe to see whats happening

    The difference between Bush and Obama is that for every dollar he spends he had to create cuts for it. Since 2010. Look it up

    BTW The Debt under Obama has increased 6 trillion not his borrowing. Why? Fixing the Bush problem. Still paying for the wars that Obama put into the budget and Bush wouldnt.

    Stay away from infowars. Its not good for you

  28. Sorry, but the Bundys violated no laws. You will not see Cliven Bundy charged with any crime. Democratic strategists made the worst mistake of their lives when they decided to confiscate Cliven Bundy’s cattle. They had no concept of what it would take. After three weeks of a multi-million dollar effort, they had about two hundred fifty cattle corralled, less than half of the Bundy cattle. So that was when they decided to shoot and bury the rest. Then the Bundys sent them down the road. What is there not to like about any of this?

  29. Sorry, he owes the government and you 1 million buckeroos. He has not paid his grazing fees and he has been using the land. Broke the law

  30. The Clinton administration grabbed all of the land in southern Nevada, putting 53 other ranchers out of business. Cliven Bundy is the only one left.

  31. May we have a link to this since you forgot to add the link to the 6 trillion Obama went in hock for?

  32. LOL! you cant be serious? Is this what you are told to beleive? That land has been Federal for well over 100 years. And worse, Bundys neighbors are still there working. And paying their fees.

    You been sucked in brother. Big time. Drop the independent crap, you are pure republican tea thug. No one else is so gullible

  33. I have read all of that. What Nevada citizens are saying is that it was unconstitutional to make different requirements for the admission of Nevada than for the original thirteen states.

  34. Why, I didn’t make the claim. You are on our site spouting bovine excrement now back it up or is this what your Uncle Ned told you?

  35. No you didn’t read all of it. Unless you think a treaty signed has no validity because you support a welfare moocher and again provide a link where Nevada residents want to throw out their state constitution and over rule the US constitution

  36. Well, I can understand you saying that these treaties,etc., nullify the Constitution of the United States. The Democratic Party has always had a great hatred for the Constitution of the United States.

  37. I don’t care what you believe. If you want to believe something else than what the United States government said, go ahead.

  38. President George Washington said in 1796 that political parties would never be able to provide good government in the United States. So which do you think was the best government, the Civil War or World War II? Which was better, the Panic of 1837, or the economic failure of 2008?
    Don’t be bashful. Give us your opinion.

  39. Well, no. I just state facts. I you do not want to believe the facts I state, believe whatever you want to believe. I do not care to try to control what you believe.

  40. What does George Washington have to do with someone who refuses to pay the government? Oh I don’t know but and I know they didn’t cover this when you were homeschooled but it was this thing called the Shays rebellion. Wow the things one learn when they just Google

  41. Article Six of the United States Constitution
    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

    What Constitution are you reading? Out your ass does not count

  42. You do not have facts. Clinton had nothing to do with that land being Federal. A simple google would show you thats true. But you are not allowed to do that are you?

  43. Bundy’s neighbors are not still there. He is the only rancher left in Clark County with cattle. The rest all went out of business.

  44. Clinton had to do with shutting down all ranching in Clark County. That was what Clinton said they were doing.

  45. No, what we are talking about are political parties. In 1800 the Republican-Democrat Party started by Thomas Jefferson took over the government of the United States, which enabled them to impose slavery on the United States for the next sixty years. They used the federal court system to do this, the same thing they are using in their land grab in the west.

  46. So in other words you claim the constitution but don’t believe in it. How does that work? Don’t answer I think I know
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  47. The Constitution says that Congress is the legislative body of the United States. The Democratic Party says that the Supreme Court and federal courts are the legislature of the United States. Sorry, I am going to believe the Constitution.

  48. I am sorry Robert, but you have been fooled into thinking things that have no relevance in space and time. Do not ever think for yourself, We like you much better when you are just repeating garbage

    Goodbye Robert. You tried, your news sources lied. You didnt know the difference

  49. It’s funny that a man camping in the middle of nowhere gets accosted by BLM officials and CHP for camping–which in laymens terms–sleeping in a sleeping bag, pooping in a hole in the ground.
    Obviously, they tracked him by plates.

    And nobody can answer what he did! Just the skuzzlebutt that he is a sovereign citizen scares the butt plug right out of you! and makes the trigger finger switchy.

    Then it is back to repubs vs dems. cnn/msnbc vs foxxy news–back to blacks against whites…

  50. What is there not to like? Ask the anti-government morons still hanging around eastern Nevada. It hit 108 degrees F. in Mesquite, Nevada near the Bundy ranch.

    Even snakes are smart enough to get out of the Nevada summer sun, which is more than can be said for wannabe “patriot soldiers”.

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