The South Dakota Republican Party Passes a Resolution Calling for Obama To Be Impeached


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The South Dakota Republican Party has passed a resolution that calls for the impeachment of President Obama today.

According to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, the Republican resolution states that President Obama, “violated his oath of office in numerous ways.” It specifically cites the release of five Taliban combatants in a trade for captive U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, Obama’s statement that people could keep insurance companies, and recent EPA regulations on power plants. Therefore, be it resolved that the South Dakota Republican Party calls on our U.S. Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States.”


It is interesting that Republicans believe that getting tens of millions of Americans access to health insurance, freeing a prisoner of war, and trying to clean up the air we breathe are impeachable offenses. The Republican vision for America is a country where people lack health insurance, the air is unfit to breathe, and prisoners of war are left with their captors to die.

President Obama has passed the midpoint of his second term. Historically, this is the onset of the time when a sitting president’s relevance begins to wane. The country will soon direct all of its attention and political energies towards electing a new leader as the sitting president approaches the sunset years of his administration.

None of these historical precedents applies to Barack Obama. Republicans are displaying a level of hatred towards this president that is not fading one bit. Republicans, like those who passed this resolution today, don’t care that Obama’s time in office is coming to an end. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that some Republicans are still trying to punish the black man for defeating them in two elections.

This behavior illustrates that some on the right won’t be happy with Obama leaving office. They won’t be content until this president’s entire legacy has been destroyed. Republicans are incapable of moving forward. The South Dakota Republican Party is hoping for an impeachment that will never, ever come.

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  1. I’ll bet Obama got a good laugh out of that. These people have no boundaries at all. More of their hate filled, meaningless, feel good legislation.

    Can you imagine if Hillary or Elizabeth Warren win in 2016. There will be an all out assault on them as well.

    I was doing battle earlier with some teabaggers on #UniteBlue talking about Obama. I told them the only way a republican will see the inside of the Whitehouse in 2016 is if they’re invited by her. They despise Obama to the core. It’s pathetic. I never despised Bush. I didn’t like the guy, but I just thought he stupid.

  2. Go to any Conservative Political or Conservative Christian Facebook page, no matter the issue, all contain the same theme, “Impeach Obama”. The most disturbing thing about these sites are the number of people who follow them without question. I can only hope liberals and progressives
    aren’t as blind to truth.

  3. Ordinarily, I would just excuse people by saying they were behaving stupidly but this form of stupidity is actually quite laughable but pathetic and sad at the same time. They just can’t stand it that a black man is in OUR White House! What on earth will they do when it’s a woman in there? Make no mistake about it, there will be one at some point.

  4. Their newspaper the Argus-Leader said that it is up to their representative, Kristi Noem, to bring it to Congress. She said she was “cool” to the idea of doing that. However she did say, “The congresswoman currently believes the best way for Congress to hold the president accountable is to continue aggressive committee oversight and investigations into the administrations actions like the ongoing VA scandal, the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, Benghazi, and the recent Taliban prisoner exchange.”

    So, like roaches, ya just can’t get rid of them. The playbook is VA, IRS, Benghazi, Taliban, to the end. Their gonna ride this wagon till the wheels fall off.

  5. I believe Republicans stay up at night thinking of ways to be more stupid than the day before. It is beyond comprehension how so many people can be so full of hate. Oh yeah – I got it. They’re all God fearing, loving Christians doing exactly what their savior would do; hate and destroy lives. Yeah, that’s the story. Good ol’ Old Testament kinda Christianity. OK with slavery, OK to kill your wife for a multitude of reasons, OK to kill your son if disrespectful, OK to kill your neighbor if you see him mow his lawn on Sunday. This is the dream of the Talipublican party. A theocracy just like the founding fathers intended. A country where only white male landholders can vote, where slavery is not limited to MacDonald’s and Walmart, where a woman’s vagina is state property and her reproductive cycle is closely monitored. Yep, they have a vision. If they can’t expedite the end times, they can certainly make life in America a living Hell!

  6. All the gop in Congress has done is to investigate every fake scandal, hoping to pin something, anything on President Obama.

  7. The liberal left is fed up with him too. They believe he has not done enough for social justice and backed down on critical issues such as a stronger healthcare bill and the $250K and above tax increase. He must be doing something right if the right and the left are pissed.

  8. In response it would be nice if President Obama had the authority to cut all federal funds to all red states. Let them live for awhile with what they desire no Federal Governmental support. See how long these people would last.

  9. The liberal left my ass. A bunch of whiney ass EMO’S who got their panties twisted because they didn’t understand the process. Pray tell on healthcare if the process was going through Congress meaning Max Baucus committee how the hell do you think single payer would pass? Don’t answer that because you believe in unicorns shitting golden turds. SMDH I can understand the baggers but when you look at it the so called liberal(white hipsters) are no different

  10. If only Obama was as much as a “leftist” as Republicans claim, our country would be so much better off.

  11. If the GOP impeach the Prez, they can hang it up concerning minority outreach.

    If you hate a man with a prep school education and Ivy League degrees, what about the Black fella who works two jobs to make ends meet????

  12. Impeachment is a deflection from their illegal activities. As now, investigations are closing in on several of the GOPT’s “stars” for 2016..hehe

    Let them try and impeach President Obama, the Dems will be at the polls en masse and the GOPT will lose big.

    They are a bunch of sore losers full of hatred.

  13. It is interesting that Republicans believe that getting tens of millions of Americans access to health insurance, freeing a prisoner of war, and trying to clean up the air we breathe are impeachable offenses. The Republican vision for America is a country where people lack health insurance, the air is unfit to breathe, and prisoners of war are left with their captors to die.
    Jason you could have finish this excellent post right there. Nothing more needed to said about the lunatics

  14. The conservative left, led by Scoop Jackson did exist. They became the neo-cons and as they say the rest is history.

  15. I only wish that Whoopi Goldberg were running for president, a black,gay,woman as president would make the republicans,christians and other bigots heads explode.Problem solved.

  16. I’m not fed up with him at all. The man has accomplished a whole lot with ZERO help from the GOP and some obstruction from some Dems as well. He tried to get single payer, which the Heritage Foundation plan included, but oh, no. Can’t have a black man get any credit for helping Americans. Don’t put that in the bill! He tried to close Gitmo, but again, the GOP was having none of that. Bush released how many hundreds of detainees with no pushback? Obama trades FIVE for a soldier, and suddenly he’s Muslim and unAmerican again. Tell me, what is the man supposed to do? WE let the GOP Tea Party take power in 2010 by sitting out. WE can give Obama what he needs to have a very successful final two years. And we will.

  17. I could not care less about the 2016 election. I care about the 2014 election and so should other democrats. If the democrats keep the senate and take control of the house we could do so much good in the next 2 years. All I hear is how bad the republicans will do in 2016. I feel as if the democratic party has given up on taking the house and keeping the senate. If what the republicans have done to destoy this country can’t motivate democrats to get out and vote then just maybe they deserve what they get. Cantor lost his seat because republicans would not vote. The teaparty sure did. Get out and vote and make sure all your friends with the same ideals as you vote too.

  18. Absolutely 2014 is paramount. Every Dem better get out and vote, because if the don’t, this country will be hell.

    Right now 2014 is do or die as far as bringing any sanity back to this country.

  19. I’m sure they went home thinking they accomplished a lot. Saved the country and all. Up for medals. Gold stars.

    Jeez, just nuts.

  20. Smh… why can’t my state just keep quiet not even 2 weeks from Anne Bosworth facing jailtime for election fraud now this… *sigh*

  21. Good thoughts Rick. BUT Whoopie is not gay. She has been married about 5 times. She’d tell it like it is though. She could put her fancy shoes up on the oval office desk.

  22. Another act of mental masturbation by a frustrated, impotent group of conservative legislators with nothing more productive to do with their (taxpayer funded) time.
    I’m sure they all feel much better now.

  23. This president has freely admitted to killing 4 amerikan citizens. He deprived them of their lives and liberty without trying to apprehend them or give them a chance to surrender. A Grand Jury was never empaneled to hear testimony against them! The FBI never swore out arrest warrants for the 4 amerikans! The Justice Department made no attempt to have the 4 extradited to amerika from Yemen or Pakistan! If the republicans are looking for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” this would be it. Not one of their delusional fantasy crimes they are always spouting about! Face it, you could report out articles of impeachment from the house, but you will never get the democrats to convict the president in the senate. So bring the articles of impeachment, let the democrats in the senate exonerate his worthless ass and then stand back and let the people take care of the democrats in 2014!

  24. I don’t think anyone is pathetic unless they are evil.

    I think we should consider Jefferson’s comment about there coming a time where the laws will need to be adjusted. We should listen to him to a certain degree.

  25. It’s important to remember that the impeachment process is essential in a democratic republic. For some time it has been misunderstood, abused and misappropriated by the Republican party. Admittedly, it was always a flawed process but it was aimed at preventing the kind of thing we now see in places like Syria, in which there is no constitutional way to remove a tyrant from office. A tyrant is NOT somebody you disagree with.

  26. Perhaps the reason why this subject is not brought up by Republicans is because 4 Americans is a drop in the bucket compared to the 4,486 U.S. service members were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2012 in an unnecessary war. Add to this the very shady practice of rendition and torture and you have, at least, a case for impeachment. Basically it is better to make up “fantasy”crimes instead of delving deeper into actions that both parties should have to answer for. (I am not disagreeing with you post, btw.)

  27. Under George W. Bush there were 13 embassy attacks, resulting in 60 American deaths, and not one word, not one, from you sorry ass republican losers!
    And how many times did republicans vote down more security for our foreign embassies?
    Again, republicans are sorry ass losers.

  28. More republican insanity and delusion. I say we impeach every republican in Congress and every republican governor across this Nation on the grounds of cruel and unjust treatment / crimes against this president and the good people of this Nation.

    History will show, that one man of color drove a whole party

  29. This liberal isn’t fed up with him at all.

    Perhaps you should direct your ire at the do-nothing Congress. A President can only do so much and most people recognize that. We don’t have a government where the President gets to do whatever he wants to do – we have a system of government that requires cooperation and compromise.

    You don’t get everything you want just because YOU want it. Doesn’t work like that.

    So, act like an adult and work toward getting people elected to Congress who understand the concepts of cooperation and compromise and will work WITH the President to do what’s right for all the people.

    Or continue howling at the moon. It’s really up to you.

  30. The Republican Party has gone all captain Ahab on this impeachment thing. They are just pathological.

    They don’t realize that they are going to look like a gang of know nothing idiots to future people: not just Americans but the world. They are all going to shake their heads that a tiny fraction of 4chan like trolls hijacked American democracy.

  31. These knuckleheads have nothing better to do than to come up with some “legislation” that has no chance of going anywhere. It’s not based on anything the president has done, but only their hatred of him and their bitterness at the fact that he has won election twice. They are a negative and completely useless bunch who do nothing constructive, especially in Congress. The harping on the 4 Benghazi victims is an example of selective amnesia when it comes to remembering the much larger number of embassy victims during GW’s administration. It’s also a sickening example of turning a blind eye to the role that the Congressional GOP played in this by voting to cut funding for embassy security over SOS Clinton’s objections. I have never in my life despised an American political party as deeply as I despise the GOP/TP. They are not only destructive, but are also an embarrassment to this country.

  32. Guess there’s no important (real) issues to be addressed in South Dakota. Typical republicant waste of time.

  33. @Z54 – Put the Red Kool-Aide down brother. There’s something in it that is very toxic. It has obviously altered your logic in a manner consistent with what psychologists refer to as “really fuckin stupid!”

  34. What would be wonderful to see is for these do nothing Republicans to actually work on fixing the many problems in their state.

  35. pa·thet·ic
    adjective: pathetic
    arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness.
    “she looked so pathetic that I bent down to comfort her”
    synonyms: pitiful, pitiable, piteous, moving, touching, poignant, plaintive, distressing, upsetting, heartbreaking, heart-rending, harrowing, wretched, forlorn
    “a pathetic groan”
    miserably inadequate.
    “his test scores in Chemistry were pathetic”
    synonyms: feeble, woeful, sorry, poor, pitiful, lamentable, deplorable, contemptible, inadequate, paltry, insufficient, unsatisfactory
    “a pathetic excuse”
    relating to the emotions.

    There’s nothing about “evil” in this definition.

  36. Conservatives began calling for his impeachment before he even took the oath of office for the first time. I suspect they will still be calling for his impeachment after he leaves office. They simply aren’t very bright. I call them willfully ignorant… well as pathetic.

  37. If enough states run by the American Taliban calls for impeachment the lunatic bin in the Congress will be force to do it just to please the crazies. But they wont do it before November. My bet will be in 2015 if they hold the house.

  38. The straw that broke the camels back.
    The nail in the coffin.
    Use any metaphor you choose.
    If they dare do this, the Republican
    Party is over, DOA.
    I don’t have a problem with that.
    This Country has moved on, moved forward.
    Their message of Hate & Fear is Old &
    Stale. They drew a line in the sand,
    backed up and drew another in their
    desperate attempt to roll the clock
    back. The evidence is there for all to
    see. Stripping Women of their right
    to PLAN their lives out including when
    or if to have a child. Stealing away the
    right to VOTE from those they oppose. All
    without an ounce of shame!
    They are in critical condition!

  39. I don’t know about you, but why would you want to impeach the only person working in the government right now – then nothing would get done.

    I wish we could impeach Ted Cruz for the $25B wasted on gov shutdown; impeach corrupt Darrel Issa for spending millions on lies and distractions and leaking sensitive info; impeach John Boehner for spending his years as Speaker of the House doing less than nothing; impeach John McCain for his constant lies and flip flopping on facts; as a good start.

  40. These people remind me of the “Unsinkable Titanic”, while they are up to their necks in water, they are still saying, “don’t worry, it’s unsinkable….They don’t seem to remember…..Poor people AND Rich people went down with the ship…

  41. Bingo, dj. This is what I find so damn frustrating with emos and others incessantly criticizing and attacking the president for everything under the sun. They either never knew, forgot, or don’t care that Max Baucus and turncoat Joe Lieberman, two key votes in the Senate at that time, refused to vote for the bill if it contained the public option or singe-payer. It’s this ignorance on the part of too many American voters (and that includes Democrat voters) who continue to elect lesser progressives like Max Baucus who has a tendency to do the GOP’s bidding at times. It’s is also ignorance that compels middle class and poor GOP voters to vote election after election for the GOP to slide a knife across their damn throats.

  42. I’ve lived in SD for 40 years, and for that long, I’ve watched this state slide steadily backwards. People here will accept whatever crumbs the GOP tosses them, and when you call them on it, they get pissed. Being backwards here is a way of life. They’ve got theirs, but NO ONE else deserves to have anything. The GOP loves it here, because people are so damned stupid. Progress here is measured in call centers, which come in with their abysmal wages, use up the workforce, them move on. I should have left years ago, but I’m too old to start over again. It’s a good state to retire in, but that’s all. If you’re thinking of coming here, think again. Wages SUCK, degrees mean nothing. Nice place to visit or retire in, but that’s ALL this place is good for.

  43. The GOP understands very well to keep their base motivated and riled up they need to keep dangling the impeachment carrot on the string. kind of like this “well you know if we can win back the senate majority things will get done”. These tea party type nut jobs get absolutely worked up in to a rabid frenzy over the thought of impeaching our president.

  44. No where have you said how Obama’s statements regarding keeping your plans wasn’t a lie. Simple ad hominem, accusing the GOP of something unrelated to the facts.

  45. Can’t wait for the GOP to use the IRS to shutdown and imprison the folks that run Media Matter, Planned ParentHoodlums, OFA, Open Society and every union in the country.

  46. What ends? Congress passed it. The SCOTUS AFFIRMED IT. Only in your twisted bagger logic do you people think the ACA is unconstitutional

  47. Hey bagger, the President said if you had a policy in 2010 it would be grandfathered. The insurance companies renewed those policies starting in 2011 like they do every year. See what your limited brain matter don’t understand is health insurance like any insurance gets renewed every year.
    Health Insurance 101
    Let’s start with the very basics here. About 15 million people purchase health insurance policies on the individual market. That’s about 5 percent of the population. When they do so, they typically purchase a 12-month contract with an insurance company. And when that contract runs out, both the individual and the insurance plan have an escape hatch. The individual can decide to no longer purchase the plan — and the insurance company can decide to no longer offer the plan.

  48. Beyond pathetic. It looks like repubs are reading from the neo nazi website stormfront. Hitler in his insanity was a racist, eg He also murdered all the 26000 blacks in germany. Repubs also pander to their base – the former confederacy and its religion extremists. the hatred of black people remains like gasoline on the floor, the repubs throw the match

    Here is a repub who in central maryland went off the deep end a few years ago

    Hitler murdered 55 million, Obama killed one – Bin Laden. The repubs are the new taliban

  49. no 5000 times, one each for the american soldiers killed in the Iraq war for oil. Bush family in the oil business, worth ten billion

    Cheneys halliburton builds oil drilling platforms and armorped personell carriers that dont stop much except rifle bullets and schrapnel

    These are the guys who with their pals need to be called to account

  50. I’ve sometimes wished Lieberman and Ralph Nader would both be in the wrong place at the wrong time, TOGETHER.

  51. Cantor didn’t lose his seat because the Republicans didn’t get out & vote. He lost his seat because a lot of Dems like me voted for Brat in the open primary. I have no idea how many GOP & or Tea Party voted, but I made sure I exercised my right to vote against Cantor who I loathe.

    It was a deliberate strategy to get rid of the arrogant Cantor & strip him of his power. It’s our hope that by getting an extreme Tea Party guy like Brat to run rather than Cantor, we may be able to replace Cantor’s old seat with a Dem. If not & Brat wins, he will never have the kind of power Cantor had. As for the newly elected house majority leader, he’s nothing more than an idiot GOP mouthpiece.

    If nothing else, Cantor’s loss shocked the hell out of him & the GOP & knocked the confidence out of the of them. There were a lot of voters at this primary, many women & people from various minority groups.

  52. If these “law makers” would just read the constitution they would see that they are just trying to impeach the President for being black.

  53. Vera, what is happening to Pres. Obama is just a warm up to what will go on if, a Women is elected. We then will see the real rethugs. The present is just practice for them.

  54. Even if they get the Senate it wont pass. I’m thinking the American Taliban in the house will do it anyway just to satisfy their rabid base and to blemish the Presidents record. Just take Clinton for an example. no matter what he done the lead will always be he was brought up on Articles of Impeachment.

  55. The Democratic party did not use the IRS to target ANYONE! The IRS was simply doing its job, exercising due diligence to ensure that the law was followed.

    The Statute
    IRC 501(c)(4) provides for exemption of:
    Civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.
    Local associations of employees, the membership of which is limited to the employees of a designated person or persons in a particular municipality and the net earnings of which are devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes.
    The statutory terms disclose that IRC 501(c)(4) embraces two general classifications:
    a. Social welfare organizations, and
    b. Local associations of employees.

    As a matter of fact, NO conservative organizations that applied were denied 501(c)(4) status, even though they really should have been according to the statute. There was, however, a Democratic/progressive group denied tax-exempt

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