Darrell Issa Cracks Up and Compares His Witch Hunt To Obama Flying on Air Force One


Darrell Issa took another step in his voyage into madness on Fox News Sunday by comparing his deeply partisan IRS investigation to President Obama flying on Air Force One.



BREAM: OK. It’s no secret that you and the ranking member, Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings, are not the best of friends. You’ve had some differences.

ISSA: Just a bit.

BREAM: He says that you’ve released things selectively and that you’ve — that’s given a false impression at times. Seemed like he took a swipe at the committee this week as well. I want to read something he was quoted in “USA Today” saying this. “Our committee and all committees should use taxpayer dollars to help better the everyday lives of our constituents, not inflate the press operations to basically run political campaigns out of government buildings.” Your response?

ISSA: Well, he should tell that to the president who has the large political campaign and Air Force one to do it. We have a small staff that work on new media and when I say small, you know, it’s less than a handful. The fact is that he talks about selective release. He is free to release the counterpoint of anything we do. When we do these reports, he’s free to produce a minority report. But back to the question of releasing selectively. Of course, you shouldn’t show your whole hand. Did you ever see a U.S. Attorney hand out an entire case or throw out all the transcripts? We do try to keep the American people informed. We’re doing — partly doing that by being on with you today because it’s important they understand. Conservatives were targeted for their political beliefs. Progressives weren’t. Lois Lerner broke rules. She broke the law. And now two years of her e- mail are missing. And we may never know all that she did.

Only in the deranged mind of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) could the president flying on Air Force be equal to an intentional decision to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan political investigations. Issa is running out of excuses. He doesn’t have any evidence to back up the claims that he is making about Lois Lerner and the IRS. The evidence that has been released in the past proves that Issa is lying.

Rep. Issa still refuses to release all of the transcripts. He continues to claim that the IRS only targeted conservatives when there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Issa takes every opportunity to assign motives to Lois Lerner without providing a single fact to back up what he is saying. The biggest sign that Rep. Issa is hitting rock bottom is that he can’t even get top billing on Fox News Sunday during the 4th of July weekend.

Darrell Issa continues to appear on television to try to pump life back into his deflated pet conspiracy, but it’s dead. Even Fox News Sunday is burying Issa. His claims are getting so far out there that he is now comparing himself to the President Of The United States flying on Air Force One. Flying on Air Force One is a part of any president’s job, but conducting partisan investigations where the chairman already knows the answer and is looking for evidence to bolster his conclusion is an abuse of power.

Chairman Issa continues to abuse his power. Even as he slides towards lunacy, he continues to defend his abuses. It was time for Issa to put up or shut up long ago. Since he has no evidence and can’t prove his claims, it is time for the American people to shut Darrell Issa up.

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  1. The only place Issa can get air time is on Faux News. Someone needs to investigate him and the rest of his cohorts.

  2. Please, please, PLEASE let Issa go STARK RAVING MAD in front of cameras!! And let the video go VIRAL so every sane person knows how malevolently loony this criminal really is!!!

  3. Darrell Issa belongs in a room with cushy walls and a lock on the outside, dressed for dinner with a tuxedo that ties in the back…

  4. maybe Mr Issa could investigate something REALLY important…

    like who threw Capt Morton’s palm tree overboard or who stole Capt Queeg’s strawberries…

  5. Lois Lerner took the fifth two years ago. A thorough investigation has turned up that, in fact, she did take the fifth. More investigation to follow.

  6. Let’s be reasonable. Let Daryl Issa simply give Louis Lerner immunity and let her freely testify.

  7. I heard they are not going to have as many public meetings and press conferences as Daryl Issa’s star chamber. Supposedly, they are ramping up by hiring 30 new employees who have to be vetted etc. So this committee will not have the frenzied pace as the VA scandal nor the IRS scandal but will plod along and may even work in July and August when there is a recess.

  8. California needs to show HIM what unemployment looks like firsthand… Or use a repug strategy of redistricting him out of office

  9. why does he never mention the only known 501(c)(4) applicant to have its status denied happens to be a PROGRESSIVE group: the Maine chapter of Emerge America, which trains Democratic women to run for office. Although the group did no electoral work, and didn’t participate in independent expenditure campaign activity either, its partisan status apparently disqualified it from being categorized as working for the “common good.

  10. In other words, they were being up-front about what they are doing. Unlike the opposition which started this whole IRS distraction to take the heat off of their (GOP) groups who are lying about what they are doing.

  11. I don’t get it….Republicans want to cut this and cut that…and then have these “Committee meetings” on non-issues or made for TV theatrics that waste millions of American dollars…and some people actually believe this BS is fact…idiots!!

  12. Issa for a long time now has been allowed to do what he wants. Not just him but far to many GOP members of congress have blatantly spoken out. What could easily be called treasonous talk. Maybe it is time for the definition of “Domestic Terrorist” behavior to be read on the floors of Congress.

  13. Issa is an embarrassment to our state and a laughing stock. Though his district is very red a lot of them who cant stand him, and refuse to vote democratic will stay home. There is a good chance Issa will lose his bid for re-election.

  14. Since the worthless Boehner, wants to sue the President for not doing his job, then the American people have a right to sue every damn one of the GOP mouth pieces. They waste tax payers money and time with worthless BS. They have not done their job since President Obama took office. So let’s sue them.

  15. Issa has always known there was nothing to Fast and Furious, the IRS Non-Scandal, BENGHAZIIIIIII!, or any other investigation he’s initiated. He knew it from the beginning. It was all political bluster and show because he knows the right wing extremists don’t care about the facts. They believe every word Issa says. They chug the Kool Aid.

    If he thought there was any chance the White House or DoJ were involved in this, he would grant Lerner immunity in a heartbeat. He doesn’t. He knows. Just wasting taxpayer money and firing up his low-information, gullible sheep.

  16. I agree although Lyin’ Ryan annoys me to no end as well. But, so does Palin, Bachman, Gohmert, Graham, Boehner. Yup, I can truly list most Republicans and all of the Tea Party folks under the most annoying banner.

  17. I have a suggestion. How about they can’t say a word about an investigation until it is over, and then it should be a written report of the findings, along with copies of all evidence. Not a word until it’s done. Oh, wait, then the GOP (Government Obstructive Psychopaths) would get no air time!!! They investigate everything, but don’t seem to ever come to a conclusion!!!

  18. Issa would sue his own Mother for incorrectly diapering him if he could. Hope the people in his district wise up and get rid of this idiot. Wasting all that money to prove nothing but his own stupidity. Typical right wing idiot. Sometimes I wish that damn snake on the Gadsden Flag would come down and bite them all. It probably ssssnickers everytime one of the fools waves it.

  19. Issa is in a republican rich but oxygen poor district. Those people dont get effected unless its a tax drop

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