While Republicans Sue Obama For Abusing Power, They Are Trying To Arrest and Jail Lois Lerner

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While Republicans are suing President Obama for a alleged abuse of power, they are trying to arrest and imprison Lois Lerner.

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has introduced a resolution that is calling for the House of Representatives to have Lois
Lerner arrested.

The resolution states, “Resolved, That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay to answer to the charge of contempt of its authority, breach of its privileges, and gross and wanton insult to the integrity of its proceedings, and in the meantime keep the body of Lerner in his custody in the common jail of the District of Columbia, subject to the further order of the House. While in custody, Lerner shall enjoy no special privileges beyond those extended to her fellow inmates, shall not access any computer or telephone, and shall not be visited by anyone other than her counsel, clergy, physician, or family.”

Rep. Stockman defended his scheme, “Asking the Justice Department to prosecute Lois Lerner for admittedly illegal activity is a joke. The Obama administration will not prosecute the Obama administration. How much longer will the House allow itself to be mocked? It is up to this House to uphold the rule of law and hold accountable those who illegally targeted American citizens for simply having different ideas than the President.”

The IRS didn’t just target Republicans, and Lois Lerner wasn’t some puppet of the Obama administration. Reality has never been a Republican strong suit, but calling for the arrest and detention of a private citizen is flat out scary. The irony here is that Republicans are suing for abusing his power while they are trying to arrest and detain American citizens.

Somebody is definitely abusing their power, but it isn’t President Obama. The Republican majority in the House has regularly abused its investigative and budgetary powers. Now, they are trying to take it to a whole new level by jailing private citizens. The Republican controlled House isn’t just bad for the country. It has become dangerous to liberty.

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24 Replies to “While Republicans Sue Obama For Abusing Power, They Are Trying To Arrest and Jail Lois Lerner”

  1. Rep. Stockman makes another foolish statement. The remarks in the resolution are the type dictatorships use in arresting people. Another Tea Party member who doesn’t believe in the Constitution.

  2. And truly, does the House actually have the authority to issue arrest warrants, and if so, who or what is their enforcement arm? I don’t believe that the Sergeant-at-arms has that power – this guy is way off the reservation.

  3. Since they can’t pin this on the President, they now want to jail this poor woman. Instead of doing the job, they were sent to do, the Repugs waste time and taxpayer money. Americans need to get together and sue the hell out of the Tea Party. They have made America the laughing stock of the world.

  4. The Republican-held House appears to be arrogating to itself the powers of both Chambers and the other two branches of government besides.

  5. No surprise its a women. The rethugs love to abuse and attack. They would never do it to a man. They are cowards and bullies and need to be stopped.

  6. The people of the USA should bring suit and arrest of The teapotty faction of the repug. party for imitation of a Federal held office, of the Congress of the USA.

    I have been watching C-SPAN this morning with the repug. to make permanent a tax break for corporations to get a 50% depreciation credit on new equipment in the 1st year it buys said equipment. No off-sets, no regulations, to cover a mistake they made in last yrs. budget, by leaving it out. Cost to tax payers over the years approx. 400 – 800 BILLION $$$$$.

    This used to be a temporary benefit to big business to help stimulate the economy in times of need. NOT A PERMANENT TAX LOOP-HOLE for the VERY RICH.

  7. I think the republicans have lost it, they get crazier every day ever since the tea bags took them over, they quake in their shoes at
    the very name Koch, I am terrified of them getting any more power than they have. So far they have managed to take womens rights back to the 1930’s.Think of it – in a modern world we won’t stand a chance, they don’t seem to know of the rest of the world’s modern transportation systems, or health care or anything. It is depressing.

  8. Now the teabaggers have gone too far, wanting to pass a BILL OF ATTAINDER against Lois Lerner. The Tea Party faction needs to be locked up–all of them!

  9. Teapublicans think they should be able to tell someone how to the job they were hired to do but have no clue how to do the job they, themselves, were elected to do. I would say there is something wrong here. The House has truly lost their collective minds.

  10. Unless they are solely charging her with contempt of Congress, penalties for which must be incurred through normal process, it is one. Bills of attainder are specifically barred to both the nation and its states by the Constitution.

  11. I’m deeply disappointed not to be named in this complaint. There’s just no way Ms Lerner has greater contempt for congress than I do.

  12. Just think folks, Lois Lerner is a registered Republican. It should show them that the Republican party hate the Liptonies more than even the far left and Democrats.

  13. Yes…congress has the authority to arrest. Yes…they should. Although 2 wrongs do not make a right, the shoe will go on the other foot. As you’re blinded by untruths and ideology…that’s fine….I just hope you like what you sow!

  14. Exactly Diane. They want lawuits, each and every time we catch one of these teapublicans spreading their lies and madeup facts, we the people should sue them for defemation of the USA. I think we should sue John Boehner for stealing from us – his salary is not earned. Boehner is so afraid of his caucus, he is rendered useless and he should resign.

  15. UNBELIEVABLE! Is this my country, “Of the People, By the People and For the People”? down what sewer is it going?

  16. These “people” are not worthy of living in America. They’ve done nothing but waste taxpayer money and time.

    They belong somewhere else, on another planet perhaps – one of their own making?

  17. I bet career republican bureaucrat Lois Lerner never imagined that she would be treated so badly by her own party for doing her job.

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