The White House Smacks Down Darrell Issa By Refusing To Send Adviser To Testify


The White House is fighting back against Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) abuse of his subpoena power by refusing to send an administration adviser to testify at his hearing that is designed to drum up another Obama scandal.

Issa has been claiming for days that the White House is misusing taxpayer funds for partisan political purposes. As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Issa unilaterally issued a subpoena for the testimony of David Simas, who is the director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach.

Rep. Issa claimed in a letter to White House counsel Neil Eggleston, “The Clinton White House, Bush White House, and other administrations before them have all faced congressional oversight of political activity supported by taxpayer funds. Under this Administration, like previous Administrations, members of President Obama’s cabinet have committed violations of the Hatch Act, which draws a line between campaign and official business.”

Eggleston’s reply to Issa was very telling:


Democratic ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings detailed a briefing that was held today for the Oversight Committee, “The briefing was attended by nine Republican staff working for Chairman Darrell Issa, who issued a unilateral subpoena last Friday to compel testimony at tomorrow’s hearing from David Simas, a senior advisor to the President and director of this new Office, despite the absence of any evidence of inappropriate activity by Simas or this Office.”

A Democratic source told Roll Call that Issa didn’t bother to come to the briefing, “Guess who didn’t even bother to show-up? One guess. Correct, no Issa. I do think it’s fairly remarkable, that if Issa wants to be seen as genuinely caring about the issue (and not just cameras), that he didn’t even bother to attend. I would love to know what his staff says he was doing instead.”

Issa didn’t bother to show up for a briefing that the White House is holding for him, but he knows that the Obama administration is breaking the law. This is why Darrell Issa’s investigations are a partisan abuse of power. Issa has no evidence that any laws were broken. He only wanted the Obama adviser at his hearing tomorrow to gin up publicity for his new conspiracy.

The White House counsel said Simas has immunity, and can’t be compelled to testify. Issa has no evidence. His subpoena is based on his belief that the Obama administration is guilty. It is clear that the White House isn’t playing these games anymore. Democrats are engaging in a coordinated effort to knock down Issa and his conspiracies.

Issa has been on a subpoena rampage since John Boehner took his Benghazi toy away from him. The California Republican is trying to reclaim the spotlight with his increasingly desperate and abusive subpoenas. Darrell Issa is in full-blown tantrum mode and President Obama just sent him to bed without supper.

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  1. How Representative Issa is allowedd to run amok is just beyond my comprehension. I’m so glad that the Administration put him in his proper place. It’s time for all Issa’s nonsense to end. The country and the world have enough REAL PROBLEMS to deal with, without him trying to constantly stir up some outlandish conspiracy against the President. Excellent article, Jason Easley!!!!!

  2. I wish I was in his district so I could help vote him out in November. Sadly I will have to settle for helping to vote out Jeff Denham.

  3. Heck, he’s dumb he can’t even pronounce his own name. It rhymes with Larissa, Alissa, Melissa, Marissa, Hogtissa, abscissa, and Hogwissa.

  4. Idea! Everyone should just ignore Issa. Pretend he doesn’t exist….when he talks ignore him, no air time, no press time. He needs to just go away….

  5. You don’t have to go and live in his district to take him out of this… You just need to vote enough Dems in to put the gavel back into their hands..

  6. But all of the GOP / Tea Slackers in Congress has that problem and they all need to have their brains scanned for stupidity.

  7. Voting out any GOP and Tea Slacker in any district or State is a good thing in fact it will be a blessing for everyone in this country and across the globe.

  8. “President Obama just sent him to bed without supper.”

    I love that! let’s hope he has missed meal cramps and won’t pull this stunt again.

  9. Unfortunately I live in his newly redrawn district and he was just reelected. He won by 16 pts. He is a criminal and an asshole.

  10. Ad hominem attacks on people like Issa do no good other than to vent frustration – better for someone to conduct an in-depth investigation into his private activities. With his past history of shady deals and criminality, it’s unlikely that he’s kept his nose clean whilst “serving” in the House, and there’s a greater chance of ousting him from Congress in that manner than by hoping that he will lose an election in his seriously gerrymandered district.

  11. Amazing that people think that because they do something wrong or illegal then everyone else is too. This guy should stfu before someone looks too closely at how he and his party use public funds.

  12. Not ONE Democrat has been removed from office or done the “Perp” walk from any of Issa’s fake and phony “INVESTIGATIONS”. So he knows his batting average is .000 and still goes to the plate expecting to hit a homerun (one of these days). But guess what he is pathetic at his job. He doesn’t really know where to find the “scandals” I bet if he looked under the Republican’s rug he would find a bunch! But he only goes after Democrats. The clean Party. He should look under his bed plenty boogeymen from his party may be hiding skeletons there.

  13. Issa is an Embarrassment; people who elected him and people in the republican part that just keep going along with his garbage committee leadership, the repubs need to do something to relieve us of this vermin.

  14. It looks, to this Democrat, that the “smacking down” is being done by Rep. Darrell Issa! And you say “no evidence”? More and more evidence is emerging, from Lois Lerner’s communications and statements in the past. Congressman Issa is to be commended, by all Americans of every political Party, for his courage and pursuit of the truth.

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