Obama Empties Both Barrels and Tears Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Him To Shreds


President Obama took the stage in Kansas City, MO, and while discussing the economy tore Speaker of the House John Boehner’s lawsuit against him to shreds.

The president began his speech in Kansas City by talking about the improving economy, the need to raise the minimum wage, his desire for workers to be able to retire with dignity and respect. The president said that the measure of a good economy is that it is doing well for people who are working hard and not always getting a fair shot.

Obama said that people’s struggles are more important than the phony scandals. He said, “Imagine how much further along the economy would be if Congress was doing its job too. We’d be doing great.” The president added that if Congress felt the same sense of urgency that the American people did we could help a lot more families.

Later the president said that Republicans keep blocking and voting down every idea that would have an impact on middle class families. Obama said, “They haven’t been that helpful. They haven’t been as constructive as I would have hoped.” Obama later told Congress to come on and help a little bit, “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”

The president said that the main vote that House Republicans have scheduled for today is to decide whether or not to sue me for doing my job. He said, “But think about this, they have announced that they are going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. So you know, they’re mad because I’m doing my job, and, by the way, I told them, I said I’d be happy to do it with you. So the only reason I am doing it on my own is because you don’t do anything, but if you want let’s work together. Everybody recognizes this is a political stunt, but it’s worse than that, because every vote they’re taking like that is a vote they are not taking to actually help you. When they had taken fifty votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, that was time they could have spent working constructively to help you on some things. By the way, do you know who’s paying for the suit they are going to file? You. No, no, you’re paying for it, and it’s estimated that by the time the thing is done, I would have already left office, so it’s not a productive thing to do.”

The president ripped Boehner’s lawsuit apart in a few minutes and demonstrated why this obvious political move is such a disaster for the Republican Party. Democrats have been easily able to turn the lawsuit into an indictment of Republican priorities. The president didn’t have to say that the lawsuit is a waste of time and money. He let the Republican actions speak for themselves. His comments focused on the opportunity costs behind the Republican decisions to vote dozens of times to repeal the ACA, and file lawsuits.

The key word in the president’s remarks was productive. The one political hurdle that congressional Republicans can’t overcome is how unproductive they have been. The president didn’t need to treat Boehner’s lawsuit as a threat to his presidency because it isn’t. He also doesn’t need to whip up Democratic outrage. Democrats are already livid. President Obama tore apart Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit in the best way possible. He treated it like the joke it is while pointing out why the Republicans have got to go.

America deserves better than John Boehner’s breadless circus, and President Obama is making sure that the American people understand that they are getting ripped off by the House Republican sideshow.

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54 Replies to “Obama Empties Both Barrels and Tears Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Him To Shreds”

  1. Bohner et all are all so delusional with hate that they can’t think straight! Yes of course, it’s the WH talking about impeachment, not the Repubs. Good greif just how stupid do they think we are? Nevermind, I said “think” and clearly they do not.

  2. I think Obama should let them go home, and then the very next day call them back into session to pass immigration reform, unemployment insurance extension, VA reform, Highway trust fund, and jobs bills. If they come back and adjourn without doing anything then he calls them back again, and again until the election.

  3. The only goal the now Tea Party controlled congress has is to some way some how destroy the Obama administration. They began before he even served a day as President. It’s six years in now and that’s still the only goal. There are no goals for the American people. No goals for education other than eliminating it. No goals for jobs or infrastructure, or climate change, big bank regulation, the elderly, children, etc. The only goal for healthcare is to have none except for the wealthy. The only goal for women is to control their bodies literally. No goal for Civil rights other than taking them away. No goal for voting rights other than preventing them. No goal for immigration reform other than self deportation or worse. No goal for tax reform other than taxing the poor and eliminating them for the rich. No goal for labor protection other than eliminating minimum wage rights for “right to work” crap while they send jobs offshore. Bogus emergency managers instead of democracy. VOTE…

  4. The only way to deal with Republicans is to vote away their power, we must make them a minority so they can do no harm (or at least less harm). Reasoning, or trying to use logic, is pointless when dealing with ideologues.

    I deal with these kind of people all the time and there is no amount of information that will change their minds, the more I point out the truth to them, the further they crawl down into their ideological hole.

    November is fast approaching and I most definitely will be voting and am encouraging all those I know who are like-minded to vote. I hope we can show the GOP just how much of a minority they are in this country.

    Anyone who thinks their vote doesn’t count should just look at 2010 and say, never again.

  5. president obama has to keep it classy when he attacks the rethugs. I wouldn’t be so kind. it angers me to know the rethugs can find time to vote on repealing the aha over 50 times, vote to impeach the president, but will not bring the jobs and immigration bills up for a vote. it’s very telling.

  6. —–“President Obama tore apart Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit in the best way possible. He treated it like the joke it is while pointing out why the Republicans have got to go.”——

    There it is: Treat the lawsuit like a Joke. Laugh in their faces and announce: Proceed please. Ha!
    Republicans are looking sillier and sillier by the week. So we will have some peace and quiet on the Hill once they are gone on their loooong vacation. What did they do to deserve that? Talk about NO Show jobs. The Merry men on the Hill have it. Yet the poor blokes down hill still looking for jobs are not helped in no way by the sorry picks of the litter in the Republican House.

  7. Remember this Congress was allowed to happen by all of the Progressive,Liberal,Democratic and Independent voters that chose to stay at home. Like this Congress then sit at home and you will have more years of it.
    Do not like it then get out and push for more people to vote. Recognize not voting is the same as a vote for the GOP!

  8. Glad to see my President in the city I was born and raised in, and I wish I could have been there to hear him speak. I am also so glad to see both him and the Dems hit the teanuts and hit them hard on exactly what we all know they have been doing for the entire time he has been in office. Everything he said is the 100% truth, and they know it. We Dems have to get out the vote, because if we do, we will win. These ANTI Americans have to be shown that the people who pay their salary, can also fire them.

  9. They can’t help. They are afraid of a minority of people who are extreme conservatives. They are afraid of losing just that few votes. It is a race to see who can be the most extreme, just to please that very few extreme conservatives who have no idea what they are doing to this country. Nor do they care

    the Republican Party has no idea of the results of what they are doing just to help the wealthy. Simply to help a few wealthy people. And the people who support them are people who wish they were part of that few wealthy people and think they can get there by hanging on

  10. How about the true Obstructionist, Harry Reid, bring some of the 300 bills passed by the House up for debate or a vote. 99% of the bills passed by the house, Reid refuses to allow on the Senate floor. Who is the “do nothing” congress? The Democratic-majority senate. There are about 66 million “conservative” Americans represented by the GOP. Under the current administration, we have been completely denied representation. “Sorry, but our side won the election” does not mollify me at all. Congress was set up to force NEGOTIATIONS so that a COMPROMISE can be reached, and laws passed that truly are good for all Americans.

  11. Yes you would love those tax breaks for the rich increase the taxes on the middle class and poor wouldnt you?

    Just the type for self hurt

  12. What are you talking about? You’re party leaders have no leadership skill. That is the issue. Nobody there to represent you…

  13. Once again Obama rules while the GOP/tea party drools. Hey Boehner here is some advice from a liberal “PLEASE GROW A PAIR (you know what)

  14. Ed,

    Why would we stop funding Israel? Hamas continues raining bombs on civilian neighborhoods and when Israel fights back they´re the bad guys? We (as in the military/industrial complex) are also supplying Hamas with weapons. You seem to not understand that the primary international business of America IS WAR! Whether it is our wars or anothers countries war is irrelavent; war is the backbone of our economy.

  15. Typical blathering. He scoffs and laughs at the “phony” scandals. Try addressing them. Fast and furious, Benghazi, irs, overreach of executive powers. I hate republicans and democrats for the same reasons. The rules only apply when the other party is in power. How quickly we forget the outrage at bushs executive orders and his overstepping executive powers. Now it’s Obama doing it and it’s all kosher. It wasn’t right when bush did it and it’s not right now. There is a constitutional way to make laws and policies. Just cause we don’t like how it is working(or not working) doesn’t give anyone the right to circumvent the constitution.

  16. They have all been addressed. There is no IRS scandal, it was created by Issa and the IRS Inpsector general to cover what the conservatives were doing with their money.

    There is no Benghazi scandal or cover up. Carry on Brian

  17. I believe their are good Dem & Rep, I think ppl should do their research b4 they vote and vote for the ppl that have a back bone and want to do good by all of us! I get so frustrated because it seems like all talk and nothing done! I’m embarrassed with our gov, and them not working together, and all the BS going on! Why do we keep voting these ppl in! I just don’t get it!

  18. No wonder Obasma doesn’t invite those backstabbers over to the White House for Drinks and a little dinner. Would you want to schmooze with guys who are out to “get you” and treat you with disrespect, although you are the President of the country. Obama should tell them to go to Moscow and have some vodka with their now best friend PUTIN.

  19. Republicans need to be put down this time remove as many from office and all the ones that have broken our laws
    Policeman too 6 are going down right now for corruptions disgusting evil greedy, greedy Test Tube Babies.

  20. I really do hope that people will take a look at what is happening in this country and vote with the interest of our country and everyone who lived here. We are supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave, let’s vote that way. I’m tired of all the hate and obstruction and those who seem to think they alone deserve all the breaks because of the size of their wallets.

  21. Oh, they bring up jobs and immigration bills, but the bills they bring up always have poison pills included… reduce taxes still further on the one percent, send all the undocumented kids from S. America home without asylum hearings in violation of other laws, and so on… They refuse to bring up bills that will benefit or even help the middle class, or the poor, or the unemployed…

  22. OMG!!! The “Just Say No, No-Good Congress…From Boehner On Down… If they do this, they will have to live with the fact that they have made us a “Laughing Stock” throughout the World!! How is President Obama supposed to then be able to talk with the world leaders, like Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin, and Angela Merkel, et al….if this Loony-Tune Drunkard, John Boehner, and his “Clown Car” of Tea Party Idiotic Republican so-called “Congressional Representatives” actually go ahead with this “Most Frivolous of all Law Suits” ever heard of, in the annals of history…against our President??!! There are no words to be found that are descriptive enough to say what we all must be ‘thinking’ by now!! I do want to say that if “they” actually do this…. then we should all call for them to be “Arrested for Treason” — this would be a *Traitorous Act* against our duly elected President, which is a Crime that is even Punishable by Death… if they really intend to carry….

  23. I’m so sick of this “remodeled ” Republican party that I could puke! Can we agree that “moderation”, “negotiation”, “debate”, “discourse”, “intelligence”, “wisdom”, “compromise”, “acceptance”, and HUMILITY have suddenly been thrown out of America’s window along with the baby of our mutually assured prosperity?!!! There is no “us and them”, it’s “we the people”! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  24. The Republicans seem to think they are Christians and are acting in America’s best interest but I remember Jesus saying that we should take care of the ones in need. The Bible they read says to honor Authority. The Tea Party need to be put on ships and dumped 100 miles from the Boston harbor.

  25. My family and I are totally motivated to go to the polls. Our relatives and friends have assured me that they will also go to the polls. We cannot allow the absolute ignorance and mediocrity of the Tea Party Republican Party to dominate our Democratic, progressive life. We cannot tolerate the total waste of taxpayer money to debunk Healthcare that is beneficial to millions of America and the nerve to waste time suing our duly elected president (He was elected twice by the American People). He works while the Republicans shot down the government, file suit against our duly elected president etc etc. THEY ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY CONGRESS. THE WORST “FAR BELOW BASIC KNOWLEDGE CONGRESS” EVER!!!!!!

  26. “I deal with these kind of people all the time and there is no amount of information that will change their minds, the more I point out the truth to them, the further they crawl down into their ideological hole.”

    I totally agree. As soon as you point out the truth/facts to them, they crawl in a shell and start repeating talking points or reply with, “Well, you may be right, but he’s still the worst President in history”, without giving any basis for their statement. You can’t debate with someone who has a closed mind and refuses to face facts.

  27. I totally agree with H.A. DIXON. What these morons in congress are and have been doing is TREASON. Whether they like it or not, President Obama was voted into Office, by the people, not once but twice. Everyone here keeps saying, “Vote”. I keep voting against the GOP and still these GOP morons keep getting voted in. Why can’t the Liberals, Democrats, Individuals w/ Brain One, quit being such Milksops? If this kind of B.S had of happened during Dubya’s years in office (FIASCO), heads would have rolled. We are a complacent bunch. These crackpots need to be stopped. Somehow, they are still coming back, year after year after year.

  28. The obamanots here sound desperate.
    Maybe if the President stopped doing fund raisers he could address why America has become a joke overseas?
    Worst President in at least 50 years.

    Looking forward to voting in November!

  29. Einstein how has he hurt America. And if you throw some bullshit answer like freedom you WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE

  30. Exactly!

    I remember President Obama cautioned his base to get out and vote in the 2010 election, or we would see a drastic change in our country…He was correct!

    Now we need to get out and vote in 2014 to rid ourselves of the right-wing nuts who are trying to destroy our country before they do more damage!

    Great post!

  31. Seriously Republicans? You’re just embarrassing yourselves at this point! You’re acting as children. You are the little brat on the playground playing keep away. Only the ball isn’t a ball. It’s the peoples’ well being and the kid desperately jumping in the middle are the citizens. Get out and VOTE!!! It’s time to get our ball back!

  32. Obama brought this on himself when he argued that Republicans were reasonable.

    The human species is not reasonable. It can reason, but that does not qualify for calling it “reasonable.”

    It is driven more by religious beliefs than it is by reason or law. Witness the three Supreme Court decisions elevating belief above the law.

    The Greece NY decision giving legislative bodies the right to prescribed Christian fundamentalist’s sectarian prayers.

    The Boston MA family planning facilities forbid local governments from protecting citizens from assault and battery, terroristic threading and harassing by Domestic Terrorists in the name of religious beliefs, and calls it free speech.

    The Hobby Lobby decision that gives corporations the divine rights to impose its religious beliefs over that of private citizens in violation of the First Amendment’s religious freedom principle.

    So should we be surprised that a Republican House would do similar unreasonable acts?

  33. If only Republicans would understand and DO your last sentence, then maybe you would have a valid argument. But alas, at this point, you are blowing a lot of smoke and projecting the failings of your party unto the Democrats. If you are truly concerned about our country, you would hold your own party accountable as much as you hate on Reid. Till then, you are being fooled by your extreme conservative leadership and pundits who lie to you incessantly and without shame. Take off those blinders and see the fear mongering for what it is. Do you really believe that tax breaks for the rich create jobs? It has not happened, not now nor ever. Do you really believe corporations deserve more rights than American citizens? Do you really believe a zygote is more important than a living, breathing human being? Your post indicates the answers would be yes. If no, then ask why Republicans hate you, the average American, so much. Your party couldn’t care less about you or your family.

  34. Obama did not bring this on himself. I agree with the rest of your post, but the blame is not with Obama. That blame, for the most part, squarely rest with those legislators that vowed and promoted to do all it takes to make Obama a one term President. They and their extreme conservative pundits are to blame for the rash of unreasonableness that affects our political arena. This “theocratic cancer” that currently bezets our nation is compliments of the Reagan Administration and Reagan’s deliberate inclusion of the “Silent Majority” meme to legitimize his anti-Communist (a code word for anti-progressive) policies. SCOTUS is responsible for their decisions, faulty as they are at the core IMHO. It is with SCOTUS that the blame lies for institutionalizing their “belief” agenda, the same theocratic agenda of the Reagan and Bush II administrations, all in contradiction of the oath of their office. So much for ethics when it comes to the conservative members of SCOTUS.

  35. Yeah, yeah, we get it…The Big Bad Mean Democrats are always responsible for your side’s crappy behavior and complete ineptitude at governing. We know.

  36. Republicans – “President Obama refuses to do his job and fix our immigration problem! IMPEACH!”

    President Obama – “Well then let’s all work together to pass immigration reform.”

    Republicans – “AMNESTY@ He wants to give the illegals all our stuff so he can get Democratic votes! IMPEACH!!”

    So tiresome…

  37. Frivolous lawsuits like this makes me want to stop paying my income tax. Obama is trying his best to work, but the GOP isn’t budging. I WILL NOT FINANCE THIS BULLSHIT! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!

  38. Rick, that’s always been a pain point for me. When they claim he’s the worst president — with nothing to back up such a big claim. I think it’s more that Obama doesn’t represent their political views — so the dramatic claims are then made…It’s silly, really.

  39. Just for the sake of being accurate as most people get the DEFCON ratings wrong because Hollywood gets them wrong all the time…

    DEFCON-5 is the *lowest* of the military DEFCON alerts. DEFCON-1 is the highest. We’ve never reached DEFCON-1. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest we’ve come to DEFCON-1 as it was a DEFCON-2 situation.

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